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Shenzhen OVNS Technology Co., Ltd. was built in 2017 with a motive to serve customers with quality electronic cigarettes. The company has strong research and development team which assures the new product launch every month. Besides, the high-tech manufacturer specializes in marketing and selling of e-cigarettes. Catering both expert and beginner enthusiasts, OVNS Technology provides a range of products to meet everyone's needs. This is because the company prioritizes customer satisfaction, and aims to provide the most competitive products for its customers. With the help of its professional and experienced staff, the company has successfully managed to introduce some innovative products and purpose-driven designs. The best thing about the company is that it allows its customers to explore the best vaping experience. For those who want to purchase authentic and reliable OVNS products at affordable price, none can beat the exceptional service provided by Vape4ever.

OVNS JC01 Pro Pod Kit For CBD Vape Oil 0 OVNS JC01 Pro Pod Kit For CBD Vape Oil 0 2
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$18.99 $24.35
OVNS JC01 Pro Pod Kit For CBD Vape Oil is the product of brand OVNS, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Blue Kit:1pcs, etc.
OVNS JC01 Kit OVNS JC01 Kit 2
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$14.99 $17.85
OVNS JC01 Pod System Kit 400mAh is the product of brand OVNS, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Aurora Rainbow Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Ovns JC02 Cartridge 1.2ohm 1ml

$16.99 $22.36
Ovns JC02 Cartridge 1.2ohm 1ml is the product of brand OVNS, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Cartridge 1ml:4pcs, etc.
OVNS JC02 Pod System Kit 650mAh 0 OVNS JC02 Pod System Kit 650mAh 0 2
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OVNS JC02 Pod System Kit 650mAh

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OVNS JC02 Pod System Kit 650mAh is the product of brand OVNS, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Aurora Borealis Kit:1pcs, etc.
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OVNS Review

Overview of OVNS

OVNS is a professional e-cigarette company that aims to provide high-quality products at affordable price, with exceptional service. Whether vape user is a newbie or a skillful enthusiast, OVNS products are designed to fulfill everyone's needs. In order to maintain the top-notch quality and delivery of its products on-time, the company relies on its skillful QC team. In fact, the QC team ensures that the whole manufacturing process meet the ISO 9001:2000 standard criteria strictly. Currently, majority of products by OVNS are certified by FDA and LFGB test reports. When it comes to marketing aspects of the company, they have their in-house sales team with a decade of experience. They are well-versed in their field; know where the target customers are and how to sell them. Other than that, the manufacturer always strives in offering the remarkable service to its customers. Also, it is known for its wide expansion and has become a profitable exporter by selling its products to over than fifty counties. The largest market of these products is in Europe and North America.

Products of OVNS

  • OVNS Saber Pod Kit

OVNS Saber Starter Kit is a simple, well-built, and AIO pod kit for vapers. It is the compact version of original vape unit from Saber, with a new modern look. This discrete tiny little pod comes with air switch design, and no-button activation settings make it an optimal choice for newbies. The pod comes with a cartridge of 1.8ml e-juice capacity that you can expect to last a day. Saber Pod Kit has a 400mAh battery that can be conveniently charged via Micro USB port. Moreover, it comes with three LED indicators that show real-time battery status, along with bottom color-changing LED light bars for fun and embellishing purpose. OVNS Pod Kit is more suitable for someone who wants a simple ultra-portable system. For better results, use of nicotine salt juice is recommended.

  • OVNS JC01 Pod Kit

OVNS JC01 Pod Kit is a miniature kit and one of the easiest units to operate for CBD Oil. For better performance, this pod kit comes with a fitted JC01 battery that shows support to JC01 CBD tank. The unit comes packed with two different pods, namely JC01 CBD Pod and JC01 E-Liquid Pod which features ceramic coils rated at 1.5ohm and 2.0ohm respectively. Both of these pods have the same capacity which is 0.7ml. While CBD Pod is known to bring you the flavorful hit, the other pod can better meet your daily vaping needs. Both pods are compatible with JUUL battery, and JUUL Pod is also compatible with OVNS JC01. In addition, MCU in JC01 Starter kit is equipped with intelligent airflow control chipset, which is bound to deliver the best inhaling experience. Furthermore, there are total four LED lights. The three lights located on top are power indicators which determine how much battery is left, whereas final light would shine only when pod is in use.

