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CBDistillery Review

CBDistillery has taken it upon itself to be at the top of the CBD movement by ensuring that people get the best hemp-derived products easily along with access to latest research in the industry and reliable testimonials by customers.

CBDistillery like all the other top brands of the market have acquired a strong reputation by making sure that their products are available online with reliability and convenience in all the states of the US. Furthermore, the brand is also working actively for public knowledge of CBD. Thus, it is not surprising that this brand is among the most acclaimed ones.

CBDistillery is also a part of NHA which National Hemp Association. Considering that the cannabis industry is unregulated to a large extent with minimal rules being followed, many companies do not consider it vital to get certified. However, this is not the case with CBDistillery who have ensured that they become affiliated with NHA, thereby ensuring that high standards of quality are maintained in raw hemp materials and CBD products.

They also make sure that the lab results from ProVerde laboratories are available on the page of every product. Nearly all of the CBD oil companies test with third party labs these days. Therefore, this step by CBDistillery is not out of the ordinary. However, what is praiseworthy is that they take it one step ahead by posting the report for everyone to see, ensuring that everyone gets to see what the lab has to say about the products.

CBDistillery provides consumers with both, full spectrum and CBD isolates. Very few brands give the consumers the opportunity to buy CBD isolates of high quality along with full spectrum oils and CBDistillery is one of them. As per studies, when it comes to effectiveness, full-spectrum cannabinoids are quite ahead. However, this does not change the fact that isolates can also play a crucial rule in self-medication. They allow consumers to measure the accurate quantity of CBD if a homemade edible or infused oil is being made. Furthermore, isolate crystals can also be used in dab. They provide a powerful CBD therapy without the raw hemp taste.

CBDistillery offers some quite unique products that you do not find easily in CBD industry. Their focus is on progressing the company and they deserve appreciation for their progressive and innovative approach. It is noteworthy that CBDistillery remain the only brand that offer CBD suppositories.

Indeed, they offer CBD capsules that can be administered anally. This does sound weird but the truth is that rectum is enriched with a large supply of capillary beds which make it quite an absorptive area. Furthermore, rectal administration of the drug ensures that the drug passes the first pass metabolism. Drugs that are orally administered lose some of their potency as they pass through the liver and digestive system. This is not something that happens with rectally-administered drugs. It undoubtedly does sound that trying CBD suppository sounds a bit adventurous, you cannot deny that the drug you get would be highly potent.

CBDistillery also offers CBD vape-specific products. We appreciate that CBDistillery does not hide the fact that their oral CBD oils should not be used for inhalation via a vaporizer. As unbelievable as might sound, some brands do claim that CBD tinctures they offer can be used as vape juices and sublingual drops as well. While this might be possible, it is not advisable. It is vital that the wax cuticle of CBD oils are removed before they are used in vaping device. CBDistillery provides consumers with a range of vape specific juices and sublingual oils.

The brand is highly reliable. If they promise something, you can be assured that they will fulfill it to the best of their capabilities. Their passion and dedication in cannabidiol-based production is available for all to see. The brand is an inspiration which needs to be learned by all the other brands who cheat or sell their products at high rates. CBDistillery makes it a point to warn consumers of toxic brands that could be harmful for the health and encourage users to stay away from such fraudulent attempts. They have quite a few qualities that make them stand out.

Quality of products: CBDistillery give utmost vale to their reputation which is attributed to the high quality that they maintain in all their products.

Variety: they have a wide range of products. You have a lot of options when it comes to their product lines and all of them are safe to use.

Legal: all the products by CBDistillery are completely safe. You can be assured as they are certified by US Hemp certification. Therefore, you can purchase their products with ease of mind and be assured that the quality will not let you down.

Affordability: if you are worried about prices, you can put your fears to rest. The products by CBDistillery are natural and GMO-free, designed keeping the requirements of consumers in mind. While the prices are not exactly low, you will find them to be reasonable.

