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Naked 100 E-liquid is one of those manufacturers of vape juice who have managed to make a mark in the industry and earn quite an impressive reputation. The brand offers you a profound vaping experience with their fruit-based flavors. At the same time, no compromise on quality is made. A California-based company is behind this brand, which is produced by Schwartz E-liquid. The company believes that simplicity is the key to success. The whole focus of this brand is to appeal to your taste buds and offer you flavors that are simple and yet exotic. This is quite a different approach from the other manufacturers who seem to be more vested in creating complex flavors. Using cutting edge technology, Naked 100 e-juice manages to ensure that you get the best possible quality of e-liquids. The brand leaves little to be desired and thus is the ideal choice for advanced vapers and beginners as well. Various signature collections are offered by the brand, including the likes of Menthol, Ice, Tobacco, and Cream.

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Naked 100 Review

Overview of Naked 100

Naked 100 E-liquid is counted among the most popular brands in the current times, and this is hardly surprising considering their flavors. They specialize in offering balanced flavors with fruity and sweet blends. Their e-juices leave you refreshed for a long time.

  • Pros of Naked 100
  • A wide range of options available in the form of cream-based, candy, menthol, and fruity e-juices.
  • The flavors are well-captured and a treat for your taste buds
  • The vapor production is impressive with 70% VG
  • Options of four nicotine levels are available including 0, 3, 6 and 12mg/ml
  • The flavors are unique and delicious
  • The glass bottles are elegant

  • About the Manufacturer

Schwartz, a notable and reputed vape juice manufacturer, established the brand in the year 2016. Schwartz produced some of the best products of vaping online, and this brand is no exception. They rose to fame with their yogurt-based e-juice, and there was no looking back. Naked 100 e-liquid is the next step in their journey of taking over the market by storm by catering to those vapers who are looking for unique and smooth flavors. High quality of ingredients are used, and innovative techniques and research are used to make sure that you get the finest products available at your disposal.

Naked 100 E-liquids is undoubtedly at the top of its game and with good reason. It has, after all, been a part of the industry for a long time. Ever since the brand has been established, it has been a trendsetter, leaving footsteps that other brands have traced. The latest trend is creating flavors with a sweet touch. Thus, you will come across flavors like a jelly doughnut and cotton candy on the market. However, not a lot of manufacturers have tried to push the boundaries and have followed more or less the same approach. This is where Naked 100 e-liquid is different. They look to offer simple flavors to people that have a fruity touch but without excessive sweetness. Their flavors are rich and pure, and the blends prove to be quite tantalizing for your palate.

  • Packaging and Design

The brand has maintained a minimalist approach in every aspect of their products, and this holds true for the packaging as well. The e-juices by the brand are packed in glass bottles with 60ml capacity and provided with child-resistant Caps for safety. They are labeled in a simple yet elegant way. This design is apt for the simplicity that is synonymous with the brand.

The label carries all the information about the product such as the name of the company, the flavor, and nicotine level, among other things. Yet despite carrying such extensive information, it does not appear cluttered. There are three symbols on the right side which depict the component of the flavor which gives you a hint of the taste you can expect with the juice. On the other side, the warnings are featured along with the expiry date and batch number.

  • Mixing Options

Naked 100 offers 70% VG blends only. You will not find other PG/VG ratio juices with this brand. However, there is no reason to worry. Most of the tanks and atomizers available on the market are compatible with the high-VG mixes. You will be impressed with the vapor production, and the PG content present is adequate to give you the throat hit you are looking for. Therefore, you can easily use the e-juices produced by the brand without any worries unless yours is a highly basic vaping device.

You get four options in nicotine strengths including 0, 3, 6, and 12mg/ml. Modern atomizers would hardly need more than these strengths. 12mg/ml is usually used by those who are just looking to quit smoking and have recently turned to vape for the purpose. For those who have a basic vape pen, 18mg/ml strength might be required. However, Naked 100 is designed for modern atomizers. Therefore, you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Products of Naked 100

The brand has the honor of crafting multiple acclaimed collections. Some examples of their amazing work, including cream, original fruit, menthol, and salt, among others. They ensure that their customers are well satisfied with their quality, flavors, and service. This is why the brand continues to get bigger and better.

  • Naked 100 All Melon E-juice

All Melon is among their premium products. This e-juice is the blend of the three melons that have the best possible flavor. It all starts with the delicious taste of watermelon goodness followed by sweet and rich cantaloupe before ending with bright and ripe Honeydew. With All Melon, you get a tantalizing combination you would never have tasted before.

