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Smoking waxy oils in a discreet manner has never been easier as it is now, owing to dab pens. These devices have become immensely popular owing to the discretion and convenience that they provide. It is very easy to carry a dab pen in your hand or pocket, without anybody even coming to know about it. Dab pens are not like other vaporizers. They have a single button for controlling the device and this makes it very easy to work with. Most wax vapes that are available in the market these days have a similar build and design like e-cigs, thereby making the two indistinguishable, and allowing you to smoke the concentrates that you have in a discreet manner, while on the move. The main difference that wax vapes have with dry herb vaporizers is the fact that these devices are meant to only be used for waxy oils and dabs. They have been specifically designed in order to provide the user with a device that can help vaporize waxy concentrates. Dry herbs do not work with this device. However, there is an exception to this law, as advancements in technology have created wax vapes that can burn both herbs and wax. Although, it is important to remember that the correct attachment is required to make this possible.

Vape pens for waxes specialize in allowing you to vaporize oily waxes like shatter, crumble, budder and other different types of extracts derived from dry herbs to create the particular concentrated oil. With the help of wax vape pens, you can dab while moving and do not need a vaping rig or a lighter to do the task. Owing to them being highly discreet, convenient to carry and easy to operate, wax vape pens have become immensely popular. These devices also come with the zero combustion features, which allows it to provide the users with a healthier alternative that is free of smoke.

These vape pens are perfect for people who are looking for devices to help them dab on the go. Wax vape pens are powerful devices, which are able to vaporize the concentrates that you have within only a few seconds. The best quality of these pens is that in order to reach the optimal temperature that the device has, it takes only a few seconds and you can experience quick and easy vaping of your concentrates almost anywhere. It is not like having to use a torch to heat a nail, as these devices are known to perform even faster. You would only require to push a button and be able to vaporize your wax concentrates.

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Evod 4 In 1 vape pen

$14.99 $23.42
101 Reviews
EVOD 4 In 1 vape pen is the best vape Starter kit for the beginner, which is easy for using with the low price. The Evod tanks: MT for liquid, Glass Globe for dry herb, CE 3 for CBD oil and Quarzt coil atomizer for wax.
KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs/Oils 0 KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs/Oils 0 2
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$127.99 $168.41
KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs/Oils is the product of brand Kandypens, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
Kandypens Oura Vaporizer For Wax/Dab 0 Kandypens Oura Vaporizer For Wax/Dab 0 2
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Kandypens Oura Vaporizer For Wax/Dab

$349.99 $486.10
Kandypens Oura Vaporizer For Wax/Dab is the product of brand Kandypens, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Oura Black Kit:1pcs, etc.
Puffco Plus Vape Pen For Wax 0 Puffco Plus Vape Pen For Wax 0 2
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Puffco Plus Vape Pen For Wax

$89.99 $111.10
Puffco Plus Vape Pen For Wax is the product of brand Puffco, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Plus Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
Puffco Peak Vaporizer eRig For Wax/Dabs 0 Puffco Peak Vaporizer eRig For Wax/Dabs 0 2
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Puffco Peak Vaporizer eRig For Wax/Dabs

$379.99 $447.05
Puffco Peak Vaporizer eRig For Wax/Dabs is the product of brand Puffco, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Peak Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
Dr. Dabber Switch For Dry Herb/Concentrate/Oil 0 Dr. Dabber Switch For Dry Herb/Concentrate/Oil 0 2
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Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Switch For Dry Herb/Concentrate/Oil

Dr. Dabber
$399.99 $533.32
Dr. Dabber Switch For Dry Herb/Concentrate/Oil is the product of brand Dr. Dabber, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Switch Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs 0 Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs 0 2
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Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs

Dr. Dabber
$49.99 $65.78
Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs is the product of brand Dr. Dabber, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Light Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition eRig For Wax/Dabs 0 Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition eRig For Wax/Dabs 0 2
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Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition eRig For Wax/Dabs

Dr. Dabber
$159.99 $197.52
Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition eRig For Wax/Dabs is the product of brand Dr. Dabber, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Edition Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
Airistech Airis MW Vape Pen For Wax/Oil 0 Airistech Airis MW Vape Pen For Wax/Oil 0 2
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Airistech Airis MW Vape Pen For Wax/Oil

