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G Pen (Grenco Science)

G Pen Nova Lxe Vaporizer Kit For Concentrate

G Pen (Grenco Science)
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G Pen Nova Lxe Vaporizer Kit For Concentrate is the product of brand G Pen (Grenco Science), it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Nova Lxe Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
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G Pen (Grenco Science)

G Pen Connect Vaporizer eNail For Concentrate

G Pen (Grenco Science)
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G Pen Connect Vaporizer eNail For Concentrate is the product of brand G Pen (Grenco Science), it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Connect Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
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G Pen (Grenco Science) Review

Grenco Science (G Pen) lead from front when to comes to unique designs, advance and most upgraded handy vaporizers in the market which are extremely user friendly. They are the first one to introduce a unique crafted chamber in vapes that keeps essential oils and customize aromatherapy treatment, Grenco Science is exclusive its designs that makes the devices very easy to carry.

Grenco Sciences is also socially responsible companies who have made the Aid Series, which is a assorted products linked to NPOs which donates net earnings to each buyer and the Artist series works on an portion of alliances with business important artists and brand representatives.

Gpen starting models were highly successful because they lead to a new era of herb vapes and essentials which were recognized by unorthodox celebrities and regime brands. It was the most successful time for Gpen which the famous celebrites and rap artist, Snoop Dogg, got in collaborate with Gpen and their market share sky rocketed. The Dogg father endorse and signed many handy vapes which were know as the The Double G Series and also endorsed vaping as part of his daily regime. There were many other important associations such as The Taylor Gang, Skate Mental, DGK, Black Scale, Primitive Apparel and other top brand which made a super-funky series of wax pens and handy vapes which targets smokers who preferred better way of using herbs.

Grenco Sciences or G Pen, manufacturers several wax pen and handy vapes. Below are the lists of G Pens.

G Pen Slim Herbal Vaporizer

G Pen Slim Herbal vaporizer are commonly known as G Pen was manufactured by Grenco Science. Its design represents a solid herbal atomizer which looks like a scripting pen with its sleek and slim black color outer which makes it exactly look like a pen. It roughly weighs 41g only, which makes it very comfortable to be fitted in a pocket or a bag. It is a very safe device since it comes with a unique feature of automatically turning it off in idle mode and which conserve battery and reduce overheating.

It is a modern device which is crafted to meet smokers' preference of advance technology and usability. It is very user-friendly device and very popular among the people who newly shifted to vaping because of usability function. Its first step is to unscrew the top piece to fill your preferred herb substance and then easily tight it back. Once this is done hold the switch on button to puff. This G Pen is a true example of a classic and unique modern design and its outer look makes it smooth and exclusive.

G Pen Slim With Quartz

The handy G Pen Slim Vape with a Quartz Vaporizer is one of the best-sellers of all time. This is one of the best durable device which is very economical and easily affordable. This device is specially design in unique way which makes it slim and lustrous and easy to keep it without anyone noticing.

Vaping with device gives huge puff of smoke just by pressing a button. The device is highly preferred for wax concentrate vapers who like to get high on the way and enjoy the most euphoric experience just button press away.

G Pen Elite

Since Grenco Science is one the most technological advance manufacturer and countiounsly coming up with innovative and unique vaping devices, their new product G Pen Elite is handy atomizer for dry cannabidiol. The G Pen Elite is handy device available in the market which can be carried anywhere easily. This is the new vape on the block which is like by all the dry herb fanatics who are looking for a durable and sleek device. It is very easy to carry and user-friendly. It's some of the features are, an advance LED Display, settings to control temperature and a unique battery level meter. G Pen Elite has large tank which can hold a handsome amount of substance for a good euphoric experience.

It is equipped with a robust Li-ion battery and smart-chip which makes it most advanced-tech atomizer in the market. The G Pen Elite is exclusive blend of durability and power. It can be said easily that none of the vaporizers available in the market can be compared to the unique device.

G Pen Pro

G Pen Pro is humble and yet modernized device for newbies. It has just one button gives control to all its features. This button is situated below the device with a perpendicular line of 4 indicator lights. These lights for temperature and battery settings. G Pen Pro has fashionable thin design that makes it very simple to hold and use single handedly. Its battery life is long lasting that can last the entire day. The robust ceramic makes great smoke with no burning taste and gives full flavor of herb. Heat settings can be adjusted from high to low as the experience goes on. This vape offers customize settings to enjoy a great session. The starter pack includes a small poker, charging cable and brush to clean. This device can easily be used during charging.

G Pen Nova

This is another ground-breaking product which can support essentials and herbs. It is a hand-handle atomizer which can be used during travelling. Its battery has a 3 customized option to adjust voltage. The battery is of 300mAh capacity. This device battery can be utilized with standard 510 spiral containers and can be charged through micro USB. It has ceramic thermal chamber with quartz bowl. This heating chamber has double benefits of providing thorough heat and gives a unique flavor outflow for herb essentials and substance. The substance can be filled into the chamber through the mouth-piece just by unscrewing, which very easy and user-friendly for anyone. Would you like to interact with Snoop Dogg, just click on the link of Vape4ever and purchase the product? We guarantee you that we have great prices and best equipment.

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