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Started in 2017, RELX is a technical company dedicated to designing, developing and selling e-cigarettes to clients worldwide. RELX is the best selling closed-system e-cigarette in China and has been funded by major venture capital companies, including IDG Capital Partners and Source Code Capital. To accelerate the development of traditional cigarette smoking, RELX has been developed to meet the needs of more than a billion smokers worldwide who need safer and cleaner smoking options.

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RELX Vape Kit

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RELX Vape Kit is the product of brand RELX, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Blue Kit:1pcs, etc.
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RELX Review

Overview of RELX

RELX was established in 2017 as a technology company dedicated to designing, development, and sale of e-cigs all over the world. The company aims to speed up the process of electronic cigarettes, replacing traditional ones. The company endeavors to provide countless smokers all over the world with a safer alternative, which would make it easier for them to quit smoking.

RELX is an abbreviation of Responsibility, Empathy, Leadership, and Experience. The company is committed to upholding high standards of quality and safety and makes use of technological innovations to achieve this goal.

The core value of the company is responsibility, wherein it aims to realize the problems and look for solutions that would reduce the harm that the customers are exposed to. All the materials sourced are profound in quality and highly safe.

The designs of RELX are meant to empower. Their purpose is improving the lives of those smokers who are struggling to quit combustible smoking. The company aims to create designs that would make it easier for these smokers to make the switch.

To create products that set trends, money is not the only thing that is required. Research and development projects need to be given attention so that science, design, and technology can all come together to offer the best solution. The company endeavors to write more rules and provide consumers with an experience which would be pivotal in improving their lives. They use the combination of technology, personal approach, and design to create the best products possible, which will enhance the experience of the customers.

Products of RELX

RELX Starter Kit

The latest craze by RELX, this device is undoubtedly one of the highly impressive MTL compatible units that you will come across. Despite being compact, it has all the features that you could hope for. It has a slick design, both interiorly and exteriorly.

The device is activated via a draw mechanism. You do not have to be worried about confusing button operations. The narrow oval-shaped design features a battery light indicator below which RELX logo is present. It is provided with a built-in 350mAh battery. It can be charged through a USB cable in merely 45minutes. The device can be used to take nearly 150-200 puffs on a full charge in a single go.

A deep recessed contact point is located above the device, which allows the pod to accommodate 2ml without overhangs. RELX pod attaches to the device securely via magnetic connection. You are also provided with various prefilled salt nicotine flavors which you will find to be quite delicious. As soon as it is connected to the device, control is passed over to a pressure-sensitive system that has a sensitivity of 0.001atm. Thus, the activation time of the device is quicker coated to other options on the market. The unit is integrated with a honeycomb style ceramic heating element, the diameter of each honeycomb being 0.01mm. Dual silicone rings offer added protection against juice leakage. Each pod is capable of offering around 650 puffs.

RELX Alpha Pod Kit

This is the latest creation of RELX. It offers you a highly smooth draw owing to the Alpha stream technology that forms part of the pod. It is provided with a compact size and yet quite advanced technology forms part of it. This Alpha kit by RELX would not let you down. You will be impressed with its sleek design the moment you set your eyes on it.

The device is activated via a draw mechanism. Therefore, there is no risk of activating it via accidental pushing of a button. Its design ensures that you can slip it into the pocket easily. This oval-shaped unit is provided with a multi-perforated back-lit LED light indicator. The RELX logo is featured on the opposite side. The device is powered by a built-in 350mAh battery. Charging can be done via USB type-C cable and is completed in nearly 40 minutes. The battery capacity allows you to take 280 puffs from the device on a full charge.

A deep recessed contact point is present at the top of the device for replacement pods. This allows the unit to accommodate 1.6ml without compromising on portability. The pod attaches to the device securely via the magnetic connection. Five prefilled salt nicotine flavors are also offered. The pressure-sensitive system is activated after the connection, with 0.001atm sensitivity the device, thus, does not take a lot of time in activation. Fourth-generation honeycomb-style ceramic heating element is present in the mod of 0.01mm size. Dual silicone rings with reinforced bottom offer added protection, preventing leakage. Every pod is capable of offering 500 puffs.


These are cartridges for the pod system by RELX and have nicotine salt juice of 2ml capacity. The pod attaches to the device via magnetic connection securely. Eleven flavors of salt nicotine juices are offered including Mint, Watermelon Mint, Blueberry, Fresh Cucumber, Mango, Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Fruit, Ludou Ice, and Classic Tobacco. Mint flavor is best enjoyed at the crack of dawn as it provides you with an exciting flavor. The Lemon Tea flavor is just what you need during sunny brunches as it offers the zing of lemon to sweet iced tea. The Mango flavor offers you an adventurous touch while with Ludou Ice, you get the taste of subtlety and freshness that would take you on a mental trip to East Asia. Indeed, you would get all the flavors you can possibly want at RELX.

Why Choose RELX

You get optimal convenience and portability with products by RELX. Popping in a pod is all that is required of you, and you can commence vaping to your heart's content. These products are ideal for busy people. They would make quitting smoking a whole lot easier.

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