$19.99 $25.63
Airistech Airis MW Vape Pen For Wax/Oil is the product of brand Airistech, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of White Kit:1pcs, etc.
Yocan Hive2 All-in-One Starter Kit-For Wax CBD 0 Yocan Hive2 All-in-One Starter Kit-For Wax CBD 0 2
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Yocan Hive 2.0

$22.99 $29.86
The Yocan Hive 2.0 all-in-one starter kit comes with perfect size and is made for wax and CBD oils with wax atomizer and CBD atomizer. The wax atomizer applies the quartz coil and provide the purest experience and guarantee a crystal clean essence.
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Evod 4 In 1 vape pen

$14.99 $23.42
101 Reviews
EVOD 4 In 1 vape pen is the best vape Starter kit for the beginner, which is easy for using with the low price. The Evod tanks: MT for liquid, Glass Globe for dry herb, CE 3 for CBD oil and Quarzt coil atomizer for wax.
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Dab Pens & Wax Vape Pens

What is a Dab Pen & Wax Vape Pen?

A Wax Vape Pen is similar to a dry herb vape pen. It uses similar technology, but instead of vaporizing dry herbs, wax pens vaporize concentrates. Wax vape pens use a heating chamber instead of a dry herbs chamber. Wax vape pens are more suited for vaping flower concentrates than CBD oil and herbs. The main components of a wax vape pen include the following:


The mouthpiece of a wax vape pen is designed to be comfortable to put your mouth on and to ensure that every drag gives you the best experience. The tip is available in many different sizes to provide airflow and temperature balance.

Heating Coil

The vaporizing takes place in the chamber where the heating coil heats the wax. Wax is poured into the chamber using a dab tool on the top of the heating coil. There are a lot of different types of heating coils. The function of the coils is to heat and vaporize waxes and concentrates.


Similarly to dry herb vape pens and other CBD vaporizers available on the market, the battery or mod on Dab pens features a 510 threaded connection. This makes selecting the right mod for your pen easy. With some of the more sophisticated wax mods you can control the temperature of the coil. Always check the heating range of your coil before using a non-default setting.

How Do Dab Pen & Wax Vape Pens Work?

To load the vape, put the wax or concentrate into the chamber. When the power transfers from the battery, the heating chamber will begin heating up the wick – the wick is also available in many styles and fabrics. A wax vape pen can heat to very high temperatures which means very little material is left behind when vaping.

Basic Instructions for use

  • Ensure the coil is operational

Before loading any materials into your vape, make sure the coil is functioning correctly. Testing it before loading ensures that you do not need to scrape out any excess if the device is not working.

  • Put your desired vaping material into the heating coil chamber

Once you have checked that the coil is fully operational, the device is ready to have your material placed into the heating chamber.

  • Choose a temperature

Once the chamber is loaded, it's time to choose a temperature setting. The setting you choose will depend on what material you are vaping and how intense you want your hit to be. Low temperatures are better for hits with a lot of flavor while high temperatures are best for thick clouds.

  • Press the fire button then inhale

Once the desired temperature setting is selected, press the fire button and inhale to enjoy the delicious vape flavor.

Different Types of Wax Vape Heating Coils

A wax vape pen coil is usually made of quartz, ceramic or titanium. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three, but it boils down to personal preference as to which is most suitable.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic coils are generally good because they have a high temperature tolerance. This resistance is good because it means it will not burn off toxic materials and will not crack. It is also good for waxes of a high viscosity. Ceramic coils are also very safe since they do not have any silica or metal elements. They are well known for an intense flavor when vaping at a lower temperature. Ceramic coils do not give off such large vapor clouds but it provides a better taste.

  • Titanium

Titanium is can sometimes have a strange flavor but as long as it's quality titanium, this will not be the case. Titanium can sometimes turn brittle after 20 or 30 uses, but if it is good quality, this is unlikely to happen.

  • Quartz

Quartz is also highly temperature resistant. Similarly to ceramic coils, it does not burn any toxins. Quartz does not absorb much wax.

  • Wick

For low viscosity and thin concentrate oils – almost liquid in nature – a wick atomizer is recommended. These thinner oils absorb easily into the wick as it is being heated which makes second or third hits easy because there is no need to re-load the atomizer chamber. A silica wick will generally be wrapped onto a titanium coil, such is the case with the popular Glass Globe Vaporizer.

