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Reds Apple Ejuice By 7 Daze Review

Reds Apple Ejuice offers you a tasty e-liquid for apple juice. Whether it is pure apple juice or apple juice with a hint of menthol, both flavors will definitely satisfy your taste buds. This line of e liquid is currently available in two flavors: Reds Apple Ejuice and Reds Iced Apple Ejuice. It's like drinking a large glass of cold water. You probably will not notice the taste buds difference. Produced by 7 Daze. At City of Vape, we are proud that Reds Apple Ejuice is one of those who sell fruit juices. So, you know it must be good!

In addition, the nicotine salt e-liquid is the most famous series of Reds Apple Ejuice. You can now use your favourite red apple formulas in the nicotine salt formula with your favourite pod refill system. Now let's see the flavors you want.

Reds Salts - Original

With every breath you take in, you will taste the delicious taste of your favourite apple juice that you drank as a child. Your mouth will water like a crazy taste in your mouth and love will permeate your entire palate.

Reds Salt - Original by 7Daze is packaged in a 30ml bottle of unicorn and offers a fruit crunch 50/50 VG/PG.

The refreshing elegance of the Reds Original Apple makes every fruit lover the next vape of the day. If you think you can handle this wonderful salt from Nick, challenge yourself and decide today!

Reds Salts - Berries

Is there something more delicious than a large glass of cold juice made from stuffed berries & juicy red apples? Reds Salt E-Juice - Berries is a sweet and fruity blend of immature berries, sweet pomegranates and red apples that will delight any taste.

Inhalation, thanks to the permeability of berries and pomegranates, immediately hits the spot. In the middle of the palate, the crisp tingling of juicy red apples develops. Fruity smells together to quench your thirst as vape flows through your tongue. Each breath out is delicious and leaves you completely satisfied.

The classic taste of Reds Apple Ejuice has become more tasteful. When crisp apples are combined with juicy plum berries, an unusual feeling of red berries salt arises. You will enjoy every piece of this versatile mix of salty flavours every time you use your device.

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