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Unlike regular vapes, e-pipe has a separate slot where the battery needs to go. This battery comes with 510 connections with the tank which is a plus. This e-pipe kit does not work on the same principle as all the other e-cigarettes. In e-pipe kits inserting the e-liquid is the least of all the problems. The tank where the content goes is attached to the base which can be popped open very easily, adding to your convenience. The firing button which regulates the flow of current is also located at the bottom away from the contact of your finger. The flavour gets just the right ring it needs to serve you better. In e-pipes users have the full advantage of controlling the wattage which is easily achieved by adjusting buttons places next to the e-pipe. The e-pipe gives an ideal user interface where the digital screen contains all the options for you to select. By pressing the fire button thrice, you will reach the menu itself. Navigate through the options and select all the respective options you need to.

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