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KandyPens K-stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen For Wax/Dabs 0 KandyPens K-stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen For Wax/Dabs 0 2
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KandyPens K-stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen For Wax/Dabs is the product of brand Kandypens, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of K-stick Supreme Gun Metal Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer Kit For Ejuice/Oil 0 Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer Kit For Ejuice/Oil 0 2
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Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer Kit For Ejuice/Oil

$49.99 $69.43
Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer Kit For Ejuice/Oil is the product of brand Kandypens, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs/Oils 0 KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs/Oils 0 2
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$127.99 $168.41
KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer Kit For Wax/Dabs/Oils is the product of brand Kandypens, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Full Kit:1pcs, etc.
Kandypens Oura Vaporizer For Wax/Dab 0 Kandypens Oura Vaporizer For Wax/Dab 0 2
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Kandypens Oura Vaporizer For Wax/Dab

$349.99 $486.10
Kandypens Oura Vaporizer For Wax/Dab is the product of brand Kandypens, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Oura Black Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Kandypens Review

KandyPens vaporizers are quite well known in the market for their super portability, shiny and powerful designs. KandyPens is an exclusive limited-edition line of vape pens. They are of premium quality and are designed by artists. They are a hybrid of beauty and power. They are a genius combination of next-level functionality, ultra-portability, top-class quality, and ease. KandyPens are sure to bring intense flavor and ease for you to carry at all times.

KandyPens has collaborated with the most well-known artists of the industry such as Amber Rose, DJ Khaled, A$AP Rocky, Fatboy SSE, and Young M.A. together we have come up with some of the most gorgeous vape pens ever. Their pens have also made an appearance in different music videos for Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Migos, DJ Khaled, and Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Raekwon, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, and more.

KandyPens have also been distinguishable in the market due to their innovative designing, and vape pens that cater to a mass market. They have covered both wet and dry concentrates. They have made sure to keep the pens light in weight and easy to carry.

Due to such a wide range of vaporizers, everyone can find the perfect match for themselves.

KandyPens Vape Range

  • KandyPens - E-juices

People who prefer, liquids for their vape pens, should opt for KandyPens's Feather vaporizer. Feather is specially designed to accommodate nicotine salts and is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and is activated by auto-draw. When you inhale through the device, the pressure turns on the heating system, which in turn generates vapor. The charger provided with the pen is super quick and supports micro USB. Feather is quite aesthetic to look at due to its chic and sleek design and over all-black rubber body.

  • Kandypens - Dry Herb

KandyPens vaporizer for dry herbs makes sure that the herb is only heated beneath the combustion point. Due to this very property, the vapors generated by this pen are smooth and intense. This device comes with an optimized temperature setting, which allows you to set each session according to your taste. This device employee convection heating technology, so that the vapor is pure and potent. In convection heating, the herbs are directly exposed to heat, but it makes sure to heat the herbs evenly.

  • Kandypens - Concentrates

People who prefer wax now have other options rather than dab rings. To make vaping on the go easy, KandyPens has introduced a range of portable, lightweight vaporizers. Each one of the vape pen by KandyPens is capable of supporting concentrates to generate smooth and potent vapors. The pens are leak proof. You can even enjoy dual functionality with KandyPens now, the MIVA 2 allows you to switch between dry herbs and concentrates without any issue.

KandyPens believe in quality over quantity, we focus on the vaping experience that our pens can provide. So that you can be fully satisfied with our vape pens. So without further ado, let's focus on our hot selling vape pens.

Kandypens RUBI

RUBI KandyPens are equipped with quality vapor and convenience like no other mod, and they are strong, sleek and very light. It comes at a small length of 4 inches, it is affordable but powerful. Super powerful OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology produces intense quality flavorful clouds and supports all your oils, nicotine salts and vape juices. The battery keeps the temperature in check for both oil and liquids. And the air-activated power button elevates the whole experience.

RUBI by KandyPens houses a refillable system that can hold up to 1ML of liquid. Made with love in the USA, the RUBI is the best mod out there to satisfy all your liquid vaping dreams. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for the battery.

KandyPens RUBI also lets you enjoy the Pod-Based Open System. Unlike other pod-based pens, RUBI offers an open system rather than pre-filled cartridges. You can fill your pod with 1ML of the juice of your choice. This allows you to enjoy all types of liquids and does not limit you to the manufacturer offered liquids. The leak-proof mod seals in the liquid and makes sure that no spit is passed on from the mouthpiece. Also featured is an exclusive heating coil that would help you produce intense vapors.

Kandypens Prism

Prism by KandyPens is a small sized yet powerful sub-ohm wax pen, which combines hands on functionality, portability and ease. It is high quality and sleek, affordable and gorgeous. It is designed for people who appreciate the fine things in life. This award winning pen features dual atomizers. Prism is made from premium stainless steel that is light in weight yet sturdy. It has been designed for intense flavor and features a wide temperature range. It also houses two mouth pieces that helps with vaping on the go.

Kandypens Galaxy

One of the most popular wax atomizer from KandyPens is Galaxy, it is innovative yet exclusive. It uses a complete stainless steel and quartz chambers, unlike the donut which uses a ceramic chamber. Both donut and galaxy are cotton less hence wickless but they are a little more complex than the donut. But in terms of vapor, they are just as sturdy. It can support everything from wax concentrate to liquids. But it is important to remember that it is not to be used with dry herbs.

Kandypens Special-K

One of our best selling products is the Special K Vaporizer by the KandyPens. It makes sure to generate a next-level experience for both new and experienced vapers. The special K pen is shaped like a pen-like the name suggests. But it is aesthetically pleasing. It pairs up with oil and it is best for smoking secretly. It is a godsend for people who prefer to be discreet while smoking. It is small but power-packed. We assure that we have not compromised on the quality at all.

Exclusive features of KandyPens Special K?

  • Next level Airflow: specially designed chamber of Special K has small air holes punched into it. It has added the element of airflow to the chamber itself. So that you can enjoy an exotic mix of vapor and air when smoking.

  • Easy to use Components: every one of the components of this device such as the tip, atomizer and the battery can be attached and detached without any issue. We also offer all these spare parts separately on our website. So they are all also easily replaceable.

  • Modifiable Heat Settings: Special K offers four variable temperature options for you to choose from. You can press the power button thrice to switch between the temperature options. Keep on switching until you see the blinking of the light that represents your choice of temperature.

Other than the ones mentioned here, KandyPens is proud of producing many more premium quality products. They include Kanypens Mini, Kandypens Slim, Kandypens Oura, and many others.

So quit stalling and log onto our website Vape4ever.com to order your vape pen today.

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