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Vapium Lite Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Vapium Lite Dry Herb Vaporizer produced in medical-grade ISO certified factory, with advanced airpath, ceramic oven & useful stir tool, features 8 temp control.
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Vapium Review

Vapium is a trustable and highly reputed brand in the quick-growing vape market on which you can depend for outstanding products at sensible rates. It is well known because of its amazing, unique, and high-quality products that are budget friendly and makes it different from other brands. Its emphasis on healing and therapeutic aids. Vapium applies the design, technology, and innovative factor before introducing a new product into the market. There are so many products that Vapium is offering and considered as most hunted products.

Highlight of the Vapium Brand Product Range

Vapium has a diversity of products like lite dry herb vaporizer, stir tool, clean air intake drawer, mouthpiece and lite cleaning brush, vapium dry bag, cleaning Kit, replacement screens, and so on.

Vapium Lite Dry Herb Vaporizer

Lite vaporizer is well suited for dry herbs and it comes with a sleek design, easy to carry, and made from top-quality material in ISO certified factory in medical grade.

Vapium Dry Bag

It's water and dust-proof bag to keep your products safe and dry.

Vapium Lite Stir Tool

It's best for mixing the herb concentrates and for even distribution of weed in the chamber.

Vapium Lite Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush is used to remove the remaining wax that is left inside the heating chamber.

Vapium Cleaning Kit

This kit includes all the accessories for cleaning the vape. It contains eight chenille twigs, one oven buff, and eight alcohol pads.

Replacement Screens

These replacement screens come with a modest design that permits sufficient percolation and well-ordered air flow.

Why to choose Vapium Brand?

If you are searching for a consistent stock or supply then why you must consider Vapium products instead of other brands. It's difficult to find out worthy inventions in such a flooded market but Vapium provides superior quality and services. Vapium has its own specific laboratory that is ISO-certified and produces safe and reliable products for consumers. Here at Vape4ever you can you will find the attractive Lite Dry Herb Kit at an affordable price.

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