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BBTANK has been in the business for quite some time now and their primary focus is to provide high-quality products and efficient delivery of these products to the dedicated customers. The rates are extremely cost-effective and the services they provide are exemplary.

BBTANK Flask 200mAh Battery 510 Thread Magnetic Vape Pen For Vaporizer 0
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BBTANK Flask 510 Thread Battery 200mAh

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BBTANK Flask 200mAh Battery 510 Thread Magnetic Vape Pen For Vaporizer is the product of brand BBTANK, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Silver:1pcs, etc.
BBTANK Key Box Mod 350mAh Battery 510 Threaded For Oil Cartridge 0
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BBTANK Key 510 Thread Battery 350mAh

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BBTANK Key Box Mod 350mAh Battery 510 Threaded For Oil Cartridge is the product of brand BBTANK, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Silver, etc.
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BBtank Review

BBtank from Babyton Technology which is famous for its 510 thread battery for cartridge. With the design with the appearance of a luxury car's key and the variable voltage function, BBtank Key Box Battery had became the most hot-sale product.

BBTANK Instructions

Over the past years, Shenzhen Babyton Technology specializes mainly on THC, CBD, Hemp oil vapes, and it has a high reputation of a top brand called BBtank. The company has increased sales due to its competitive price, premium quality, quick delivery and friendly services.

Currently, Babyton has more than 36 production channels and 500 workers which allow about 100,000pcs cartridges produced every day. As a top brand in the production of THC, CBD, Hemp oil vape in China, Babyton provide one-stop services which include packaging, development, Express and production. Without a doubt, Babyton is the best choice to explore a tremendous CBD market.

When it comes to quality vape device producer in china, Shenzhen Babyton Tech is the first. The company has a high reputation for producing top quality and most reliable vapor products.

With our support, we have been able to help potential clients in the states purchase products with ease. BBTANKUSA can help you to increase growth needs and build custom solutions. It can also provide you with new methods to display your products and get customer attention with dependable service and consistent quality.

Apart from producing atomizers products, BBTank Vape also produces disposable BBtank vape pen, pods, Battery and other accessories. Presently, Vape4ever will provide you with the most common batteries from BBTank.

BBTank Key Box Battery

BBTank Key Box comprises of high-quality, innovative battery which was designed similar to the aspect and functioning of a sports car's key. It is suitable for people that desire a modest device for use during travelling trips. This innovative device is well perform with the 510 threaded connection which can easily fit in your oil cartridges within the key box battery.

When you want to get start to heat your concentrates, you can start by pressing the button at the surface of the device. This will enable the 510 connector open with your accessory similar to the key fob. Once the heating element is unfolded and ready for use, try to press the button five times with 2-3 seconds to switch on the battery. Then, you can hold the button to start heating vape oil. BBTank Key Box will cut off automatically to prevent over-heating after 13-15 seconds of persistent use.

The LED indicator under the button will show a red signal while the device is working normally. The LED will flash quickly when the device is locked or unlocked, even the voltage is low, which indicates the recharge. When you experience this, you can use the USB cable to restore the device within 4 hours. The LED will display a red signal that it is charging and after some hours. When the battery is fully charged, it will show a green signal.

Key Box Battery from BBTank also comprises of a crucial innovative ring features which help to ease travel. It supports attachments that are more than 1.2ohm, and it is comes with a durable built-in 350mAh Li-ion battery which helps to provide the power of 3.7V.

BBTank Key Box Battery Variable Voltage Edition

This type of BBTank Key Box Battery is well equipped with variable voltage output control which makes it more adaptable and multipurpose. The initially BBTank worked perfectly on one output set at 3.7V, presently it comprises of three adjustable voltage levels that can provide you with perfect results with oils of varying stability. In other to adjust the output levels, you have to quickly press the power button three times while the device is unlocked (press the button five times). Every time you enter a new power setting, you will see a change in the Multi-color LED power indicator. However, if you notice a green light, this indicates the lowest setting at 2.7V, blue light indicates the medium output at 3.1V and the yellow light denotes the maximum power output at 3.6V. Based on the three different levels, you are positive to achieve the best result.

Furthermore, every BBTank Voltage Key Box Battery is well equipped with high-quality 350mAh capacity battery which supports attachments rated below 1.2 ohms. The device will provide power for some days before it requires another recharge. To recharge the BBTank, you can use the USB charging cable, which is built directly into the device to avoid power failure. Make sure that you charge the capacity before your first use by connecting the USB compatible device, and the LED will indicate red when charging begins and turn green when it is full.

Some useful tips on how to use the BBTank Key Box Battery.

  • Press the power button five times to turn it on, after push the power button five times to turn it off
  • Press the flip button to turn on your cartridge and begin smoking. When you are done vaping, press the flip button again and fold the cartridge back into the Battery. This help to protect the vape cartridges from leakage.
  • The 3.7V Battery works perfectly with various types of cartridges from BBTank, as well as premium glass or wickless ceramic model. It holds small vape cartridges from 0.3ml to large 1.0ml cartridges.

BBTank Flask Battery

BBTank Flask is similar to the palm-sized of BBTank Key Box Battery, because of the stealthy draw-activated vaporizer with inbuilt 200mAh battery designed for oil mini cartridges which will perfectly fit in the palm of your hand. Also, the Flask is compatible with the most refillable cartridges with about 11mm in diameter. This set includes two universal magnetic adapters of 5q0-thread connection. The Flask protect a powerful 200mah battery which can be recharged through the micro USB cable. The BBTank Flask is made up of durable aluminium alloy, and it has a curved body design which suits the private sessions.

Apart from the famous BBTank mod, you can find get other products from BBTank such as BBTank vape pod, vape pen and atomizer in Vape4ever. For more information don't hesitate to contact us. Grab a copy now!

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