Now that we have shed some light on the pros of CBDistillery, it is time to talk about the cons. The only problem that some might have with the brand is potency. If you are looking for a high dosage of CBD oil, you will not get the desired result with the product. However, if you consider the price that the products are available at, the strength would not disappoint.

Products of CBDistillery

  • CBDistillery CBD Vape Pens

You can get a variety of ore-filled vape cartridges by CBDistillery at around $30. They also offer CBD e-juice bottles that can be used for refilling portable concentrate. Furthermore, they also have variety 4-packs wherein you can mix and match various flavors which is quite suitable for those who want to try more than one flavor. The CBD e-liquids are quite potent with concentration of 1000mg per half oz. bottle. The only problem is that they would not last for more than a week if you use them daily. A lot of people prefer grape flavor.

  • CBDistillery CBD Wax

This is recommended for using in dab ring and it is expected to be quite excellent in terms of effects. You can use it for various applications.

  • CBDistillery CBD Hemp Oil

These full-spectrum oils are meant for sublingual application. They comprise of whole-plant hemp extracts such as flavonoids, terpenes and non-psychoactive cannabinoids. The concentration of THC in these is less than 0.3%. You can purchase them in two different sizes including 15ml and 30ml bottles. The larger bottle offers you two high-strength potencies. These are not meant for vaporizers.

CBD isolates; the isolates by CBDistillery are pure hemp extracts devoid of any other compound. They are pure CBD powder that can be used for vaping, and dabbing. They can also be added in food or drinks. You can even sprinkle them on high-THC marijuana buds so that the therapeutic effects can be enhanced.

  • CBDistillery CBD Capsules

The capsules are available in the form of full-spectrum and isolates. You can get them in bottles of 30 and 60. People usually opt for CBD capsules because they are not fond of the raw hemp oil taste. The isolates are available in two potencies including 25mg and 30mg CBD per capsule. On the other hand, full-spectrum capsules are available in the potency of 30mg per capsule and can be purchased in bottles of 30 and 60.

  • CBDistillery Topical CBD Creams

CBDistillery offer two topical cream products. Both the products are available in 1 oz. tubs with 500mg content of CBD. One is CBDol which is excellent for joint and muscle pain as it is a pain-relieving solution. The other, CBDefine is more versatile as it also serves to reduce inflammation.

  • CBDistillery CBD Pet Products

They even offer CBD oil of 150mg, 15ml variety pack for dogs. The pack comprises of 1000mg pet tincture of CBD along with a cute bandana for your little friend. The tinctures are known to be quite effective and even work for larger-sized dogs. As per the website, they can be used for cats and small dogs as well.

  • CBDistillery CBD Suppositories

You can use these if you are dying to be adventurous. It might sound ridiculous but the truth is that suppositories offer fastest absorption rate and have the highest bioavailability. According to CBDistillery, they are rapid acting and work instantly to alleviate symptoms of nausea and abdominal pains. We will have to take their word for it though since we have not tried it ourselves.

  • CBDistillery Variety Packs

If you are unable to decide on a single product or want to try multiple things, you can opt for the variety packs by CBDistillery. These are available for both isolates and disposable vape pens. They can be ideal if you want to decide on which texture among crystals, wax, and powder and slab work best for you.

Why Choose CBDistillery?

Quality and transparency are highly valued by CBDistillery. They have made it easy to purchase CBD. Their new labels carry all the pivotal information about the product, including the content of CBD along with in-depth knowledge of what CBD cab be used for. AQR code is present on each product that you can scan which would allow you to see third party test results. You can thus be assured that the product you are using fulfills the regulatory requirements and would not pose any harm to you.

Strict guidelines are followed by CBDistillery that have been imposed by the FDA. They have certification by the US hemp authority which offers guidelines in the industry. All their products have high standards of quality maintained. You can see certification by Natural Farming Practice, ISO 9001, Lab Tested Potency and Purity and US hemp Authority on their labels.

Considering that there are so many CBD companies, it can be tricky to verify the quality of CBD in the products. However, CBDistillery assure you that you will get nothing but the best when you deal with them as has been stated by their CEO, Chase Terwilliger.

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