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Vape Mod are a bigger, bulkier, more complicated e-cigarettes that come with a larger battery. It is suitable for the vapor who chases the big clouds. It is intended to deliver more vapor, increment the throat hit and increment the general kind of e juice. Here we offer many professional vape mods included mech mod and squonk box mod. Here we offer many professional vape mods for the vapor who chases the big clouds. Like VGOD mech mod and VANDYVAPE S squonk box mod.

Geekvape Aegis Solo Mod Kit 0 Geekvape Aegis Solo Mod Kit 0 2
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Geekvape Aegis Solo Mod Kit

$47.99 $59.99
Geekvape Aegis Solo Mod Kit is the product of brand Geekvape, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Orange Kit:1pcs, etc.
GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W TC Kit & Aero Mesh Tank 0 GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W TC Kit & Aero Mesh Tank 0 2
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$68.99 $82.13
GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W TC Kit & Aero Mesh Tank is the product of brand GeekVape, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Camo Kit:1pcs, etc.
Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Waterproof Kit 200W 0 Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Waterproof Kit 200W 0 2
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$69.99 $86.41
Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Waterproof Kit 200W is the product of brand Wismec, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Titanium Gray:1pcs, etc.
Suorin Air Plus Kit 900mAh & 3.5ml Pod System 0 Suorin Air Plus Kit 900mAh & 3.5ml Pod System 0 2
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Suorin Air Plus

$21.49 $25.28
11 Reviews
Suorin Air Plus Kit 900mAh & 3.5ml Pod System is the product of brand Suorin , it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Gun Metal Kit:1pcs, etc.
SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit 1000mAh Pod System 0 SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit 1000mAh Pod System 0 2
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SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit

$29.99 $41.65
31 Reviews
SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit 1000mAh Pod System is the product of brand SMOK , it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Bright Black Kit:1pcs, etc.
Vladdin Eden Pod System Kit 350mAh 0 Vladdin Eden Pod System Kit 350mAh 0 2
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Vladdin Eden Pod System Kit 350mAh

$26.99 $34.16
Vladdin Eden Pod System Kit 350mAh is the product of brand Vladdin, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Blue Kit:1pcs, etc.
Yocan Handy Vape Box Mod: CBD 510 Thread Battery 500mAh 0 Yocan Handy Vape Box Mod: CBD 510 Thread Battery 500mAh 0 2
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$16.99 $22.96
Yocan Handy Vape Box Mod: CBD 510 Thread Battery 500mAh is the product of brand Yocan, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Mod:1pcs, etc.
VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit 750mAh Pod System Sarter Kit 0 VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit 750mAh Pod System Sarter Kit 0 2
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$22.49 $26.77
30 Reviews
VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit 750mAh Pod System Starter Kit is the product of brand VOOPOO , it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Ink Kit:1pcs, etc.
SMOK Micare Mod 700mAh Battery With Cartridge Option 0 SMOK Micare Mod 700mAh Battery With Cartridge Option 0 2
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$31.99 $39.01
15 Reviews
SMOK Micare Mod 700mAh Battery With Cartridge Option is the product of brand SMOK , it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Blue and Brown Mod:1pcs, etc.
Teslacigs Mini Duo 500mAh Box Mod 510 Thread Connection 0
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$19.99 $27.38
Teslacigs Mini Duo 500mAh Box Mod 510 Thread Connection is the product of brand Teslacigs , it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black, etc.
Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod 8ml 0 Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod 8ml 0 2
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Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod 8ml

$32.99 $49.98
Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Box Mod is an unregulated squonk box mod. Not only suitable with 18650 batteries, it is also compatible with the new 20700 batteries. Also, it comes with a buiilti-in 8ml food grade silicone bottle with a stainless steel cap.
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Vape Mods or Devices

A vape device is commonly referred to as Vape Mods. Go to a store and the shopkeeper asks if you are looking for a vape device, do not get confused they are only talking about vape mods. The device on its own with no attachments such as the tank or the battery is called a vape mod. However, most of the times people are recommended to buy the complete vape starter kit as buying the individual pieces one by one will just add to the cost. Yes, if you already have your proud collection of essential items such as tanks, batteries and coil then you will not have to buy the complete set as the vape mod will do!

