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Eleaf is one of the most diligent company that is located in the Shenzhen Territory of China. The company started its services in 2011 and since has been very popular among the locals as well as various international markets for its creative designs and splendid vaping devices. Eleaf is known to have the most prestigious relations with the distributors and a very cooperative and distinctive services are offered to the end customers as well. All the members present at the Eleaf factory always look forward to providing the best of the services there are to their end customers including the distinguished quality of the vaping devices. For those users who need to have an effective customer support from the vaping device they are using then the Eleaf is the best ever option for them. The company has given rise to plenty of products such as eleaf mini ijust battery, iSMoka iGo Mod, and rebuildable atomizer. If you need the best of the vaping experience then you can buy Eleaf products online.

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Eleaf iJust Mini Starter Kit 1100mAh

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Eleaf iJust Mini Starter Kit 1100mAh is the product of brand Eleaf, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Eleaf Melo 3 Mini 2ml Replacement Glass Tank Tube - 2ml is designed for the iStick Pico 75W. It is made of the high-quality food-grade glass, which can ensure non-toxic and high temperature resistance.
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Eleaf Review

Eleaf Instructions

Eleaf is briefly known for the manufacturing of the iStick series which is one of the first and most distinguished vaping equipment ever designed. It first hit the market in 2014 September and is known to push and lift the spirit of the company ever since. The iStick was indeed developed in various outputs such as 20W, 30W and the 50W. All of these models were the pioneer of this vaping industry and these enjoyed really great years of success and triumph. After these were succeeded by the TC40W and the TC60W and the TC100W. These products are still accepted by variety of customers and adapted for daily use.

Eleaf Vape Products

eleaf istick Instructions

  • iStick TC 40W

Eleaf TC 40W is absolutely the same as the 20W and the 30W model of the same species. The shape, size, width as well as the overall appearance is just the same as it should be. However, there is a major difference. There is a round firing button situated at every center in this model, which along with various slots to allow the premium heat exchange.The colors are a few differences in accordance as well, such as the magenta color, it is not offered and the gunmetal gray is available for the users.On the bright side of the things the TC40W when held in your hands is very comfortable and provides a functional grip while this isn't the case with other varieties.

As with the other distinguished series of the iStick, temperature control are available. Meanwhile, TC40w is a variable voltage(VV) and variable wattage(VW) device. Such as the voltage can be increased up to 40W and the device can be used with tons of other varieties of the clearomizers as well. With the available wattage of the 40W, the TC40W can easily be accommodated with a wide array of standard as well sub-ohm related clearomizers as well. As far as the standard connection or the integrity of the secure connection is concerned, the Eleaf provides the user with spring loaded wide central button that acts as the connection pin so that the connection made is even stronger and absolutely compatible as well. The nature of the connection can be extended towards the clearomizer, glassomizer and the cartomizer which you are currently using.

Temperature control is a function that is considered top-notch and over the top among the best in line in the vaping industry and any device offering this feature is considered to be an absolute hit among the users. Keeping that point in view the basic difference between the Eleaf, iSmoka and the iStick TC40W is actually the availability of the temperature control mod box that allows the user to consistently change the temperature according to their own liking. The basic function of this approach is to provide the user with comfort of choosing whatever temperature that best suit their needs and on which they feel comfortable and can enjoy an enhanced vaping experience. Not only this approach provides with better flavor and throat hit but also is able to provide with superior flavor and quality of the vapor as well. The temperature control mods or vape pens also eliminate the dry or burnt feeling at the back of the throat mainly caused by the nicotine salt vaping and provide the user with ease and comfort nonetheless.

Eleaf™ iSmoka iStick TC40W Temp Control Box Mod are not only modern in aspect of the overall operation but also provide the users with a consistent and flavorful impact. These powerful devices are actually supported by a 2600mAh battery which provides the user with a particular peace of mind that lasts longer than expected. There are present variety of safety parameters as well that includes the low voltage protection, over discharging protection, on/off capability and the Automatic shutdown as well.

  • iStick TC 60W

The main feature of the Eleaf iStick 60W is its bright OLED screen that is capable of showcasing a variety of internal features of the device such as the temperature unit, current mode of the device, atomizer resistance as well as the battery life of the device, and all of that can be visualized in just a simple glance. It works with the 510 threaded atomizer along with the any other atomizer that you have at that time. This incredible device can accommodate the atomizers which are even above the diameter length of 26mm.

Using this device is extremely easy, in order to turn on or off the device, all you have to do is press the button that is centered over the main body 5 times in a consecutive manner. In order to access the voltage variables, as well as the temperature control and changing the current resistance of the coil you need to press the menu button almost 3 times so that the OLED screen will display all the available modes for you to choose from. Just release the button when you have reached the appropriate setting.

In Variable Wattage(VW) mode, the elongated adjustment button that is present just above the menu button needs to be pressed in a downward or upward fashion. So that the wattage will increase by 0.1W increments. Wattage will tend to increase or decrease at a slower pace but if you need to adjust the wattage right away and be done with it then you need to long press the button to do so. When you have reached the appropriate setting you need to press the both ends of the elongated button and the wattage setting will be saved for you. The device can be unlocked using the same technique when you need to change the wattage of the device.

In Temperature Control mode, all you have to do is to enter the mode and similarly use the adjustment button to increase or decrease the temperature value. Long press the adjustment button to apply these changes at a more fast speed. You can change your wattage in the temperature control menu as well all you have to do is to keep pressing the menu button to adjust the wattage in the temperature setting. If you are in need of adjusting the atomizer resistance in the temperature mode then that can also be done, all you have to do is press the square power button upside or downside and you will be able to control the resistance of your device as well. When you are done with all that a small lock symbol should be visible over your OLED screen. You have to lock the resistance when the atomizer coil seems to be over the room temperature so that the device can show you the exact base resistance.

