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If you are a tobacco or weed lover looking for a quick and clean smoke, then a dry pipe is ideal for you because it offers you a fast and simple way to relax. Here you can find all kinds of pipes, starting from glass blunts and water pipes to specialty pipes.

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What Is a Pipe?

Pipes are small and hand-held devices specifically designed for smoking cannabis. Smoke shops and dispensaries sell different kinds of pipes. The cannabis flower is placed into the area of the pipe that has the shape of a bowl. On the side of the bowl, there is a carb hole that needs to be covered when smoking cannabis.

History of Pipes

According to evidence retrieved from ancient Egypt (remains of tobacco leaves and pipes have been discovered in several sarcophagi in Egypt from around 2000 BC), people used pipes around four millennia ago. Native Americans have also used various ceremonial pipes in the past. For example, they used "piece pipes" during wars which were seen as a sign of good will. Moreover, pipes were used during prayer ceremonies because Native Americans believed that their prayers were carried to the spirits via the smoke of the pipe. Pipes were also used at social gatherings.

People also used pipes for smoking cannabis in the past, as well. For example, Sadhus, also known as India's holiest men, used dry pipes instead of popular hookahs for smoking.

Nowadays, pipes are the most popular and preferred method for smoking cannabis flower because of their price, availability, ease of use, and the various types of styles, types, and colors.

Different Types of Weed Pipes

There are different types of weed pipes available on the market nowadays, including hand pipes, steamrollers, chillums, and crafted pipes with motives from books and movies.

Hand Pipe

The most popular type of pipe for smoking cannabis is the hand pipe, also called "bowl" or "spoon". As the name suggests, these pipes are held in the palm of your hand. They are comprised of a bowl (the place where you put the cannabis flower), and a stem (the part used for breathing in the smoke). The smoke easily goes through the stem thanks to the hole that is on the lower part of the bowl. On the side of the bowl, there is a larger hole, or carb, which is used for controlling the airflow.

The most common material for making hand pipes is glass, but you can also find both metal and wooden pipes.


What Is a Chillum?

A chillum, also called "bat" or "one-hitter" is a tiny pipe, usually from 5 to 10 centimeters long, i.e., from 2 to 4 inches long. Chillums are tubular and long pipes that have a tiny opening for putting the cannabis flower on one end and a mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke on the other end.

A chillum is also known as a one-hitter because the quantity of cannabis flowers that you can put in it is equal to one hit.

Chillums vs. Pipes

Compared to Sherlock, spoon, and other hand pipes, chillums are noticeably smaller. Moreover, they do not have a small hole or carb on the side of the bowl. People who use pipes that have carbs need to cover the carb with their fingers or thumb in order to control the airflow from the bowl of the pipe to the mouthpiece. Once the carb is uncovered, the bowl is cleared, and the entire smoke can be inhaled.

You don't need to control the airflow of a chillum compared with other pipes because a chillum does not have a carb. Since the airway cannot be controlled directly, the herbs in the bowl will continue to burn as long as it is possible. That is why a chillum is actually called a "one-hitter."

Since chillums are very small, it is recommended to lit them at a 45-degree angle so that the herbs do not fall on the floor. That is why some smokers use tiny or round pieces to keep the dry herbs in the bowl. Smokers usually use the cloth as a filter for their clay chillums or smoke with a closed fist.

How to Pack a Chillum?

Packing a glass chillum is very simple and easy. The bowl of most chillums has the shape of a cone. Take your tobacco or dry herbs and place them in the chillum with a wooden dugout. The hit will be better if the herbs are tightly packed. However, do not overpack it because you will restrict the airflow.

Do not forget that there are not any filters on the chillum to prevent burning residue from entering your mouth. That is why it is recommended to inhale once before you lit the chillum to check whether the airflow is good.

How to Clean a Chillum?

If you are using a chillum for the first time, then you are probably wondering how you should clean it properly. Cleaning a one-hitter is very easy. First of all, you need to heat the outer part of your device so that the residue inside softens. Then, remove the residue from the inside with a cleaning brush or a paper clip. Try to brush gently so that you do not scratch the material.