Lucky for you, there are new styles of vape mods being introduced in the market every day. No two mods and devices will be the same which is why users have a lot of options in front of them to consider. Whether you want to smoke discreetly or you are looking for a vape mod that could help you make big hits, worry not as there is a designated vape mod for every individual user. The vape mods all function in their own style too. Someone looking for a mouth to lung vape would not ne happy with a mod that gives big hits. The advanced market brings you immense variety that will leave you bewildered! Because after all if the user is paying, he should get what he desires. Best vape devices are designed to fit the user needs in the best way possible. Vape mods for multiple choices are available in the market today to bring users the thrill and satisfaction they payed for.

What is a box mod?

A box mod is the ideal vape mod starter pack that will give you the comfort of customizing everything you want. The shape of box mod is highly customizable along with all the essential items that come with it. Batteries, atomizers and tanks, whatever the item you can have it your way. The coil available in the atomizer is heated to produce the designated vapor required for the operations to be carried out. This box mod will give you the ideal battery life, intense flavour, quality results and the power to customize the setup your way. Make use of this authority to fulfil all your desires. Most of the box available by numerous brands have buttons or firing switch. The atomizer will get power after you press the switch which will "fire" the vapor initiating the process. After letting go of the power button from where the coil is heated, power is cut off and the vapors stop.

Types of box mods

Looking for the ideal box mod might confuse you if you haven't bought it before. This is because there is a huge variety available in the market. Different types of box mods along with e-cig are in line contributing to the market to fulfil the requirements of the audience. Here are some of the simple ways through which we can categorize them to help you take your pick easily!

  • Form and design

The first category to assign box mods is the visual appearance. The surface design along with the layout of the form holds a lot of significance and we cannot ignore that. The box size and scale is not the same for all the boxes. Moreover, the way the boxes are handled is not similar. Most of the box mod occupy the rectangular shape. However, the cover and edges are not the same for all. The type of material consumed to produce the final piece is based on the combination of materials used. Some box mods are made from plastic and wood while some are made for the same material with variation in colors.

  • Battery

The battery option in box mods is not the same for two. Some have fixed internal LIP batteries while some have removable Li-Ion batteries. The choice depends upon what the user wants. The batteries are charged via USB cables as per choice.

The box mod which has the capacity to hold numerous batteries ranging from one to four are also available. The capacity and voltage the batteries can provide also depends upon what the user desires.

  • Features and Functions

No two box mods will have the same features and functions. The specifications available in one box mod may vary from the other. In some box mods users are given the authority to change the value of the power, wattage and voltage being consumed. The screen available on the surface provides easy monitoring and control of data. Moreover, there is also a great advancement of chipsets which can be controlled by the tip of your fingers. The boost mode, heating value, wattage, voice-command recognition, etc are all the features that one can control. On the other hand, there are box mods with no chips. These are referred as "mechanical mods."

  • Price Point

As mentioned above box mods are available in different sizes and multiple features which is why the prices also vary. If you are looking for a more basic version, then the price of that respective box mod will be lesser than the one providing extensive features and specs. However, if you are still looking for a general idea then the box mods are roughly available between $40-$150. If you go for something super advanced like DNA- and Yihi-powered box mods, then the price is likely to reach $100-$200.

There are some box mods available that are made in high-quality materials. These materials are expensive which is why the box mods are pricey already and are not mass produced in bulk.

What's the best box mod for you?

The above few categories will help you decide which box mod is the best for you. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before getting your hands on one. Look for the features you cannot compromise on such as the battery life. Moreover, the given atomizer available along with the vape tanks also come in various qualities which is why remember to ponder over all the option before you settle with something.

If you want to buy an MTL then get the box mod with multiple batteries. However, that might get a little out of hand. Moreover, if your box mod is mid-range than one adequate ohm tank would go well with a single battery life. Having one battery will drain quickly, you would have to charge it continuously.

The next important factor that you cannot ignore is the vapor you want to exhale. The size of hit your vapor can exhale depends upon the atomizer you are using. However, looking for more vapor results into more consumption of battery. It is important to get more than battery or the one that gets you increased watts and voltage.

Squonk Mods

These are the type of mods that gives users the comfort of having increased e-juice capacity which is more convenient and sufficient. The thing about Squonk Mods is that they make use of an internet tank of e-juice without having to require the external tank. The only task users have to perform is squeezing the plastic e-juice bottle that will channel the flavour through 510 connection. These 510 connections is attached to an atomizer which works in the simpler traditional way. Squonk Mods are easy to use. If you do not want anything too fancy and like to swing with the conventional way, these are the choice for you. They will help you have increased e-juice capacity for even better performance.

