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Transpring P10G Cartridges & Lab Test Report

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As Transpring's 1st heavy metals-free All-In-One bottom filling oil cart, P10G Full Glass Housing 510 Cartridge heated by FDA-recognized Hcore brings you superior vapor.
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Transpring Review

An established brand first seen in the vape market in 2012, Transpring has built a reputation as one of the most innovative vape product manufacturers of all. Dedicated to finding and using the best materials for the most efficient vaping experience, Transpring was – for example – the first in the world to use glass as a material for the oil tank in a vape device.

This development led to the adoption of glass as the material of choice, and further technical innovation followed. In a fast-developing market Transpring has demonstrated the ability to adapt to the needs of the consumer quickly and effectively, and offers a full range of quality products for the discerning user.

Employing a team of highly skilled technical operatives with strong backgrounds in the research and development world Transpring remains a driving force behind new techniques and is at the forefront of the market where innovation is concerned, and offers customized products to help build new brands.

Highlights of the Transpring Ranges

Transpring offers a full range of exceptional vape products that are made to the very best quality standards and often set the level others have to match. Here are some of the product lines they offer.


A leader in innovation of cartridges for vape products, Transpring entered the market with the ground-breaking and revolutionary A3 cartridge in 2014. The use of glass was a first and led to others following the trend. Today, Transpring has a number of quality cartridge options using the latest in manufacturing techniques and the most effective materials, and is continually adding to the range.

The A10 cartridge is a popular model that uses a next-generation ceramic heating element that responds to the growing use of thick oils in vaporizers, as well as being leak proof and designed to be easy to fill. It is just one of a range of impressive cartridges.


Transpring offers a range of vaporizers covering every possible need. The Transpring DP10, for example, is a discreet and neatly designed disposable model that is aimed at the user who wants to vape on the move. Affordable and stylish, the DP10 follows the Transpring trend for simplicity in design and use. With a powerful 280aMh battery and 0.3ml capacity, the DP10 is a great choice and looks good in both black and white.


The Transpring L20 battery is a perfect example of why this brand is so highly regarded. Sleek and functional, this draw activated battery is pocket-sized and made to the quality standards expected of the brand and is just one of a range of powerful 510 batteries on offer at sensible prices.

Why Choose Transpring?

The brief descriptions above should give you an introduction to one of the most exciting and innovative brands in the vaping world, and one that is dedicated to producing quality products at sensible prices. Favoured by the discerning user, one who enjoys efficiency combined with style, the full range of products offered by Transpring needs to be examined more thoroughly and we recommend you do so.

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