If you do not want to clean your glass chillum, you should not worry because you can get a new one at a reasonable price. So, you may just throw it and replace it with a new one from Vape4ever.

Pros of Using a Chillum

Chillum is a small and very convenient device that provides an amazing smoking experience. Here are a few reasons why you should start using chillums.

1. The Chillum Is Very Discreet and Portable

Chillums have been present on the market for more than half a century, yet people still do not recognize them instantly. This is actually good news for both smokers and sellers because they can carry their chillum with them wherever they go, and other people will have no clue what that is. Some people might get interested and ask you about your device, so you will be able to introduce them to a more natural way of smoking.

Moreover, chillums are legal, and you can pack and take them with you on your trips.

2. Chillums Are Inexpensive

Compared to other vaporizers and pipes, chillums are at a much lower price. So, if you have used your chillum several times and you have noticed a lot of residue in it, feel free to toss it because you can buy a new one for an incomparable price. Chillum are simple devices – you do not have to buy additional accessories or parts for them, like cartridges or refills. All you need is your favorite dry herbs.


Steamrollers are a combination of chillums and hand pipes. Similar to chillums, steamrollers have a cylindrical shape, and just like hand pipes, their bowl is larger, and they have a carb. However, unlike hand pipes, steamrollers have an open area at the front, which significantly improves the airflow.

Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes resemble the pipe used by the famous Sherlock Holmes, and these stylish hand pipes have been popular for more than a hundred years. Check out the wide selection of Sherlock glass pipes at Vape4ever and get yours now.

At Vape4ever you can also find standing Sherlock pipes. These pipes have either a flat base or two glass dots or "feet" which are used for balancing and supporting the pipe when it is not used.

Sherlock pipes are easily recognizable pipes with a specific mouthpiece and a long and curved neck. There are several different types of Sherlock pipes available at Vape4ever.

Gandalf Weed Pipe

At Vape4ever you can find numerous Gandalf pipes, which are an older version of Sherlock pipes. Just like Sherlock pipes are named after the pipe used by Sherlock Holmes, Gandalf pipes are named after the pipe used by Gandalf, the wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien's books, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit. Gandalf pipes are elegant and classy glass pipes recognizable by their length – some of them might be longer than 12 inches.

Themed and Novelty Pipes

If you are looking for a weed pipe with a one-of-a-kind appearance, then you should check the broad selection of Themed Hand Pipes at Vape4ever. Pipes here are ideal for people who are looking for a novel, special, and unique pipe. Besides having a unique appearance, these pipes will provide you with a unique smoking experience as well.

How Do Pipes Work?

The main function of pipes is to incompletely burn dry herbs in a safe and easy manner. Pipes are specifically designed to successfully complete their function – their bowl is connected to a certain type of extended stem. The stem sometimes cools down the smoke, which travels from the bowl to the mouthpiece.

Parts of a Pipe

Weed pipes might look like pretty simple tools from the outside, but they are actually a bit more complex from the inside. They are made of several different pieces, and each one of them has a specific role. Even if the tiniest piece is missing, either the pipe might not function at all or the quality of the smoking experience will be significantly lower. The two major parts of a pipe are a bowl and a stem.

The bowl is the part of the pipe that looks like a cup, and the part that is held in the hand while packing the herbs and smoking. The burnt weed is being removed from the pipe by turning the bowl upside down. The smoke from the combustion of the weed is being delivered from the bowl to the stem and finally into the user's mouth. The inner chamber is located in the bowl, and it is the place where the weed is being packed. Moreover, there is an opening within the pipe for the airflow, called the draught hole. The air passes through the weed packed in the chamber, it collects the smoke, and it takes it up the shank.

The mortise and tenon joint are located at the end of the shank. This is a simple and hermetically sealed connection of two separate parts, the mortise and the tenon. The mortise is a hole, while the tenon is a part at the beginning of the stem that fits tightly onto the hole. The hollow, inner part of the stem is known as the bore, and the outer part of the stem ends up in a mouthpiece, also known as a bit, which smokers hold in their teeth. The final part at the edge of the pipe is called a "lip" and it is thinner for greater comfort.