The e-juice is packed in a chubby bottle with 60ml capacity. It comprises 70% CG and 30% PG. Thus, you get impressive vape clouds with just the right amount of throat hit.

If juicy melons are your favorites, this e-juice is one that you would genuinely enjoy. Give the All-Melon a chance to take your taste buds on a delicious ride.

  • Naked 100 Amazing Mango E-juice

You would not be disappointed by Amazing Mango either. It offers a mouthwatering flavor that has a creamy touch to it. The juicy pulp of the ripe peaches coupled with the savory cream ensures that you enjoy an amazing vaping experience. The best thing is that this e-juice offers the perfect combination of the freshness of mango with cream and peaches.

The three flavors are well blended and come together to produce a fantastic taste. You can feel the aftertaste lingering in your mouth, thereby making sure that you are well satisfied with the experience. This e-liquid offers you a smooth taste that you would not be able to resist and would keep wanting more and more.

  • Naked 100 Lava Flow E-juice

Naked 100 has another delicious e-juice to offer in the form of Lava flow, which is a tropical fruity blend. This blend is a treat for your taste buds right from the first time you inhale it. Offering you a combination of succulent strawberries with tangy pineapples and creamy coconut, the e-juice ensures that you get the ultimate smoothie experience with your vaping. You would feel a soothing sensation wash all over you with this one. This e-juice would make you leave your worldly troubles behind and take you on a calm and peaceful ride. Being one of the most popular e-juice choices by Naked 100, this tropical fusion will surely leave you impressed.

It is available in a chubby bottle and contains 30% PG while the amount of VG is 70%. The throat hit is just right, while the clouds produced are thick and puffy. This e-juice will provide you with an intense and rich vaping experience that will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

  • Naked 100 Green Blast E-juice

Every juice-lover would be enthralled with the Naked 100 Green Blast. This combination of kiwi, honeydew, and granny smith apple is quire fulfilling. Maintaining the balance between sweet and sour, it ensures that you get a creamy and smooth flavor that your taste buds would enjoy to the core.

When you take the first puff of this e-juice, you are treated with a burst of ripe and crisp green apples with sweetness of the honeydew melon. Soon after, the kiwi rich cream flavor sends your palate into a tizzy.

This is perhaps one of the refreshing e-juices you can find and will surely become your favorite from the moment that you take that first puff. This flavor combination is just what you need to satisfy your cravings in those hot summer days.

  • Naked 100 Brain Freeze E-juice

Brain freeze is the ideal choice for all those who love menthol! This is one flavor you would not get enough of. The fruity combination of kiwi, strawberry with pomegranate and menthol will surely be a treat for your palate. You will find the experience akin to sipping a cold soothing tropical fruit drink. The flavors all seem to explode in your mouth, and you would never be able to contain yourself from getting more. Some menthol blends feel overpowering while others soon lose their taste. This blend by Naked 100 is such that you will never be tired of it. If an all-day vape is what you are looking for, this is undoubtedly among the perfect options. This is the ideal choice for those who love bold flavors. This blend will definitely not let you down.

  • Naked 100 Really Berry E-juice

With Really Berry, you get a combination of tarty fruits with blackberries and blueberries combined with sugared lemon. This blend is perfect for summers as you can feel the freshness when you take a puff of this one. The zesty flavor will be quite an exciting experience for your palate. The combination of sweet, sour, tangy, and smooth will leave your palate fulfilled. This e-juice feels quite fresh and will lift your mood right from the moment that you inhale it. The natural sugars and the juiciness all come together to provide you with a great experience. This e-juice will definitely leave you pleased and energized.

Why Choose Naked 100

Naked 100 is not new in the market and has, in fact, ruled the industry for the last many years. Thus, you do not have a reason to be worried with regards to its quality. You can be assured that each one of their products would have something unique to offer.

The best thing is that there is something for everyone. Whether it is the sticky candies that you crave or the menthol blends you love, you will not be disappointed. Naked 100 makes sure that no one has to return empty-handed. Their unique combinations provide a flavorful and fulfilling experience that is magic to the palate. The secret behind the success of this brand is that it does not shy away from taking risks and thus has managed to create blends that not many would have thought about.

Whenever you try an e-juice by Naked 100, you will feel the difference from the first puff. This is because of the high-quality standards that they maintain. They ensure that their customers get the ultimate vaping experience with every single e-juice flavor they produce.

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