How to Choose a Dab Pen & Wax Pen?

The wax vapes industry is even larger than the dry herb vaping industry. The limitless vape pen models and all of the possible attachments available would make any vape enthusiast's head spin. The decisions you need to focus on when choosing which is the best dab or wax vape pen for you are as follows:

  • Wax Coil attachment

There are four main types of wax vape pen coils available (already discussed above). The place where the wax is vaporized, heated and loaded is the coil. The coil is the component of a vape that usually needs replacing most often. Coils burn out over a period of usage, therefore it is important to replace them when it's needed. The different styles of coil include rod, donut, wick and pancake. Ceramic and quartz dual and quad rod coils are available. Preference and budget are the most important factors when making these decisions.

  • Glass Globe Atomizers

Glass globe atomizers can significantly enhance the overall vaping experience when replacing the standard wax coils from a vape pen. A wick coil can easily be upgraded by a ceramic or quartz coil, but a glass globe atomizer or bubbler can push it one step further. A glass globe atomizer gives bigger, smoother and tastier drags from a vape pen.

  • Functions

Most wax vapes can easily outlast the day. Different sizes of battery impact the portability and life of a vape pen. Many newer vape models come with auto heating functions and variable heat options. There are also many simple and standard ones available. Many also give full control over the functionality which allows you to fully control and tune the settings to deliver the best experience.

How to Clean a Dab Pen & Wax Vape Pen?

With proper maintenance, a dab pen does not require much cleaning past the mouthpiece and proper coil maintenance. What follows below is a quick guide to cleaning a wax vape.


As vapor particles make their way through the vape and towards the mouth piece, the path can get clogged. If you are experiencing trouble inhaling the vapor, this could be the problem. To resolve the issue, scrape all excess wax that has built up out of the mouthpiece. To properly clean the mouthpiece, soak it in rubbing alcohol or cleaning disinfectant. Then, leave it to sit for five to ten minutes. While still being soaked, get some cotton swabs or a rag to remove any wax resin build-up. Be sure to rinse with warm water after soaking.


Just like any non-waterproof electronics, a vaporizer pen for wax is no exception to this rule. To clean any vape battery or another external part of the vape, use a dampened cloth with a small amount of cleaning solution. Be careful not to impact the paints or designs on the vape, however. If you are cleaning off waxy residue, scrap it off with a dabbing too and gather together.

Coil Chamber

You can sometimes scrape excess wax from the sides or walls of the coil chamber to gather enough for another hit. Aside from removing wax build up, it is not necessary to do any other cleaning. If the heating coil base has become sticky with waxy build-up, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution. Do not use soaking wet cloths etc. and avoid wetting the inside of the chamber. Never over-pack the heating chamber with material and use each pack to the point that the chamber is empty. This ensures the chamber will be as fresh and clean as it can be while reducing spillage.

Loading the vape pen

Loading the heating chamber of a Dab pen is super simple and easy. The heating coil should be correctly attached and working properly. Do not pack an already burned out coil. Make sure to test the coil and take the mouthpiece off. Using a dabbing tool, scoop a ball of wax to the center of the coil but be gentle and do not directly touch the coil. Add more if it is necessary, but do not overfill the chamber. Then, place the mouthpiece onto the coil atomizer and start vaping.

Why Use Dab Pens & Wax Vape Pens?

  • Highly portable

While travelling, bringing a dab rig with you is not feasible. A vape pen can be very handy to replace a dab rig in this case. Vape pens are very slim devices that are very easy to bring with you and carry in a purse or pocket etc. They are roughly the same size as a normal writing pen and an e-cigarette.

  • Safety

Vape pens are durable and hard to break and do not feature fragile glass components, a nail or a really hot torch. There is no way to hurt yourself with this kind of device short of sticking your finger into the heated chamber or deliberately burning yourself. Keeping in mind the small form factor of the chambers in many vape pens, it is pretty much impossible to put your finger into the heating chamber anyway.

  • Value at a great price

Vape pens can sometimes seem like kind of an expensive investment. Buying the herbs and concentrates can become expensive however. Always try to use your herbs and concentrates efficiently to ensure you are getting good value for money. It is much cheaper to vaporize concentrates and herbs than it is to combust cannabis and cannabis extracts. This is even more relevant if they are potent. Dab pens help you get the best out of every drop.

