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About Dopezilla Glass

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Dopezilla Glass Review

Dopezilla Glass is one of the brands that launch unique products at sensible prices in the booming glass pipe market. It manufactures high-quality products with high toned color and is made of solid and durable borosilicate glass that protects it from extreme heating without crashing. Dopezilla Glass allows you to get a great smoking experience by smoking for a longer time. It comes with a robust and well-made bong or rig with unique features like a percolator, ice catcher, and diffused downstem.

Highlights of the Dopezilla Glass Product Range

Dopezilla Glass is a reputed brand with multiple product ranges and stylish designs. It provides a range of products like Beaker Ice Bong, Straight Honeycomb Dab Rig, Minilla Straight Mini Vapor Ice Bong, Dabbing Straws, Lil lizard Beaker Base Bong, Stinger Nectar Collector, etc.

Dopezilla Glass Bongs

The bongs of Dopezilla glass come in different eye-catching designs and a lot of variety and protect it from easily breaking. Require few steps to use and enjoy the greater hits, which are well suited to your taste. Dopezilla Glass has an ice bongs collection for you designed with specific holes, and you can add ice cubes in the duct; if you are interested and looking for more chilling hits like frosty, you can give it a shot.

Dopezilla Glass Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs are specially designed to utilize the concentrates and enjoy flavorful smoking. It is the better way to consume the wax concentrates by using dab rigs. It is the best choice for those who want to amuse themselves with smoking sessions even at a lower price.

Dopezilla Glass Stinger Nectar Collector

With a length of 4.25 Inches, the Stinger Nectar Collector from Dopezilla Glass made of handblown solid borosilicate glass provides an ideal dab experience. It allows smooth hits via its water filtration function. The best part of this nectar collector is that you can clean it quickly once you finish the hits via disassembling, and it helps you convert any bong into a rig by adjusting the appropriate angle and fitting. This Stinger Nectar Collector is available in 45 ° and 90 ° angles, male and female joints sized 14mm.

Why Choose Dopezilla Glass?

Dopezilla brand's main target is to provide top-quality glass bongs at an accessible price so that everyone can adore and enjoy the charming hits and distinguishes it from other brands selling the same products.

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