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Air Bar

Air bar is a prominent brand launched by the Suorin company, featuring an uncountable series of disposable vape pens. In addition, it got an endorsement from around 90 different countries and delivered the noteworthy additions of disposable vaping devices worldwide stanchly. In a few words, Air Bar became the leading star in no time by providing tip-top performance and quality, furthermore known as 1 of the primary "US's lead" delegates of PMTA accepted products.

What Is Air Bar?

An Air Bar is a brand of disposable pens supplied by the Suorin and presents a broad array of vape sticks, including numerous savors and sophisticated designs. It is high up for the best vape bars that operate consistently. The motive is to deliver the most potent vapors with low-slung investment. Nevertheless, Air Bar uses the top-quality material for every single disposable vape that goes long and has significantly more shelf life than its rivals.

What Does Air Bar Do?

Air Bar status goes with the modern and finest quality of disposable vape and has become the choice of many people due to the user-friendly budget. Portable and pocket-sized nic bars that come with prefilled e-juice and pre-charged power so vapers can instantly initiate the session. It gives exceptional value to your investment with the quality of taste buds triggering flavors, and the puffs count at a low price compared to the original market price. What's more, Suorin Air Bar has the across-the-board disposable vape pens that are easy to go and have the ideal level of prefilled e-juice, everlasting pre-charged battery, all set unwrap the packaging and celebrate life with the uplifting hits.

How Many Hits Does an Air Bar Have?

An Air Bar has 500-3000 puffs and usually rests on the vape device you are using. Each puff bar of this brand covers a prefilled, pre-charged device with an easily manageable design, assuaging uniform draws and multiple options for picking the favorite flavor. Lastly, Air Bar's qualities lead towards the peerless session of vaping.

Highlights of Air Bar Disposable Vape

Air Bar efforts crowned the disposable vapes that had changed the scenario of vaping since 2016 when it was launched and speedily grown up and started getting recognition and positive response from the community of vapers. This brand had secured the status and led the other brand by setting the goals and limits. That's why paying more with its exciting capacity of puffs, amount of e-juice, infinite auditions of savors. Don't miss the crucial highlights of Air Bar. Keep reading, and you'll never repent for using their top-rated vape products.

Air Bar Box

Do you have a craving for larger draws, "Air Bar Box" is fit for you, owing to the large reservoir of e-juice, i.e., 10mL? The box-shaped style makes it more convenient. In addition to the flavors, vape mod could be taken as a model while setting quality standards and beyond belief features. Each Box vape is supported with a hard-wearing battery 3000mAh, liquid along with 5% salt nicotine punch of desired flavors that genuinely keep going and adequate for weeks due to ability to offer 3000+ puffs.

Air Bar Diamond

Bar Diamond handy vapes are suitable for daily use than any other device. They are ongoing disposable pens encompassing 1.8mL of pre-loaded e-juice, 5% salt nic, and internal power, i.e., 380mAh. There's more fling the disposable once you find out that vaping liquid is no more. There are nearly 16 incomparable tasty Air Bar Diamond flavors accessible. This disposable pod device provides the uniform MTL (mouth-to-lung) pulls that delight and lights up the vaping session with the close puffs count of 500 and implemented on each device.

Air Bar Plus

The recent sensation of Suorin is "Air Bar Plus", which is the outcome of Max and Lux, loaded with a steady battery and e-liquid, lightweight design, with-it mouthpiece, notably 16 enriching flavors that will keep you tuned and joyful inside. Additionally, integrated with pre-loaded e-juice 6.5mL, stout battery 1250mAh empowers you to adore the incessant vapors for a long time (keep you energetic unless the cartridge gets empty), 5% salt nicotine and estimated puffs count per vape pen is 2000. Bar Plus vapes hypnotize each vaper with the charms of thick and fine vapors appropriate for MTL (mouth-to-lung). The critical point is that you can't curb yourself because of the efficiency and sleekness of this disposable vape pen that will inspire you.

Air Bar Lux

Another thrilling addition from Suorin is "Air Bar Lux"; premium and solid disposable vape that is seldom yet available in the vapes industry. Incorporated with leakage freestyle, even draw, Silicone-Rubber" mouthpiece and light to carry. Bar Lux is essentially a disposable pod device that works with a gigantic 500 mAh battery, holds the prefilled 2.7ml e-juice along with the 50mg potency of salt nicotine, and loveable puffs limit overly 1000. Enjoy the life with toothsome Air Bar Lux flavors, nonstop vaping sessions that need no maintenance and servicing, a user-friendliness framework, and most importantly, chuck away the vape when no e-juice has left. The best part is this product is approachable in more than one remarkable range, i.e., "Lux Light Edition", and "Lux Galaxy Edition". Moreover, in each package, you'll receive a single disposable vape pen having the choice to select a wide range of Air Bar Lux flavors.