  • OVNS Lancer Pod Kit

OVNS Lancer Vape Kit is designed to provide a stable vaping experience due to its smart ASIC Chip. Featuring a tube shape, it is built for those who are looking for the ultimate ease. The kit includes 400mAh battery which generates 8.6W output. This allows longer life span and extended usage. With capacity of 1.6ml, this device can allow you to vape throughout the day or even more. Since the lancer pod comes fully filled when you receive it, all you need to do is simply draw to get the flavorful vape. Other than that, the biggest advantage is its inside ceramic coils that impart a healthier and purer vaping experience. This unique device is transparent from both sides which allow users to see how much e-juice they have left with. The charger and battery connect magnetically to each other which makes the pod kit so convenient.

  • OVNS Cookie Starter Kit

OVNS Cookie starter pod has been a popular choice for those who want an ultra-small and extremely compact vaping device. This tiny pod is powerful to give you as many puffs as you desire. The rhombus shaped unit has an internal battery of 400mAh capacity and comes with a traditional refillable cartridge that can use up to 2mL of high-nicotine liquids. Being a hassle-free kit, it features an AIO system which has its own benefits. Plus, it is draw-activated which shows its ability to rapidly produce flavor for you. The presence of silicone plug at the bottom of cartridge assures no leakage. Also, you can safely use the kit without worrying about refilling. There's no doubt OVNS Cookie device is a good option for those who are looking for a tiny, user-friendly, powerful and grab-and-go pod mod.

  • OVNS Quill Pod Vape Kit

Featuring a compact body, it is convenient to carry around. When it comes to build, this pod vape takes a unique spot as being smooth to touch. Because of large battery capacity of 900mAh, the device provides a reach of up to 14 W. It comes with an innovative system where coil is not integrated within the pod. As a result, it extends the coil life to generate a more consistent flavor. With its 1.0ohm BVC Coil, the device is sure to make good clouds. In fact, it is designed to cater MTL vapers.

  • OVNS Vape-X Pod Vape Kit

Vape-X System is targeted at those who want a pleasant to hold, all-day long pod vaping device, as indicated by its 500mAh internal battery, and 1.5ml e-juice capacity. Due to its draw-activated system, newcomers won't have to feel overwhelmed by inordinately complex settings. Moreover it has a forward-thinking refillable system which allows users to take shot of flavors using their choice of salt nicotine liquid. Measuring just 88mm tall, 8.5mm deep and 42.8mm wide, Vape-X Pod Kit is a miniature device with great portability and surprisingly more powerful.

  • OVNS Brick Pod Kit

OVNS Brick Pod System is arguably the most compact, portable and lightweight vape pen out there. It has ability to vaporize both oil concentrates and high nicotine juice. The pen vape has a 250mAh battery and boasts an intuitive preheating system where by pressing button twice continuously can initiate the standby mode. And, by pressing button just once can shut down the preheating. Like many pen vapes, OVNS Brick Pod Kit offers a range of adjustable voltage options to attain a variety of vaping experience. Mainly, the volt it puts out indicates how much battery is left. When output is 2.7V, its white LED light shines, red and white light shines at 3.1V output, and just red flashes at 3.6V output. Most importantly, 15 times flashing of LED light will indicate you the device is out of power. Besides, you don't need a charger cable anymore as this vaping pen can be plugged directly into any viable power source, thus brings more ease to vapers.


Overall, all vaping products of OVNS are best known for their ease-of-use, compactness and portability. The broad range of OVNS products ensures flavorful satisfaction to all types of vapers. In addition to the vaping units mentioned above, more innovative products of top-notch quality are yet to come. Visit our online vape store to buy vaping products at amazing prices.

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