  • Fast heating

Dab pens faster to heat than dabbing rigs. In a matter of seconds, a dab pen can reach the desired temperature in a matter of just seconds, without much technical know-how at all. It's just about pressing the button. It can take longer if you are vaping a leaf material. Concentrates, however, are almost immediately ready to vape.

  • Ease of Use

Using a wax or herb vape pen is very simple. Simply make sure that the batteries are charged and fill up the heating chamber with herbs or place the concentrate onto the heating element then press the button. (depending on your specific vape)

  • Low Odor

A vape pen can pretty much be used anywhere without drawing any attention, unlike traditional cigarettes or marijuana products. There is no real combustion involved in vaping any material so there is no burning or smoke smell. The herb smell will be present, but it is not usually considered as undesirable or as strong cigarette smoke.

How to Load a Dab Pen with Wax?

  • Ensure that yourpen was designed to be used with oils and concentrates.

Many dab pens are supposed to be used with flower concentrates instead of the actual flowers.

  • Put a sliver of concentrate on your dabbing tool

Slice a tiny bit of wax or dip your dabbing tool into the concentrate (if it is particularly oily). You are able to shape it with your fingers beforehand if you need to. A small ball of wax is usually enough. Roughly 0.1g is recommended, but there is no need to weigh it. If you cannot already picture 0.1g, you will one day be able to judge it based on looks.

  • Apply it onto the coil directly

The wax must be gently applied to the coil. It is usually sticky and will stick to the dabbing tool a little bit, but under no circumstances should you jab it at the coil as heating elements are very fragile.

  • Break the shatter up into small pieces then place into the heating chamber

Less pliable and "shatterable" concentrates should be loaded onto a dab tool in the ways described above. If this is the case, break the material into small pieces and load the chamber about halfway (the exact quantity will depend on the vape pen you're using).

Tips and Tricks for Dab Pen & Wax Vape Pen Problems

  • Stand the pen upright

Wax can become like a fluid, particularly just after being vaped. If the pen is left on its side, the liquid wax will flow toward the mouthpiece which creates a sticky mess in the vape. Depending on your model, there can be an issue with unscrewing and removing the heating chamber or mouthpiece. This issue definitely means you'll lose a lot of wax concentrates.

  • Keep on top of coil maintenance

Never over pack the coil as it will become damaged or create a very sticky mess. Do not poke or drop the coil. The wires in the coil are very small and very delicate which makes the innards very sensitive. Most coils do not require cleaning. However, scraping any excess wax from the walls of the chamber can be scraped up and vaped later.

  • Do not load or pack the chamber too much

If you overpack the chamber, a short circuit can occur. Too much load can be an obstacle for the coil which can suddenly cease to work. If the coil stops working, there will be a sticky and messy wax left on it and it can be difficult to clean it. You can put more concentrate in case the chamber is deeper. If you want to experience a satisfactory vaping result and to feel maximum flavor, pack enough amount of concentrate.

  • Charging your wax vape pen

The battery and the charger should be perfectly connected in order to charge your wax vape pen. The majority of vape pens have a red light on during charging. When the battery is fully charged it usually turns green or it turns off. It is advisable to charge the battery in the morning so that you can use your vaporizer during the day. Do not charge your battery during the night, because it can be easily destroyed and its durability might shorten.

  • Turn off your vaporizer battery after you use it

If you leave your vape pen on, the battery power is used. So, if you are not planning to use the battery, it is the best to turn it off, and save some battery power. And remember always keep the battery away from too cold or hot temperatures.

  • Keep concentrates in the freezer

Wax can be difficult to handle as it is very sticky. Even when using a dabbing tool, wax can be wasted by sticking to fingertips, the dab tool or other surfaces. Storing the wax concentrates in the freezer makes handling much easier. Particularly in warmer climates, you'll want to be quick to apply the wax after removing it from the freezer.

  • Start small

If you are a newbie and you are just starting dabbing, this experience can be stronger than expected. That is why, it is important to know how to prevent getting high. You should be aware that only a small quantity is enough to feel the results of your selected concentrates.

  • Not too hot

Pay much attention to the concentrates that you are using and the temperature that you have selected. There are some concentrates which have an unknown origin and low quality and heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents can be found in them. Also, be advised that hot dabs are bad for you.