High Wattage Vape Mods

Dual 18650 and triple 18650 units bearing High Wattage Vape Mods are just what the crowd needs who are looking for something that could produce high cloud content. The massive and the high-powered units are just what you need if you are among the cloud-chucking crowd. They are made from the finest materials that include stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Advantages of high wattage mods

  • These high wattages vape mods come with more than 100 watts of power which is ideal to produce a heavy chuck.
  • The high rated box mods remain safe by not overheating.
  • Having multiple batteries increases battery lives with less trouble of constant charging
  • There is a large variety to choose from as numerous high wattages vape mods are available in the market.
  • Disadvantages of high wattage mods
  • The box mods are generally larger in weight and scale which makes them difficult to handle and take care of.
  • As most of the box mods come with additional batteries, users need to have good charger that could assist them all the time after use

How high can you go?

These box mods provide a lot of action and thrill. The thing about box mods is that they can reach a level as high as 400 watts. Yes, that's right, the box mods having additional batteries have the strength and capability to reach 300 which is not less.

The number and power of the batteries decide the wattage a mod can pass. A decent 18650 battery has the will to go up to 75-80 watts. There are numerous advanced chips also available in the market today that have the tendency to go even higher. Moreover, there are batteries such as 20700s and 21700s which can reach a level greater than 100 watts. However, when using the box mods with high output remember to take note of all the safety precautions so that you are prepared of any casualty that might arise due to any unfortunate reason.

Can high wattage mods work for you?

If you are a fan of high watts vape device that can work its vaping magic quite easily around 200 Watts then it is quite obvious that high wattage mod is quite right for you. Despite this there are other a bunch of few reasons show the importance of high wattage vape mods for the niche people.

Vaping with lower wattage vape devices will definitely provide great autonomies. Imagine that a pair of batteries are accompanying you and you can replace the dead one with a new one and keep on vaping. How cool it can be? Perhaps, you may decide to try out cloud chucking. After all it's the new thing in the vaping world. Always keep a nice huge battery charged with you and whenever the other battery feel low, but it back on, fill your favourite juice and the game on.

The AIO Mod

If we talk outside the pod mode game, these all in ones AIOs are definitely the easiest vape mods to operate. No doubt they have multiple similarities with the other traditional vape devices, especially the starter vaping ones but they have multiple advantages that vapers are quite fond of. Like:

  • Using vape juice of your own choice
  • Replaceable coils and much more

The process of using an AIO

If you have experienced a mouth to straight into lungs tank then you can understand the way it works because it is almost the same. However, if you do not know then follow the below-mentioned instructions and make yourselves free from all the AIO vape problems.

  1. First off prime your coil with tiny amount of the e-liquid
  2. Then put it in your tank
  3. Fill up the tank
  4. Saturation of the coil will start then, let it be.
  5. Adjust the airflow
  6. Now what left is "pressing the button" and Vaping.

If you have spent some good money and your AIO vape device comes up with a high wattage/voltage adjustment option, then keep on adjusting until the point where you find the sweetest spot.

Pods vs AIOs; the competition! Which one should you buy?

AIOs coils can be replaced instead of the cartridges. And this means you can just change the coil if there is any fault in performance instead of just buying the whole new device i.e. in pod case. Moreover, most of the pods come with pre-filled juice option but in AIOs you can fill up your own choice of e-liquid and enjoy the vaping at its best.

If we talk performance, definitely the replace able coil option plus bigger watts options are given in AIOs and they do perform better than the pods. Also, there is always a fix amount of nicotine in pods and it is usually a lot. But in AIOs you can certainly get multiple options with lower nicotine percentage liquids so you can have fun. This option work when you have a sub ohm coil installed in your vaping device that can enable the device to make use of lower nicotine concentration.

Talking about ease of use, definitely pods win over AIOs. You have to do some effort in order to make your AIO work like a champ but in pods everything is already set and ready for action. Just turn it on, press the button and BOOM!
So, if you are looking for just having some fun and don't go too deep into techy stuff then pods are made for you. If you know what you are doing and really want to up your vaping game and want multiple e-juicing option, AIOs are your new pals.

The mechanical mod

This specific mod is one of the advanced vaping devices that can deliver the raw battery's power to the atomizer and without any safeguard, electronic regulation or users' protection.

