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About Alpine Hemp

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About Alpine Hemp

As new CBD products are cropping up and several leading brands are on a quest to bring forth brand-new and exciting products into the market, Alpine Hemp has not remained behind. Founded in 2020, this Minnesota-based brand is spiraling because of its unique, versatile CBD products. It offers a broad product catalog with different strengths and delectable flavors.

Although launched recently, this brand has received excellent reviews because of its top-notch product manufacturing and customer service. Moreover, this promising new brand is flourishing because it uses the best ingredients, offers a flavorsome variety, and you can buy almost every CBD product you wish to try. Not to mention, the Alpine Hemp brand aims to provide top-quality products to its CBD-lover customers at competitive prices.

Highlights of the Alpine Hemp Product Ranges

Alpine hemp currently offers capsules, tinctures, gummies, concentrates, e-liquids, vape cartridges, topicals, and CBD products for your four-legged friends. In addition, all of its products contain THC in trace amounts, i.e., not surpassing 0.3%. Although THC is psychedelic in nature, its trace amounts will not get you high. Plus, since every person's body works differently, you may or might not pass the drug screening test. Therefore, failing a drug screening test with these products is not guaranteed.

Alpine Hemp CBD Tinctures

It offers four types of tinctures like water-soluble, beverage enhancer, full-spectrum, and THC-free. Since CBD is hydrophobic, its water-soluble formulation allows CBD to mix with water and other liquids to enhance bioavailability. These tinctures are available in 30ml and 120 ml bottles and provide 300mg or 600mg CBD strength. Plus, they come in six different flavors like Sweet Mint, Lemongrass Citron, Jungle Fruit, Butter Pecan, Berry Cheesecake, and Beachside Bubbly. Moreover, a beverage enhancer lets you enjoy your favorite beverages and allows fast CBD ingestion. This tincture is only available in a 30ml bottle and Tropical Mango flavor.

Next, full-spectrum hemp oil is concocted with MCT oil for better CBD absorption. Its 30ml bottle is available in four different strengths ranging from 350mg to 3000mg. Its 120ml bottle consists of ultra-high-strength ranging from 1400mg to 5600mg. Plus, these dropper bottles come in Orange Cream and Mint Chocolate flavors. Lastly, its 30ml THC-free CBD tinctures potency ranges from 375mg to 3000mg. Their flavors include Winter's Frost, Sangria, Orange Mango, and Cotton Candy.

Furthermore, the Alpine Hemp has a series of water-soluble tinctures mixed with natural organic flavors and VG that promote health and wellness. These 30ml tinctures are available in delectable flavors such as Tropical Fruit Punch, Grape, Strawberry, Citrus Punch, and Red Hot Cinnamon. Plus, these vegan-friendly dropper bottles are available in 300mg and 600mg CBD strengths.

Alpine Hemp CBD Capsules

Its CBD capsules cater to every problem, whether you want to lose weight, re-energize yourself, or looking to soothe or relax your muscles. Furthermore, its capsules are 100% vegetarian and are composed of MCT oil, essential minerals, vitamins, extracts, and full-spectrum CBD oil. It offers six types of capsules, i.e., Energize, Fat Burn, Fuel, Joint, and Muscle, Restore and Sleep. Each of these types provides 30 capsules or 60 capsules bottles. Plus, every capsule will deliver 20mg full-spectrum CBD oil.

Alpine Hemp E-liquids

These 30ml CBD vapes consist of CBD isolate, natural flavorings, VG, and PG. They provide 100mg and 300mg CBD potency. Moreover, their five refreshing flavors include Nutty Banana, Mint Chocolate Swirl, Flyin' Hawaiian, Face the Fruit, and Caramel Junction. Besides CBD vapes, it also offers 30ml CBD Additive. This concoction is unflavored and is composed of CBD isolate, PG, and VG. This dropper bottle is only available in 500mg CBD strength.

Alpine Hemp CBD Edibles

It offers 500mg and 1000mg CBD gummies in four different flavors: Watermelon Slices, Sour Worms, Sour Bears, and Peach Rings. Each gummy will provide 25mg of CBD.

Alpine Hemp CBD Protein Powder

Its Chocolate Fudge protein powder comprises 300mg pure CBD, whey protein, and essential amino acids. This vegetable-friendly protein powder offers eighteen servings. Thus, each serving will provide 17mg CBD and 16g protein.

Alpine Hemp CBD Topicals

It offers three fluid ounce CBD Freeze in two different strengths, i.e., 450mg and 1500mg. Its two fluid ounce CBD salve also provides comfort as it consists of CBD isolate mixed with other essential oils. Moreover, its CBD salve offers the same CBD potency as CBD Freeze.

Alpine Hemp Smokable Flower

This brand has collaborated with Oregon, Washington, and Colorado hemp growers to provide consumers top-notch smokable CBD flowers. Plus, its slow-cured CBD flowers help in preserving their delicious taste and smell. Furthermore, its strains are available in bulk (0.5 to 1 pound), packaged in 3.5g glass containers, or as 0.5g king-size pre-rolls.

Alpine Hemp Pet-friendly CBD Products

If you want something for your four-legged canines, these dog treats are the best. They are available in different quantities, i.e., 10, 20, and 40 biscuits. Furthermore, each CBD biscuit provides 10mg CBD. It also offers pet tinctures. Each tincture consists of full-spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, and organic bacon flavor. In addition, each 30ml pet tincture delivers 500mg CBD.

Why Choose Alpine Hemp?

It is an online and physical shop that offers a comprehensive, high-quality variety in one place. All of its products are intensively tested by third-party laboratories. All of its product lines are laboratory certified and are manufactured from organic, non-GMO hemp. They are also free of solvents, pesticides, and other metals; thus, making them safe for the consumers. Not to mention, its webpage offers test results of individual products. Customers can view these Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for satisfaction.

Alpine Hemp's product lineup primarily consists of full-spectrum CBD extract or CBD isolate. Plus, all of its beneficial CBD supplements are vegan-friendly. In addition, its trace THC content in products does not cause psychoactive effects. Besides helping humans in alleviating their debilitating conditions, Alpine Hemp also caters to treating dogs. Its pet treats and tinctures are a natural way to treat dogs' conditions like arthritis, cancer, pain, and anxiety.

In short, Alpine Hemp is a trustworthy brand that focuses on the wellness of both humans and pets by providing hemp-derived CBD products. That's why we bring Alpine Hemp on vape4ever.

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