10 Best Dab Pens & Wax Vape Pens

Numerous wax pens can be found on the market nowadays, which means that there is a high possibility of finding faulty ones. The following instructions will be helpful in choosing the most suitable one for you.

  1. The type of dab or concentrate that you are going to choose for vaping is the most important aspect that needs to be considered first. Not all types of concentrates are suitable for each wax pen. That means that you need to pick a specific concentrate that will satisfy your unique needs and desires.
  2. The life span of the pen's battery is another vital thing to consider. These are electronic wax pens, meaning there are two ways to use them: by using batteries or by charging them. The battery life of the pen is not something that occasional vapers should be worried about. On the other hand, people who vape very often, need to pay much attention to this detail.
  3. People who are constantly active should pay attention to the size of the device as well. For example, people who are travelling very often want to be able to vape during that time. When it comes to the portability of a wax pen, its size plays a huge role. That is why, it is the best if you make sure that the size of the dab pen that you are planning to get is suitable for taking it with you in your luggage or that it is easy to take it with you.
  4. Another key aspect about this pen is the quality of its body's material. There are many different dab pens on the market, but those with higher quality are better, of course, because they can be used longer and offer a unique vaping experience. So, if you want an incomparable vaping experience, get yourself a high quality pen.
  5. The selection of dab pens is enormous. There are both cheap and expensive ones. If you enjoy vaping and you have enough money, then you can buy a handmade dab wax pen. But, if you do not feel like spending too much on a dab pen, do not worry. Search the internet and you will find numerous low priced dab pens to choose from.

The ten greatest dab and wax vape pens are listed below. All of them are a must! All of them are of the best quality, adjustable, and easily portable. The vaping experience they offer is extraordinary.

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer represents an improved version of the Arizer Solo Vaporizer, which is an incomparable vaping device. Therefore, we can say that Solo 2 is undoubtedly one of the top parts in the Arizer line of vaping products.

Considerable waves can be generated by a small tweak. The tweak on the Arizer Solo 2 is often thought insignificant due to its tiny size, but that is not the case. The popular Arizer all-glass vapor path is a part of the new device. Moreover, there is a LED display and the precise options for adjusting the temperature. The Solo 2 is very easy and simple to use because it has the "Menu" option which allows you to review the numerous options and possibilities and select the ones that are most convenient for you. Solo 2 is the first vaporizer that introduced this option. Since it has a lot of advantages, it can be expected that other manufacturers will begin to add this particular option to their vaporizers. The temperature of Solo 2 can be precisely adjusted. Chose one of the many options which can be found with the help of the Menu button and pick the one you need. With the help of the LED display, you can adjust the temperature starting from 50 to 220°C.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Consistently good in quality and performance and wonderfully created
  • The quality of the vapor is perfect only after few hits
  • The durability of the battery is very long (3h)
  • Simple to use
  • Convenient for micro-dosing
  • The temperature control is very accurate


  • The electronics and the air path are not completely parted
  • It is large in size and unhandy
  • It has a small bowl which makes it inconvenient for groups

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer is a dual-use device with high level of technological capabilities. Induction heat technology is used by this vaporizer. The method of induction is much faster than other methods. The best thing is that temperature is distributed proportionally on the heating surface and there are a few hot spots. Due to this fact, the flavor during vaping is homogenous. These devices are closely sealed as to prevent leaks because atomizers cannot be replaced. The electronics of the device is completely separated from the vaporization area. The aim of the specific design of Dr. Dabber Switch is lowering or completely removing oxygen from the method of vaporization. A pleasant vapor is achieved because there isn't any oxidation or combustion.

The Switch is one of the most flexible devices since it has 25 heat adjustments which are attentively calibrated. It does not make a difference whether you like enormous or small hits, big clouds, or a specific flavor, since this device is designed to be suitable for everyone. You can fully charge the device's battery in one hour due to the pass-through charging option and the powerful charging port and connectors. Once the battery is fully charged, you will be able to enjoy up to 150 puffs.

The Switch is functioning ideally thanks to its self-cleaning option. The complete surplus of residue in the ceramic induction cups is removed by a high energy heat cycle. After every single heat cycle, the Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer decreases its temperature by itself, thus preserving the electronics from being destroyed and increasing the length of time for its functioning.

