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Bad Drip Labs

Bad Drip Labs Bad Salt E-juice 30ml Collection

Bad Drip Labs
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Bad Drip Labs Bad Salt E-juice 30ml Collection is the product of brand Bad Drip Labs, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Bad Blood:25mg, etc.
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About Bad Drip

Bad Drip Labs was created in November of 2014 and launched "Baddest Juice Line". From the nectar of the gods, the twisted mixers of Bad Drip Labs devised five high quality e-juice flavors: Farley's Gnarly Sauce, Cereal Trip, Ugly Butter, Don't Care Bear and Bad Blood. The exclusive e-juice 60ml bottle is packaged in a drip-free pharmaceutical bottle of Bad Drip sham-wow. The Bad Drip logo is "Suck on this" and translates the delicious taste of the carefully crafted e-liquid. Available in 30ml and 120ml e-juice bottles, Bad Drip Labs also produces the following e-liquid brands: Clown Liquids and The Weirdo's Creamery.

Bad Drip E-liquid Flavors

Bad Drip always markets special and wonderful flavors for all vapers. The brand offers not only satisfying flavors, but also an amazing aesthetic that combines its distinctive flavors in pleasant and bright bottles with beautiful mind blowing artwork. A variety of flavors are served in bottles that resemble medicine containers and turn these juices into conversation items.

One of the most creative flavors of Bad Drip Vape is Ugly Butter, a dried butter decorated with creamy banana pudding and covered with cinnamon sugar. For cereal lovers, Cereal Trip is a sculpted donut made of ice and apparently covered with sweet cereals and fruit and covered with iced milk. Another favourite is Nancy's New Nightmare, a sweet and rich Belgian cake covered with delicious nuts and nuts before dipping in a beautiful salted caramel.

Bad Drip also dominated the heart and soul of fruit lovers. Innovative fruit flavored mixtures include Crush, a compliment to sweet tangerines and Twisty Soda, a wonderful mixture of thick, spicy yogurt and incredibly succulent berries.

If you are a candy lover, Bad Drip has many e juices to turn into your new favourite e liquid brand at all times. Sweet Laffy and sticky and sugary grapes, impregnated with grape flavor. Sweet Tooth is a delightful sweet flavor of cotton enriched with fresh sour raspberry juice.

All Bad Drip Vape juices are made from high quality food ingredients. All flavor extracts are carefully selected to ensure originality and exceptional taste. Each piece is handcrafted to enjoy maximum vape.

Bad Drip took over Vape4ever. Click on our website and buy one for yourself. Enjoy the lowest price with the highest quality and best customer care service.

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