The device also have the proper ventilation holes at the bottom of the device. Please only consider using the High Drain batteries for the device. You need to insert the battery into the device after removing the magnetic strip first and then gently lift the ribbon to sneak the battery inside, make sure that the negative and positive sides are properly checked while placement of the battery. To remove the battery gently lift the ribbon and the battery will come out.

  • iStick TC 100W

The Eleaf iStick TC 100W characterizes the peak of an enormous volume of research, development, experience, and proficiency in the making of the structured box MODs. This is a masterpiece device, putting together state-of-the-art technology with a selection of amazing structures and best materials. The Eleaf iStick TC100W is up to date, feature-rich and most powerful and commonly with all iStick it is affordable. The features allow this machine to be the most anticipated in the market.

The exterior of the Eleaf iStick TC100W BOX MOD is made with aluminum alloy of the grade of aerospace, known as 7075-grade aluminum, this hi-tech material is utilized for high powered rifles, aircraft, performance bicycles etc. It's constituent of the material of zinc, magnesium, silicon, copper, titanium, manganese, iron, chromium another metals, and has the strength similar to steels, at the same time, light in weight and corrosion resistant. However, it is a bit costly but it makes a perfect component for the box Mods.

If to say for the design the device is aesthetically beautiful. Its curves and overall design make it look sleek and stylish. Eleaf carefully concocted the iStick TC100W to make it ergonomic and easy to hold and utilize all day long. This device has a fire bar positioned on the side which adds ease of use and making it easy and simple to operate whether you are right-handed or left. Eleaf also has a lock switch which allows in the prevention of the fire bar from operating when not in use. Thus eliminating the possibility of an accidental fire.

The front of the Eleaf iStick TC100W Box MOD has a big OLED screen, which not only aides in the aesthetic appeal of the device, but also gives vital information. By initiating the iStick TC100W OLED screen the yield wattage, temperature control, battery life, resistance and duration of the coil and any other errors can be monitored. This ensures efficiency and effective use according to one's preferences.

The top of the TC100W Box MOD has a 510 thread connector which allows the usage of the popular tanks in the market. The middle of the connector has a spring load and self-adjusting center pin that ensures a solid attachment of the iStick TC100W and the atomizer. This is an advantageous feature for those who like to switch between different tanks.

The Eleaf iStick TC100 has a state-of-the-art microprocessor which gives a selection of options. The chip is of the latest technology. By attaching the device to your computer with the micro USB cable, you can update the firmware to the latest version. This eradicates the need to change the device to an updated one.

The device also features various wattage and voltage levels. Using the buttons on the screen, you can adjust the wattage between 1W to 100W. This variety of power yield enables the device to be used with any resistance atomizer coil, hence adding versatility.

The device also features temperature control and sensor capability. The MOD allows you to customize the temperature of the vapor and also the vaping experience. You can increase or decrease the temperature according to your wish. This feature also eliminates the off chance of giving a burnt taste.

Besides iStick series, they also have iJust series.

eleaf iJust Instructions

  • iJust S
  • iJust 2 kit

The Eleaf iJust 2 kit is introduced by the same group who had given the market the most popular iStick vape line and vape devices. They have given the market a new kit again that combines their iJust 2 sub-ohm vape pen paired with the 5.5ml iJust 2 sub-ohm vape tank.The Eleaf iJust 2 Kit is compact and light weight with a battery of 2600mAh which is easily chargeable through a micro USB port. It has a capability of firing atomizers with resistances low as 0.2ohm. This device is compatible with other tank systems. The device has adjustable airflow and a big e-juice capacity which minimizes the need of refilling. It has a pre-installed 0.3ohm organic cotton coils but can be replaced with 0.5ohm coils.

  • iJust 2 Mini

Eleaf iJust 2 Mini is a smaller version of the iJust 2 kit, with a 2ml e-liquid level and 1100mAh battery. No matter the size gives great vapor and flavor. Considering the various necessities, this new device's atomizer has along with it a smaller e-juice limit of 2ml whilst holding a unique atomizer base of an exceptional construct. While utilizing e-cig collection loops, this device will give a feel of ecstasy in vaping. The EC head is embraced in this device's atomizer that consists of two warming loops put in parallel, vertically. It produces a lot of cloud. This device also consists of a USB port, designed for charging convenience. The EC TC head in the device's atomizer is perfect with various temperature settings. The structure of the device enhances warmth dispersal capability to a greater degree.

  • iJust Mini

This is a newly released product with a 1100mAh internal battery and 2ml atomizer. It has a pen shaped design and is portable. It supports 25W max output with 3 adjustable power modes and an indicator light. Click the button 3 times and you can adjust the power. This device also features a child lock system. The device will close the e-juice inlet when the coil is pulled out, automatically. Thus the vaper can replace the coil even after the tank is full. Also the two new GT coils that come with thread-free design: GT M 0.6ohm for DL vaping and GT 1.2ohm for MTL vaping, the Eleaf iJust Mini Kit is indeed a wonderful day to day usage vape device.

Why Choose Eleaf

Apart from all the products we've mentioned above, Eleaf are concentrate in developing innovative products to all the vapers. Besides, they will persistently pursue innovative design, elegant appearance, higher quality and better service so that they can ensure to supply a better vaping experience to the customers. Meanwhile, Vape4ever offers Eleaf vape products for you at the lowest price.

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