Besides having a classy design, this vaporizer is very easy to use. When your device is in Standby Mode, you can pick one of the 25 separate LED settings. After you pick the light, the device is going to memorize it as your favorite until you pick another one. Heavy duty borosilicate glass is used to design the device's glass percolator attachment. The ground glass fitting is 50mm.


  • It takes only 5 seconds to heat up
  • It has a cleaning option
  • It is charges fast
  • The instruction manual is thorough
  • Once you charge the battery, you can use it for days
  • There are 25 settings for the temperature


  • The mobility is to an extremely small extent
  • It is not discreet
  • It is without a screen

Kandypens Prism

Kandypens Prism vape pen is a small, yet powerful sub-ohm solid concentrate pen. It represents a combination of mobility, great performance, simple functioning, high quality and low price. This high quality vape pen is created for expert vapers. It instantly creates soft and effective rips thanks to its two exceptional atomizers. The Prism is handcrafted with excellent materials. Its greatest advantage is the medical-grade stainless steel which is quite strong despite having weight less than the average. The Prism has four different temperatures (320F, 350F, 390F, 430F) adjusted in advance of its use in order to achieve high flavor extraction. If you are constantly active, the Prism is an excellent choice for enjoying your favorite vapor because it possesses two state-of-the-art mouthpieces with splash guards.


  • It is a tiny and discreet dab pen
  • It has two atomizer choices
  • It is simple to use
  • It creates strong vapor


  • The lifespan of the battery is short

Kandypens Rubi

Kandypens RUBI vape pen is a slim, light, stealth, very convenient, and energetic device. The quality of the vapor is extraordinary and much better compared to similar pod-based vape devices, and most importantly, it is very cheap. Even though it is only 4 inches long and it weighs very little, the RUBI has a great power. Thanks to the OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology, with this elegant and impressive device you will be able to enjoy rich clouds of flavor created from your preferred e-juices and oils. The optimal temperature necessary for the vaporization of oil and liquid is maintained by a temperature regulated battery. The ideal vaping experience is achieved by an air-activated heating system that can be activated with the common power button. All you need to do is inhale and leave everything else to the RUBI vape pen.

Most of the e-liquid vapes have pre-filled closed system cartridges. Unlike them, the Kandypens RUBI vape pen has an open system and you can easily refill it with 1ML e-juice or oil. This innovative device with patent pending technology is handcrafted in the USA. The RUBI vape pen is designed to offer an extraordinary liquid vaping experience and its battery has a lifetime warranty.


  • The pods can be refilled
  • Highly Compact
  • Excellent creation


  • The distinctive feel is not captured due to a looser airflow
  • The pod is not pre-filled

Kandypens Galaxy

Kandypens Galaxy vape pen is a wax concentrate device containing a quartz coil. Among all other vape pens, this one offers the highest vapor quality. Despite being a new product on the vaping market, this vape pen has become very popular among consumers due to its excellent features.

Thanks to its size, the device is very mobile. It resembles a lot like a portable vaporizer than a pen vaporizer. What makes this vape pen one-of-a-kind is the high vapor quality. Also, compared to other wax concentrate pens, this one enables you to get a full taste. Unlike other coil style vape pens, the Galaxy offers a strong flavor. It has a charming and smooth design which easily triggers people's interest.


  • The vapor taste, the size of the clouds, and the smoothness, are perfect
  • It has a unique lifetime warranty on the battery
  • It has almost no draw resistance
  • The temperature settings are adjustable
  • The durability of the battery is very long
  • It is compact and it looks like a writing pen due to its sleek design
  • The size of the heating chamber is bigger than average


  • It costs more than other products
  • The color coding settings about the temperature are a bit counterintuitive

Yocan Evolve Plus

Yocan EVOLVE PLUS vaporizer is an advanced mod which placed Yocan on the top of the ladder of success. It contains a 1100mAh rechargeable battery, an output which relies on direct voltage and it is equipped with a dual quartz rod coil atomizer which provides an efficient vaping process of concentrates, liquids, essential oils, and similar aromatic solutions. The Evolve Plus Starter Kit is packed in a vape pen which is 120mm tall. The 1100mAh rechargeable battery is placed into the zinc-alloy chassis. You can use the battery all day long thanks to its massive size. There are three power levels which can be easily adjusted by vapers for charging the battery and its output uses the option of direct voltage. The dual quartz rod coil is contained within the big heating chamber and its special design offers a powerful vaping experience without adding some external flavors or substances. Moreover, the Evolve Plus has an original preheating option. It mildly sets the heat levels of the atomizer for vaporization, and it sets up a preheating timer of 15s. There is also a threaded silicone storage compartment placed at the bottom of this device and it can be used for storing additional liquids, oils, and concentrates. Yocan Evolve Plus is definitely an all-inclusive device.


