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In 2012, O.pen VAPE crafted a device that could provide the masses with enhanced vaporizers and high quality oils. Hence, the new O.penVAPE was created. Since then, Open VAPE has progressed into becoming one of the biggest brands in the business by offering a top-quality vaporizer pen with a guarantee that will last a lifetime.

The company started seeing possible potential in various other product offerings, through the first O.pen VAPE. As a result, it was vital to make products that could fulfill everyone’s wishes and requirements, since not all smokers desire the same thing. Hence, O.pen VAPE started to launch more items, attachments, and accessories in order to provide a more pleasurable vaporizing experience, where consumers can customize the way they smoke. Therefore, the O.penVAPE FIY (Fill-it-Yourself) Kit was introduced, where buyers can utilize their own resources and still revel in a high-class vaporizer.  Moreover, other attachments like the O.pen VAPE Battery was created for customers who desired more accessories. Hence, due to the expansion of their products, Open VAPE will go on to develop and make items that will be essential for smokers from all over the world in order to provide a pleasurable vaporizing experience. 

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O.PenVape O.Riginal Battery

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O.PenVape O.Riginal Battery is the product of brand O.penVAPE, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Battery:1pcs, etc.
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Open VAPE Review

Overview of O.pen VAPE

O.pen VAPE was born in 2012 when growers and holders of six dispensaries came together to develop a product that would satisfy the need for enhanced vaporizers and top-quality oils.

By partnering with Organa Labs, O.pen VAPE has progressed into becoming one of the biggest brands in the business by offering a top-quality vaporizing pen with a guarantee that will last a lifetime. Thus, medical patients and recreational users will be given healthier options when it comes to smoking and edibles, which will be harmless and reliable.

The company of O.penVAPE greatly has faith in their products and trust that they boost wellness; hence they can be an essential part for a nourishing lifestyle for both recreational and medicinal reasons. They are looking forward to a time when the potential of this industry is realized as it is steadily becoming more accepted. They are motivated to encourage this effort by offering a superior product that is reliable, subtle, and easy to use.

Open VAPE began as a combined effort, and they are still working towards keeping that initiative. They train all of their distributors by teaching them about their OpenVAPE products, hence giving them the surety they need in order to attain success with the brand of O.penVAPE. Their philosophy has always been about teamwork and community, therefore, they work towards comprising that in their business model.

Products of O.pen VAPE

O.pen VAPE 2.0

O.pen VAPE 2.0 is a 510 thread battery without the tank. It is a perfect choice for someone who prefers using the prefilled CBD oil and THC oil cartridges, which are in high demand. Since it is a multipurpose item, it can also be used with the refillable 510 thread tanks.

The Open VAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery is made with various voltage settings which gives you the main control of your vaping session. The minimum setting gives its users a moderate experience, while the maximum setting will provide a pleasantly strong experience

O.penVAPE O.Riginal Battery

O.penVAPE O.Riginal Battery is subtle and smooth. It consists of a little form factor that is topped with a stylus, hence making it multipurpose and discreet. The O.pen O.Riginal gives you a chance to discover the various options on the go and it is compatible with any 510 thread cartridges, including O.pen VAPE Cartridges.

Moreover, the battery of the O.Riginal 510 thread vape pen gives you an 8-second puff every time, hence you can choose how much is enough for you. Plus, you are able to charge your pen using the 510 threaded O.pen VAPE charger, which is included. The O.pen VAPE is a refined and subtle way to vape.

O.pen VAPE ISH Battery

O.pen VAPE ISH Battery is a buttonless vape pen which is perfect for people who are always on the go. It is pocket-sized and tasteful, and it is a three inch vape pen battery made for people who use pre-filled cartridges. Indeed, it is one of the most efficient sized vaporizer batteries in the business. It consists of a long-lasting stainless steel body, and it is formed with a draw-activated design. The ISH vape battery uses 510 thread in order to be compatible with industry's most common CBD cartridges and pre-filled wax cartridges. Plus, it can also be charged using the provided micro-USB cable.

O.pen VAPE FIY Kit

O.pen VAPE FIY Kit, which means 'Fill It Yourself', is a reusable pen for DIY concentrate oils that still works splendidly. Not only is it easy to carry, it is also easy to use and provides a pleasant flavor and vapor once you take a pull. Customers, for the first time ever, have the chance to develop their own working oil solutions to put into their O.pen VAPE handy vaporizers. With useful features that provide you easy fillable solutions for your empty vape cartridges, collect your kit's contents and keep a track of it. It is perfect for someone who loves to practice the art of oil mixing. However, the kit does not come with pre-filled cartridges. It is only intended to be used with herbal extracts and essential oils.


O.pen VAPE has always been a fan favorite since it was first created and brought into the market in 2012. First and foremost, the OpenVAPE is simply made, making this very feature its biggest selling point. It can easily be refilled, charged, and carried with little effort. This product is highly recommended for people who are new to concentrates, money-conscious, and older patients who find it difficult to load, activate, and clean a vape pen. Essentially, it is the most trouble-free product you can get in the market.

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