All of the abovementioned parts of the pipe have a key role when it comes to the overall function of the pipe. The next time you use your pipe, you can analyze all of them and see how they are interconnected in order to provide you with a pleasurable smoking experience.

How to Pack a Pipe?

Before learning the skills of ideally packing and smoking a pipe, let's first look at the essentials required to begin using your pipe. You will need:

  • A pipe
  • A pipe tool or tamper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • A pipe lighter or wooden matches
  • Weed or tobacco

Once you have already got everything that you need, you can learn about properly preparing your pipe.

First of all, fill the bowl of the pipe with your favorite herbs or tobacco. In the beginning, it might seem difficult to properly pack the bowl, but it is important to get the hang of it if you want your smoking experience to be extraordinary.

Fill the pipe's bowl loosely, and use the tamper to gently press the weed. This way, half of the bowl should be packed.

Fill the bowl with some more weed, and use the tamper to press it firmly this time. Repeat this until three-quarters of the bowl is filled. Continue adding weed and pressing it firmly with the tamper until you notice a tiny space between the weed and the upper part of the bowl.

Once the bowl is completely packed, take a draw just to test the airflow. The air should freely pass through the weed. If you notice that the airflow is restricted, that means that the bowl is too tightly packed with weed. Remove the weed from the bowl, and start the packing process again. If the airflow is good, you can light the pipe.

How to Smoke a Pipe?

Use a pipe lighter or wooden matches to light the pipe. The wooden matches are very cheap, but the pipe lighter is particularly designed not to interfere with the taste of weed. If you decide to use matches, once you strike the match, it is recommended to let it burn shortly so that there is not any Sulphur left. Move the lit match in a circle over the weed's surface and gently inhale until the weed is equally lit. Let it go out, and repeat this until the weed is completely lit. Then breathe in slowly and steadily. Puffing too quickly might burn your tongue.

If you hear babbling while smoking the pipe, then there is a lot of moisture inside the stem. You can remove this moisture with the pipe cleaner. Try to keep your mouth dry if you do not want moisture in your stem. If you notice that the pipe is too hot while smoking, then you should let it go out. Then relight it again and enjoy. Once you are done, let it cool down entirely and clean it.

How to Clean a Pipe?

When using a pipe often, residue from the tobacco or weed will start building up. That residue might clog the pipe and change the smoke flavor. If you want your cannabis smoking experience to be exceptionally good, then you should regularly clean the bowl of the pipe.

Follow these steps to clean your pipe:

  • Put the pipe into a resealable plastic bag.
  • Pour some isopropyl or rubbing alcohol to cover the pipe entirely.
  • Add one teaspoon of either Epsom salt (crystals of hydrated magnesium sulphate), or table salt (sodium chloride).
  • Let the pipe soak in this mixture for 12 hours. This is enough time for the resin to be entirely dissolved by the alcohol.
  • After 12 hours, shake the plastic bag vigorously in order to remove the resin that has built up in the pipe.
  • Take your pipe out of the bag, and wash it with dish soap and water.
  • Let it dry completely.

If you do not have a resealable plastic bag, you can use a tiny sealable plastic container. However, do not shake it vigorously to remove the resin because your pipe might break.

How Much Are Pipes for Weed?

The price range for standard glass pipes is from $20 to $35. However, more complex or custom pipes might cost from $100 and up.

Where to Buy Weed Pipes?

The online smoke shop, like Vape4ever, has a wide range of glass pipes. Browse and learn something more about pipes from the comfort of your home. Shop an assortment of weed pipes with free shipping at Vape4ever.

Additional Info on Pipes

Differences Between a Bowl, Piece and Pipe

A pipe, or any kind of a smoking device, is usually referred to as a "piece". A bowl is a part of a pipe used for storing tobacco or weed. However, sometimes the term "bowl" refers to the entire pipe.

Differences Between a Pipe, Bong and Bubbler

A pipe is a simple and dry smoking device made of a bowl and neck.

On the other hand, a bong is a water pipe for dry herbs. It has a bowl connected to a downstem, and the smoke is filtered in water before it is being inhaled by the smoker.

A bubbler, a small version of the bong, is a hand-held water pipe that has a water chamber and a fixed bowl.

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