  • A silicon jar is incorporated for discreet storing
  • It heats up in a moment
  • It contains a dual quartz atomizer
  • The life of the battery is pretty long


  • It has only one setting for the temperature
  • The warranty time period is not known

Yocan Hive 2.0

Yocan Hive 2.0 vaporizer is an ideal vape if you are very active or busy. This vape has an extremely light and mobile vaporizer which is suitable for both oil and wax. There are three separate power levels on this vape pen and you can easily modify the voltage and get the desired vaping experience. Moreover, it is very mobile and extremely light, and it contains a 650mAh integrated battery. One of the greatest characteristics of the Yocan Hive 2.0 device is its portable magnetic mouthpiece and tank atomizer design which is very simple and handy. This device has two atomizers: the first one is a wax 1.0ohm atomizer with a quarts coil and the second one is an oil 1.8ohm atomizer. The volume capacity of the tank is 0.8ml. The tank is also leakproof meaning all the parts are protected. On the side of the Yocan Hive 2.0 Kit there is a micro USB charging port.


  • Tiny and discreet
  • Easy to use and uncomplicated
  • It contains a dual vaporizer
  • Inexpensive
  • The durability of the sessions is longer
  • The voltage can be adjusted


  • The vapor quality is not as high as of the leading vaporizers.
  • The coils are tiny

Yocan Loaded

Yocan Loaded Vaporizer is a wax concentrate vaping pen which has one-of-a-kind design and state-of-the-art technology. All of that enables you to have an extraordinary wax concentrate vaping experience. The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer is a powerful device that promises incomparable efficacy. It has an incorporated 1400mAh battery which enables you to easily and comfortably vaporize all kinds of concentrates. Compared to other vape pens available on the market, the Loaded vape pen has an innovative method for replacing the coils. This task has been very difficult, but now, thanks to this device, it is just one simple and easy task.

Besides having a state-of-the-art coil system, this device has additional two coils located outside the box. Thanks to these exceptional coils, the power and flavor between wax concentrates are perfectly balanced in this dab pen. If you want to use the full potential of the substance, this vape pen is the right choice.


  • Ingenious mouthpiece
  • The coil can be simply replaced
  • It contains dual coils
  • Powerful battery
  • Incorporated magnetic container
  • Micro USB port for charging
  • Not expensive


  • Temperatures are not displayed

Utillian 721

Utillian 721 vaporizer is a mobile and smooth dry herb and wax device for vaping. Utillians models, the 650 and 420, offered high quality for less money, but the 721 is their most sophisticated product. Compared to the earlier Utillian series, the 720, the 721 has a 210mAh battery which is very strong and its durability is 15% higher than the 720's. You can vape for a whole hour with the Utillian 721 vaporizer. It has a wonderful design and shape which make it smooth for holding and using. There are four programmed temperatures to choose from: 170, 180, 190, and 210°C. An interesting fact is that the Utillian 721 has a boosting option. It does not matter what temperature you have chosen – when you press and hold the power button, the temperature will increase by 5°C. This is a very useful characteristic, especially for beginners, because they can experiment and decide which temperature is the best for their vaping choice.


  • It has convection heating
  • The chamber is big
  • Solid vapor and airflow
  • It has a magnetic cap
  • The durability of the battery is long
  • It is charged by USB


  • When the temperature is high, the vapor is unpleasant.
  • The rubber coating might lose its effectiveness

Pax 3

Pax 3 vaporizer is a stylish and functional dry herb vape kit. For the first time, an addition for concentrates is built in the Pax generation. Furthermore, there are two separate herb chambers with different volumes. That means even if you have a small amount of herb, you will still be able to get a satisfactory and balanced vape session.

