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Silverback Juice Co. Is a California based e-liquid company offering fruit and sweets flavors. It offers a perfect blend of flavors that fascinates your senses. Silverback Juice Co. Is a group of crazy vaping. With little blood flowing through the veins, they leave nothing to chance and offer the best e-juices. Their motto" Crafted with California love, distributed with Texas pride," offers all sorts of messages with all their hearts to provide you with the best e-liquid ever created.


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Overview of Silverback

Silverback Juice Co. is a California based E-Liquid Company with fruit and dessert flavors. It offers the perfect blend of flavors that take your senses. Silverback Juice Co. is a lot of people insane for vaping. With the youthful blood hurrying through their veins, they leave no stone unturned while giving you the best quality E-Liquids. Their witticism, "Crafted with California love, Distributed with Texas pride" gives a wide range of messages on how much heart they have been placing in giving you the most superior E-Liquid ever made.

Products of Silverback

Silverback Platinum E-juice – Jack

Silverback Platinum E-juice - Jack fulfills your need for indulging by combining Fresh Watermelon, Ripe Strawberries, Cool Cucumber, and a spray of Fresh Mint. Delightfully refreshing real fruit flavors are like a blast of cooling sweetness, and the genuine mint adds a perfect note of chill.

Silverback Gold E-juice – Charlie

Silverback Gold E-juice – Charlie is the perfect combination of tobacco, vanilla and golden honey. Just relax and enjoy the experience of sweet pleasure.

Silverback Nic Salt Vape Juice - Lola

Silverback Nic Salt Vape Juice – Lola is the juice of strawberries and banana notes and it is mixed with dragon fruit juice. The experience of Lola takes you to the forest filled with different fruit flavors and you'll need more and more puff. If you enjoy the fruit flavors then you have to try this.

Silverback E-Juice – BooBoo

Silverback E-Juice – BooBoo it is a perfect mixture of grapes and blueberries. Totally natural mouthwatering flavor which will make you come again.

Silverback E-juice - Rocky

Silverback E-juice - Rocky it is made of two banana and strawberry ice cream scoops, they are blended together into the perfect shake, and finishing touch is given with a warm oatmeal cookie crumble.


From all the products we've mentioned, Silverback is focused on producing innovative products to all the vapors. More and more e-liquid series and more flavors are coming. Silverback is trying to get the best and supply a better vaping experience to the customers.

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