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Mad Hatter Juice Review

Located in Los Angeles, Mad Hatter Juice is the best vape juice company that is providing a list of delicious e-liquids. These e-juices are made up of quality-sourced and exceptional flavor of liquids that are profile form the best mixologists. From creating the delicious series of e-liquids (such as I Love You vape series) to incredible packaging designs, Mad Hatters is responsible for the exotic blending of toxic flavors. The vape collection of Mad Hatters is offering a wide range of free-based nicotine flavors. I Love Nicotine Salt series of this company is wildly popular in the world of e-juices. With the collection of finest USP grade ingredients, Mad Hatters is providing the amazing max VG based vape e-juices.

Many e-liquid brands are consistently providing superb, delicious, and mouth-quenching vape juices such as Mad Hatters. This company exactly knows the cravings and needs of the vapers. This is the only reason that Mad Hatters only uses the best line of USP grade ingredients in their e-liquids. Every single e-liquid from Mad Hatters combines flavorful; taste that can satisfy any sweet tooth. Every e-liquid from Mad Hatters includes 30% PG and 70% VG base that allow vaping lovers to create thick and large clouds of vapors.

In the above part, we have mentioned a little bit about the super I Love series from Mad Hatters. Now let's have a look at the best-selling vape e-juices.

  • I Love Popcorn

Let's enjoy the savory taste of popcorns on the inhale and sweet, the rich, and outrageously buttery flavor on the exhale of this I Love Popcorn e-liquid.

  • 120 Cream Top

In 120 Cream Top, you can enjoy the vanilla frozen treat with an exotic flavor of orange. On inhaling, the sour sherbet flavor boosts your taste buds, and creamy vanilla ice cream top will satisfy your needs on exhale.

I Love Taffy Too

Inspired from the sweet flavor of Boardwalk Treat, this e-liquid is offering juicy peach flavor on the inhale and satisfy your sweet tooth with the flavor of saltwater taffy on every exhale.

  • 120 Cereal Top

The punch of sugary & fruity cereals will hit your taste buds on inhaling 120 Cereal Top. Rich vanilla ice cream flavor will drench all your vaping needs on exhale.

  • I Love Candy Blue Raspberry

Similar to many hard candies, this I Love Candy Blue Raspberry will explode the all sweetness & sourness of raspberries in your mouth. With each inhales, you can enjoy the sour berries flavors. While on exhale, your sweet tooth will satisfy with the sugary flavor of raspberries.

  • I Love Candy Watermelon

On the inhale, this vaping e-juice will deliver refreshing and mind-cooling watermelon taste. On the exhale, your taste buds will bliss with sugar-coated candy goodness.

  • I Love Candy Rainbow

This vape juice is giving the same flavor like fruit candies that are closed in the hard sugar shell. With each inhales, you will enjoy the tart & tangy taste of fruits while on exhale, your tongue will wrap in sugar-coated candy flavor.

The I Love Salt Vape series of Mad Hatters is the most popular vape e-juices that no one wants to miss!!! Below you can learn some important points about I Love Salt Series.

  • I Love Salt Classic Tobacco

This Classic Tobacco flavor form I Love Salt series is best for those vapers who love the rich, nutty, and crunchy flavor of tobacco. Mad Hatters as successfully introduce this salty classic tobacco flavor that can satisfy the needs of any tobacco lover. I Love Salt Classic Tobacco contains the perfect blend of nicotine salt, and it has no nasty smell. Each & every inhales and exhales of this palette give the traditional flavor of tobacco blend and leave your mouth all bliss.

  • I Love Salt Classic Menthol

With both tasty and brisk feelings, I Love Salt Classic Menthol is offering a refreshing and sensational burst for icy menthol lovers. This vape classic menthol e-juice comes in a 30ml bottle. The nice and smooth blend of flavors can satisfy the needs of vapers with every exhale.

This vaping e-liquid is designed to satisfy the needs of both former vaping lovers and beginners vapers. This MHJ Nicotine Salt E-Liquid is one of the best vape e-juice that you should add in your collection. Lastly, I Love Salt Classic Menthol can fulfill your desire needs of menthol!!!

At, you can find more collection of exotic flavors of Mad Hatters. Just visit the shop and enjoy your favorite mouth appeasing flavor.

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