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Vladdin provides each and every one of its customers with a range of high-quality e-cigarette products and the most convenient service. As a result, Vladdin places its focus on two key areas of the business. These areas are excellent customer services and high-quality products. In order to ensure that all of their products and their services are both easily accessible and safe to their customers, they work with only the highest skilled professionals within the industry. They work continuously in order to produce a wide range of their products, using their skilled workforce to ensure that the customers have a seamless experience. They pride themselves in being not just the company customers buy from, but the company that they can trust. Our online vape shop offers all of Vladdin products at an affordable price and service that you can trust.

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Vladdin Slide Kit 1000mAh Pod System

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Vladdin Slide Kit 1000mAh Pod System is the product of brand Vladdin, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Goblin Green Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Vladdin Eden Pod System Kit 350mAh

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Vladdin Eden Pod System Kit 350mAh is the product of brand Vladdin, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Blue Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Vladdin Review

Overview of Vladdin

Vladdin places a strong emphasis on providing its customers with a vast range of high-quality e-cigarette products, specially designed for convenience and ease of use. As an e-cig manufacture, they are orientated at provided two key features within the company- these are high-quality customer service and expert product design.

Vladdin make use of a highly-skilled team, who draw on their wealth of experience to provide only the best customer services and easily accessible products. Their team works around the clock to design and produce diverse product range, ensuring that each and every one of their customers are provided with a unique experience. They have developed a strong relationship with their customers for providing a personalized experience with each of their products, combined with competitive prices and expert levels of customer service.

Products of Vladdin

All the products by Vladdin are available at our online vape store at the excellent service alongside competitive prices.Buying Vladdin products here, we will provide you with an all-round tailored experience. Let us discuss some prominent products by Vladdin.

  • Vladdin RE Pod Kit

The RE Pod kit is designed for simplicity, making use of a slim, pen style shape, alongside simple draw and a voltage-based output to ensure a consistent yet smooth flavor with any nicotine salt you choose to use. The kit itself is constructed using a small battery, a silicon stopper, a clear small tank and a top cap. The base of the device itself has a small dimension consisting of only19.04mm x 11.4mm x 90.32mm, ensuring for an ease of use and transportation all within the comfort of your pocket. The battery itself is a 350mAh, delivering a 3.5V output, to a maximum of 12W.

This battery is combined with a patented ceramic oil in order to produce only the smoothest flavor with each and every draw that is taken. It can be charged easily using a standard Micro-USB port, located at the base of the device. In order to maintain complete protected, the device uses a charging current of 0.2-0.4A and is also equipped with a short-circuit protection to prevent any risks from overheating.

The RE AIO Starter Kit itself makes use of Vladdin RE Refillable Pods, that can be filled with a total of 1.5ml of nicotine salt juice. This can be filled simply by removing the silicon stopper and simply pouring your e-liquid through one of two holes located on either side of the tank itself. Once you have attached the pod to the battery you are free to vape until you are completely satisfied. The exclusive ceramic coil operates at a steady speed of 1.2-1.5ohm to deliver a consistently smooth hit, even when using the strongest nicotine content. The simple to use Vladdin RE Kit is specially designed to be friendly to all users, providing an easy yet reliable way to keeping your vaping cravings satisfied throughout the day.

  • Vladdin Slide Pod Kit

Vladdin Slide Pod Kit, is the most innovative pod on the market, being the first system to make use of a sliding panel alongside a replaceable mesh coil.

  1. Innovative design

Different to the traditional Vladdin RE, which uses a more traditional shape, the Slide takes on a new, innovative shape. Unlike the original pen shape, the Slide is shaped like a small box, formatted to provide a greater experience, while being smaller in size.

  1. Extremely Slim

The length of the product is smaller than ever at 82mm, using a smaller width (45.8mm) and below average height (20.2mm). This makes the device significantly smaller compared to any other kit on the market, enabling it to be light as possible, ensuring for an ease of transportation. It can simply be carried within your pocket alongside your phone or wallet, without adding any unnecessary size or weight. The design itself will come in 4 unique resign colored panels, allowing for each use to have their own unique look.

  1. Parameters

The overall capacity of this device is significantly greater than any previous design, making use of a larger 2ml pod that comes with its own replaceable coil. Alongside this, the battery itself is more powerful than ever before. It uses 1000mAh battery that produces a maximum of 12W. The device itself also makes use of its own standby feature to preserve the battery life for long lasting use.

The battery itself makes use of three individual light indicators. When all of the lights are clearly visible, all three lights will be displayed and once they are gone, the battery has died completely. Whilst using the product, the battery can be clearly be seen by these three lights. In addition to this, your device is set up with three unique voltage settings which allow your vaping experience to be uniquely tailored to your mood and preferences. These settings make use of three lights: red: 3.25V, green: 3.35V and blue: 3.45V. With these simple to use lighting systems, you are able to specially tailor your experience.

  1. Has over 50,000 uses

The pod kit makes use of a smooth yet simple sliding feature, designed for a seamless filling experience. Unlike many other products on the market, disassembling any parts will not be required. Refilling can be done through a simple slide panel, opening the hole to commence a refill. This mechanism itself has been proven to be durable for a total of 50,000 slides which ensure the durability of the product.

  1. Adjustable bottom airflow

The unique design allows for the airflow of your device to be specially tailored to your preferences. If you would prefer larger vape clouds, then a more restricted air flow can be used. However, if you prefer as easy vape, you can loosen your airflow. No matter your personal preferences, Vladdin can provide you with the experience you are looking for.

  1. Innovative mesh coil

The mesh coil of the pod kit is specially designed to provide you with a range of unique and great tasting flavor, alongside high levels of vapor. As the coil is so unique in its design, more vape produced can be produced to provide you with only the best vaping experience.

  1. Support coil replacement

Unlike any other devices, you will have the option to replace your coils. This allows for a fresh vaping experience and also improves the overall lifespan of your device. By replacing your coil, you are also allowed to further customize your experience to best suit your vaping requirements and personal flavors!

  • Vladdin Eden Vape Pod System Kit

The Vladdin Eden Kit is uniquely designed for ease of transportation and simplicity. With a small dimension of only 39 x 77 x 15.5mm, you can carry around your device effortlessly in your pockets. This enables you to use it whether you're at home or out on your daily routine. The kit is powered with a built-in 350mAh battery, enabling you to vape multiple times without the need of a recharge. It can be simply recharged via a micro-USB port located at the base of the device, taking an average of 30 minutes for a full charge. The kit itself makes use of a draw-activated system instead of the traditional fire button used by many other devices. On the side of the device, small LED indicator lights help you to monitor your overall battery life, informing you of when your device is in need of a charge.

The innovative refillable pod system can hold up to 1.5ml of any e-liquid of your choice, making use of a simple to use filling structure to prevent you having to pull out the pod in order to refill. The device makes use of a patented ceramic coil to provide heat within 1.2-1.5ohm. This is fantastic for a wide range of e-juices, even though with high nicotine or nicotine salts. Whether you're new to vaping or would like to get into it, the Vladdin Eden Pod Kit is the perfect product for you!


Vladdin prides itself in providing only the most innovative and best designed products within the Vaping industry. As a company, they are dedicated to pursuing new designs for customers, making use of only the most bespoke designs and high-quality appearances. This, combined with superior performance and excellent customer services ensures that each and every one of the customers are provided with only the best vaping experience they can receive.

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