Some parts of the mechanical mod are described below:

  1. The battery housing: Often it is in the form of metal tube. These tube mechanical mods take just one battery.
  2. Negative/positive contacts: The positive connection is on the top of the cap and the negative is enacted in the button where springs are loaded.
  3. The switch: The circuit always works with a button and that's exactly what it does i.e. completion of the positive/negative circuit.
  4. Fire prevention design: The buttons in the mechanical mod are usually recessed because it can avoid the accidental firing/bursting of the inside device. The locks in the mech mod also prevent any potential fire threat.
  5. The 510 connection: Built on the very top of the tube mod/mechanical box, this specific connection type threads the electricity that connects the mod and the atomizer. For your knowledge, inside of an atomizer has positive pins and 510 threading are inside the mod that are made of brass or copper at These things connects with each other afterwards and bring the vaping into action.

How justifiable are Mechanical Mods for you?

Mechanical mods being a device which does not involve any regulatory circuit for it to work, rather it directly depends on a battery for its usage. However, mechanical mods depending on a battery do not have a prolonged working span, in turn, the vaporization decreasing every time with its use. But are they right for, is the real deal here. Mechanical mods since they work on a battery are the easiest to use and one of the best customizable products you can lay your hands on.

The benefits of using a mechanical mod are that it gets fixed in a snap, although you might have to alter a specific part, then it is good to go. Mechanical mods also offer intense vaping as the vapor pressure contains Sub-ohm technology making the vapor more exquisite. Moreover, mechanical mods contain a metallic tube in them instead of a built-in circuit, making them readily very reliable and long-lasting.

DNA Box Mod

The world has evolved in different ways and to pay attention to how fastly, it is insane. With the increasing population, technology has undeniably progressed as well. With new technology, new and more advanced vaping techniques have been introduced in the market too. The newest and one of the best mods that we have been blessed recently with are the DNA Box Mods.

These mods are guaranteed to give an inimitable vaping experience. DNA Mods use DNA Chipsets as their technology. Even with a small number of resistance coils, DNA Box Mods intensify your vaping experience ten times the regular vape mod. As much as they are fun to use, these ensure a very safe contact and do not lead to any battery short circuits or fuses making your vaping experiencing an all-rounder.

Small Box Mods

If you are looking for a convenient, easy to carry, a vape that you can use on a daily basis and carry it around wherever and whenever you go, then wonder no more. Own a small box mod today and make your life way easier than you expect it to be. Even if the small box mods are well small, they provide you with accessibility and fun even then. Small Box Mods are the size of your hands and fit easily for quick and day-to-day use. They are pretty excited to use. with dimensions ranging from 63mm to 23 mm, interspersed battery and built-in quality.

The only flaw that our mini brothels have is that they possess a small capacity and you might have to keep fueling them up in order to keep vaping and enjoying. This can be out of the way as well though, keep an extra battery on you to keep your small box mod going.

What Vape Mod is suitable for you personally?

With all types of different vape mods that are listed above, the best suitable mod for you can be determined to keep the factors that are listed below:

  • First of all, decide if smoking something flavored is what you are looking for. Obviously with vaping comes in the question of squonking some kind of flavor in, if that is the case for you, try looking for the kind of vape that suits you best.
  • Vaping can be easier, fun but also intense at times. Therefore, before you jump to the conclusion of trying a vape mod, think about how intense and exquisite experience are you looking for. Some vape mods produce a very strong puff of smoke which might be fun for others but could be a little too much for you. Hence decide the intensity of your vapor pressure first.
  • What kind of a cloud are you trying to chase should be the next point for you to consider? You need to decide how many mouths to lung hit are you willing to take in, whether it is penned that you are looking for, to devices or a proper Mod.
  • The most important thing to consider is how much are you willing to spend and how far can your pocket let you stretch. Mods range from being expensive to super expensive. Hence considering your budget first is really significant so that your experience is not affected by any financial stress. Being rational should be your top most priority even when having fun.


We know that it can be very hectic when it comes to shopping for a device like an E-cigarette, a pen or simply just a mod because you never know what you are opting for before trying it and seeing it for your own self. Hence, whether it is an inexpensive mod that you want to buy or a mod that suits your cloud chasing power best, we ensure your safety with fun. Check out our store Vape4ever today and get your personalized, perfect vape mod through trusted means!

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