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Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder 2 Piece Grinder

Santa Cruz Shredder
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Santa Cruz Shredder 2 Piece Grinder is the product of brand Santa Cruz Shredder, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black 2 1/8":1pcs, etc.
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Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece Grinder

Santa Cruz Shredder
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Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece Grinder is the product of brand Santa Cruz Shredder, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black 1 5/8":1pcs, etc.
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Santa Cruz Shredder Review

About Santa Cruz Shredder

The Santa Cruz Shredder is known as one of the best herb grinders out there. These grinders use the innovative technology of the Siemens CAD Software program in order to create the ideal tooth design for its shredder. All of the teeth in the grinders of the Santa Cruz Shredder are radius at its base, instead of being sharp-edged. Hence, they are much more powerful and will not be releasing any flakes in the dry herbs or get dull. The grinders consist of earth magnets that secures the top and makes it easy for travel use. Plus, twisting the grinder is easy thanks to its knurled grip. Each grinder is resistant to scratches because of the anodized coating, and they are contaminant free thanks to ultrasonic cleansing.

Furthermore, the reason that sharp-edged teeth aren't used in these grinder is due to their rapid dulling process and the release of burrs and many tiny aluminum flakes that might mix with the smoking blend that you make. This is both unhealthy and highly toxic for the buyer. Moreover, sharp-edged teeth require a massive amount of torque in order to run, which will result in it bending near the base due to the initial pressure and cause something known as metal fatigue. This metal fatigue will eventually result in the breakage and damage of a tooth and release more aluminum flakes in the blend.

On the other hand, the teeth of the Santa Cruz Shredder grinders can bear extreme usage since they're radius at its base for maximum strength. They won't dull at all or release aluminum flakes or burr. Plus, they are extremely powerful. Grinders of other brands cut only once, which allows bb-sized pieces to go through holes without being grinded. However, the grinders of Santa Cruz Shredder have teeth that are designed in a way that cuts your herbs in various ways. This means it doesn't just smash or slice the herbs, it flawlessly grinds them into a perfect fluff.

Highlights of Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders

  • New And Innovative Threading Design

This brand came up with new and exclusive thread pattern that has been designed to get rid of the constant seizing and binding of its screw-together components. This brand's threaded surfaces are anodized in order to get rid of any galling, which occurs when two different sliding metals come into contact with each other and end up damaging its surface. This results in aluminum threads transferring the wear-debris and particles from one surface to the other that results in bumps, deformation, unevenness, and ultimately its failure. This innovative company came up with a new method using the "7-Catch Design" that lets its user easily fix all of the parts together effortlessly. Other grinders keep rotating for a while before the user actually gets a hold of its thread catch. Then they have to continuously screw the component on again and again until it is secured. This further results in more deterioration, a confusing number of turns, and increased cross-threading chances.

  • Improved Grip That Is Approved By Medical Customers And Patients

The Santa Cruz Shredder is known as the ideal grinder for medical patients and customers. The knurled grip is extremely prominent as compared to other grinders, and it improves finger and hand grip. The enhanced grip patterns are easily visible and the user can turn it with a lot of ease. Hence, due to this easy gripping lid, the grinder can be rotated effortlessly, which also lowers the torque that is required in order to use the product. Plus, thanks to this easy mechanism, the users get to use a device that provides them with a smooth and buttery end product.

  • High-Quality Screens That Give Improved Results

The grinders of this brand are known for using T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screens. This is the ideal micron size for a grinder that is in the market. Majority of the other grinders are using a smaller micron size, meaning a larger opening, in order to appear as if they are allowing more material to filter through. However, the smaller micron size allows more impurities, such as fertilizer, dirt, bug pieces, etc., pass through to the last pollen compartment. Furthermore, the screens are fixed using a specific drum-skintight screen design. This results in pulling the screen tightly in all of the direction before locking it in place permanently. Grinders from other brands end up having loosened screens that expand and warp, resulting in the screen popping and spillage of the herbal blends the user creates.

  • High-Quality And Powerful Magnets

This brand uses magnets of the highest quality in their grinders. Cheaper magnets tend to be weak and results in falling out, and the protective coating gets damaged and flakes of that coating can mix with the smoking blend. Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets that are diametrically magnetized in a cylindrical shape are used by this brand. Furthermore, in order to protect the product against corrosion and have maximum durability, the product has a coating of nickel, copper, and nickel again. These high-quality magnets give the product a lid closing system that is reliable, stops the drying out process of your herbal blends, avoid spilling the blend accidentally, and any odors that might escape. Moreover, they're ISO Certified, exclusive quality, give a great performance, and have a lifetime guarantee.

  • Ultrasonically Cleansed

The grinders of Santa Cruz Shredder consist of ultrasonic cleansing processes that are strictly medical-grade. All contaminates are eliminated due to the use of medical-grade solutions and sound waves in high frequency during these processes. Moreover, cavitation bubbles made during these processes are embedded throughout the whole machining process. Due to this action, all of the cracks, tiny recesses, and blind holes get penetrated, which thoroughly removes every single trace of any contamination that might be stuck on the surface, such as dirt, dust, toxic lubricants inside machines, fingerprints, grease, poisonous polishing compound, and many more. This exact procedure is used by the medical industries in order to sterilize and disinfect all medical instruments prior to any surgery.

  • Completely Scratch Resistant

The Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are completely scratch resistant thanks to the anodizing process. During these electrolytic passivation processes, a tough protective coating is created for the aluminum in order to avoid corrosion, failure of threaded components, and wear resistance. In this process, the products are placed inside an acid-filled bath and then later they are suspended inside a special tank. Then an electrical current is passed through the product, which creates a tough protective surface. Anodizing the products results in changing the surface's microscopic texture, and also changes the aluminum's crystal structure that is close to the surface. It bonds to its surface and pretty much become a new surface itself molecularly. Raw aluminum can easily be scratched due to its material being soft. This brand uses aerospace anodizing methods for protection and only their extremely high-quality grinders are scratch resistant. Furthermore, these grinders come in both matte and glossy anodized finishes. While, grinders from other brands use raw aluminum, which is not only unsanitary but can also easily be prone to scratches and cross-threading. Plus, these other brands polish their products to show off an illusion of a good quality product.

Why Choose Santa Cruz Shredder?

If you are an avid marijuana smoker or use additional weed accessories, you are probably aware of the grinders of Santa Cruz Shredders. These grinders are often used by famous social media stoners due to their high-quality. However, these grinders are not only for famous people, you can use them too. Even though they are on the expensive side as compared to other grinders, but they are definitely worth the investment when it comes to quality.

These grinders are available in every size and shape. They come in a variety of diameters and pieces, including every color you can think of. They are eye-catching and extremely vibrant to look at. Moreover, compared to other luxury grinders, the grinders of Santa Cruz Shredder works much better.

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