Air Bar Max

Do you know Air Bar Max is recognized as King among the other pods of this brand? As you can notice, the advanced LED light that will sense the breathing and, in return, trigger the process of "draw-activated", the perfect choice who wants the mess-free and effortless MTL hits. It comes with solid internal power (1250mAh), brightened chassis, 6.5mL vape juice. Rejoice in the vaping experience via 2000 puffs limit. Over and above, there is the freedom to grab the extraordinary 15 of Air Bar Max flavors that help make you feel better from the beginning to the culmination of the session.

Multiple Air Bar Flavors

There is no boundaries and restriction for the flavor preference of Air Bar disposable vape following this range of above 30 flavors are accessible. So, users can pick surplus savors freely at a single time. Wait, here are the flavor outlines from this brand that might assist you in understanding their famous mysteries collection of savors.

Strawberry Watermelon: Give absolute pleasure to the palate through the blissful sweet core, tasty red berries, and delicate blend of the watermelon that would not dishearten the yearning for more.

Watermelon Candy: Splash of dramatic taste that offers flavor profile which brings close to the natural aroma of candy and watermelon. Sweetest squish from this mystical and excellent vape that feels alike as nature presents the gift especially for you.

Pineapple Ice: Permit the taste buds to perceive the fairy-tale effects during the tropical excursion along with Pineapple Ice. Calm, breezy sensitivity essence that is ideal for running on hot days.

Watermelon Ice: Let's beat the harshness of heat via the energizing combination of ice and fruity watermelon that takes you to heaven and relish the throat with the freshness of this flavor.

Peach: Believe in Air Bar and satisfy the cravings with rich sparkle of peach with blowy sweetness as good as the cool breeze and challenging to skip the goodness of such an intense flavor.

Grape Ice: A perfect merger of grapes with the feelable intimation of coolness that bequeaths the right happiness to the taste buds. Grape Ice flavor is the one which is always compared to the crownless among the vapes of Air Bar.

Strawberry Mango: This flavor will take you to an entirely new level that you have never experienced before. Just rely on "Strawberry Mango ", which introduces the energetic balance of sweet Mango and the goodness of magical berry famous for inducing the thirst comparable not never before.

Banana Ice: Entice the palate and grip the pleasant sensory thoughts through the Banana Ice that can tickle your perception with the defined freshness, sweetness and juicy flavor.

Mango: This is called the King of all flavors and fruits that slowly improve the experience and sensitivity of your palate but will leave the long-lasting effects of Mango that you've never enjoyed.

Cool Mint: Are you tired of the hostile taste and in quest of something new that can deliver a stable amount of genuine refreshing effects. Grab the Cool Mint and experience the great savor.

Blueberry Ice: This flavor won't let you wait for instant energy and pure golly. Tickling "Blueberry Ice" is interested in portraying the beauty of the seventh sky when you take the first pull, a flawless sense of berry taste that can't let you go back.

Cherry Cola: Here is the one-tap solution for you that comes with the touch of tropical "Cherry Cola" and gives a shot to the enduring aspect of juicy essence and sweet aroma of cherries. The bubbling cross-section of this flavor creates an impression of the wanted drink for whom your throat and cravings were waiting.

Banana Pineapple: Have you ever thought you could turn the corner with the lovely blend of "Banana Pineapple" that is well-known for the tropical glees? Delicious and tart taste takes the exquisite savor profile to the next level.

Is an Air Bar Bad for You?

Everyone is heedful that disposable vapes hold the nicotine salt in the e-juice. Besides that, the vape pods have some extra ingredients to enrich the taste, perhaps not good for health. However, in contrast, as far as the amount of nicotine is concerned, whether it's safe or not, let me explain, if you use the "Air Bar" at standard rates, it could be better and innocuous than using a cigarette.

Air Bar - Disposable Vape - 100% Reliable and Low Price

Indubitably, everyone knows and acknowledges that a disposable vape pen is more suitable, convenient and bestows the hassle-free vaping experience. Since, compact design is free from the mess of precious e-juice leakage and maintenance, stable power, all-out puffs limit, and the final one is disposable vape flavors options that are "as deep as an ocean". Are you fascinated by a pack of joyful flavors that are chock-full in teeny-weeny cheap puff bars that keeps the bars at the top utilizing superb quality and limits of puffs? Believe me, you didn't try before? So, the trick is no need to go anywhere!

Have faith in Vape4ever that can appease your wants, given that it delivers 100% reliable disposable vape pens at the right time at the right place to the right customer at a sensible price. You can browse whatever you want at Conclusively, we bring the authentic, pioneering Air Bar vape that includes e-juice with the signature of prodigious flavors at a low price and is prepared using the "FDA-approved" food grades of VG, PG, and salt nicotine that meets the standards of IFRA.

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