There is an application which enables you to choose your preferred temperature from the already set temperatures on the Pax 3 vaporizer. This makes the device completely adjustable by keeping a simple interface. Even though, there are a lot of different things included in the kit, the design is wonderful and minimalist, and it has already been approved by Pax fans and users. The warranty for this kit is ten years, which means that you simply do not have to worry. Even if the Pax 3 starts malfunctioning, you have a warranty which last for a long time.


  • Numerous customization options offered by the smart phone app
  • Smooth and very mobile design
  • Even though it has a small size, the amount of vapor output is extremely great
  • The user interface is nice and minimalist
  • Can be used for concentrates vaping
  • There are two kits available for different budgets
  • The battery is charged very fast and it lasts very long
  • Unlike other vaporizers, this one is not hot when you touch it


  • It is more expensive than other portable vaporizers

Best Cheap Dab Pens & Wax Vape Pens Under $40

The new wax vape pens are packed in tiny and simple boxes. The new generation of vaporizers is characterized with a simple usage and self-sustainability. An important fact is that users can find great devices with incomparable quality and design for little money. Concentrates, oils, and waxes are vaped by the rod-and-coil-style atomizers incorporated in cheap wax pens for vaping. These pens have heating chambers that are covered with ceramic and the style of the heating elements is either conduction or convection. The elements of the greatest and not expensive oil vape pens are: a mouthpiece, a tiny battery, and a small wire coil atomizer. High temperature is not required for vaporizing waxes, THC extracts, and oils. These devices are very mobile, due to the fact that a lot of power or specific equipment are not needed, the use batteries with capacity ranging from 150mAh to 650mAh.

The greatest three cheap vaporizers with a perfect quality are listed below.

Evod 4 In 1

Evod 4 In 1 vape pen is a cheap vaporizer which has multiple purposes and functions. It is a 4-in-1 device, i.e. it can be used for wax concentrates, dry herb, e-liquids, and medicated oils. If you do not want to give a lot of money for separate devices with different purposes, this is the perfect device for you. You can easily save your money, because the EVOD 4-in-1 vape pen enables you to enjoy all different vaping essentials. Simply pick the one you want and enjoy. Every single vaping need can be comfortably and easily fulfilled by the EVOD 4-in-1 Wax, Dry Herb & Juice Kit. It uses a 1100mAh battery which enables you to use it during the entire day.


  • The life of the battery is very long
  • It has several atomizer kinds
  • It is suitable for the majority of vape devices
  • It is the most suitable starter kit for newbies


  • The voltage is not adjustable

Airistech Headbanger

Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer Kit uses the superior Q-Cell technology. Its hardware is of the top quality. An equal heating is created on the surface area thanks to the fritted quartz heating coil which is placed on the Dip and dab atomizer. This device is long-lasting, exceptional, and with a high quality, because the most sophisticated aluminum is used for the creation of its body. You can move the device freely and easily due to the Q1 Dip Atomizer which is very simple to use and no preparation is needed. Turn the Airistech Headbanger on, dip the fritted quartz element in your selected substance and induce the heating by pressing the power button. The greatest wax vaping experience can be definitely achieved with this device.


  • It has water filtration built in
  • There are three different voltage adjustments
  • There are two coils
  • It is operated with one button
  • Extremely portable


  • The battery cannot be removed
  • It is not very discreet
  • The inner parts are very delicate

Airistech Airis MW

Airistech Airis MW Pod Kit is a pod style vaporizer which is very easy to use. It is an inventive device for vaporizing concentrates and it has a very thin and mobile body. By using only two fingers you can easily remove the W Pod cartridge designed for thick concentrates. Thanks to the handy push plug connection you can then safely place it in the MW's battery. Uncover the heating chamber by taking the pod away from both ends. There are two sections in the heating chamber – one of them has two quartz heating rods and the other is for keeping excessive material. A tank style M pod is a part of the Airistech Airis MW with a volume of 0.8mL. There is also a Q-Cell heating core suitable for people who are constantly active and busy. This kit uses a superior 420mAh lithium-polymer battery which is simply controlled by a single button. In order to ensure safety during travelling, press swiftly five times in order to lock or unlock the battery. When the battery is completely charged, you can use it for days. Additionally, it can be charged via a universal USB cable.


  • Very portable
  • It has two pod atomizer cartridges
  • It is charged via a universal micro-USB port
  • Extremely cheap


  • The voltage is not adjustable
  • The life of the battery is not very long
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