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If you are not interested in the psychoactive side of the hemp, but you are just looking for a relief from it, then Select CBD is the product you are looking for. Select CBD is well-known for providing supreme quality for a long time and they continue to offer broad-range vaporizers and other CBD products on the vaping market.

Cura created the Select CBD brand. Cura is a place where ambitious and hard-working professionals who are passionate about the cannabis industry work. Cura is continually striving for modernization, innovation and maintaining the high standards. Their brands and products refresh and reformulate the cannabis market. They show that cannabis has a lot of things to offer and that it can be used differently.

The brand's founder, Cameron Forni, had a friend with Barrett's Esophagus which is a complication of severe chronic gastrointestinal reflux disease that includes changes in the cells of the esophagus' tissue. Forni wanted to find a way for his friend to consume cannabis without smoking it. Even though Forni's friend was told that he is supposed to vape cannabis, he could not do it because vaporizers contain silica glass wicks which can cause more damage to the lungs and esophagus. But Forni did not give up. He analyzed many vaporizers and he finally found the natural Japanese cotton wick. That discovery was actually the beginning of the famous and extraordinary brand for cannabis located in the west part of the USA.

Their main goal is to be the leading company that will provide cannabis oil to individuals and superior brands for edibles in the USA and on the international market as well. They are very popular and successful in California and Oregon, i.e. the West Coast, and they are becoming the top-selling cannabis brand in Nevada as well. The company's mission is to spread in other countries as well. According to them, the fact that cannabis is being legalized in more and more countries opens the doors for unlimited possibilities.

They do not see a reason for marking natural well-being as a taboo. Industrial hemp is used for the extraction of Select CDB and these products are specifically created for those who are looking for the healing advantages of cannabis and who want to avoid the psychoactive side of THC. There are two different forms of Select CBD - one of them is the tincture form, i.e. Select CBD Drops, and the other one is Select Blends one-use vaping pens that offer a smooth vaping experience that takes effect very quickly. You can find numerous mixtures from Select CBD. All of them are harmonious combinations of genuine CBD isolate and delicately chosen herbs and essential oils, meaning you will get the most of their promising advantages.

This company with headquarters in Portland, gained its superiority on the CBD market in 2017 with the launch of their Select CBD vape pens. From that moment on, the brand has enlarged their product offers and they also make gel capsules, tinctures, pet tinctures, topicals, and capsules created by Montel Williams. Select CBD follows the rules, regulations, and standards given by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. All of their CBD products are tested by a third party so that they can prove that the products are in accordance with the standards of the State of Oregon, and customers can ask for the test results at any time.

Products of Select CBD

  • CBD Vape Pens: The Select CBD vape pens are always thoroughly checked for quality and they are cured as well before they are shipped. The wick is saturated with oil during the process of curing which means that the chances of a mechanical non-performance or burned taste are extremely low. The three different types of the disposable Select CBD vape pens are: Focus, Revive, and Relax, and the amount of CBD in all of them is 250mg. The Focus is available in peppermint or spearmint flavor, the Relax vape pen's flavors are Cinnamon and Lavender, and the Revive is available in lemon and grapefruit flavor. These vape pens give you an instant pleasure. These disposable vape pens can be used ones they are unpacked. This is very convenient for both experienced vapers who usually adjust their vape pens before using them and for unexperienced ones. You do not need to feel or charge them. Just take them out of the box and start enjoying.

  • CBD Drops: The Select CBD drops represent a mixture of Select's genuine hemp extract which is enhanced with CBD, essential oils, and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Both Select CBD Drops and Select CBD vape pens have elegant packaging in teal blue and laboratory results provided by a third party are written on it. In order to conserve the tincture's potency, the glass bottles in which it is packed are in dark amber. The bottle has a very useful addition inside - a marked dropper which will be your indicator about the amount of oil that you are consuming. If the dropper is filled up, that means that you are using 1 ml of oil, i.e. 33.33 mg of CBD. However, there are also markings for lower doses as well. Many people like this feature because it makes the CBD drops easy to use.

  • CBD Gel Caps: Boost, Rest, Balance, and Recover are the four different gel caps available. Each bottle has 30 capsules and they contain 1000 mg CBD. Besides CBD, the Select CDB Gel Capsules include additional ingredients which trigger different reactions. For instance, Rest has 75 mg of Passion Flower and 75 mg of Valerian Root, meaning only one fourth of each pill's content is CBD, because each capsule contains just 33.33 mg of CBD. These Gel Capsules are not intended for primarily consuming CBD, but for treating certain issues, such as, insomnia.

  • Muscle Rub: The Select CBD muscle rub is consisted of 250 mg CBD and in its formula, it contains Menthol. Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, and other additional ingredients. This muscle rub is very helpful for treating sore muscles after intense physical activity r after you have spent the day standing on your feet. This cream will make the tension in your muscles and shoulders go away instantly. Thanks to the menthol, you will get a cooling feeling and calming aroma.

  • CBD Patch: The CBD patch is one of the newest products of Select. There are two different dosages of this products, 20 mg and 60 mg. Once you put the patch on the skin, the CBD starts infiltrating it. This is one-of-a-kind product because it enables the CBD to get into the bloodstream in more the 24h.

  • CBD for Pets: There are five different Select CBD drops for pets: bacon, salmon, chicken, and peanut butter flavored CBD drops, as well as unflavored ones. The dosage of the Select CBD drops for pets is 750 mg.

Why Choose Select CBD?

The founder of Select CBD established the brand in 2017 with the goal to introduce CBD on the vaping market. Nowadays, every team member of Select CBD is eager to bring something new and innovative. The CBD industry is becoming bigger and bigger, and in order to remain competent, companies need to be innovative. Select CBD continually produces innovative products. The Select products are delicately produced and provide relaxation 100% based on plants. You can read on their website that their products are extremely pure, potent, and have remarkable flavors. SelectCBD products are the best products that can be found on the market and that is the reason why they have won numerous different awards. Leafly awarded them with the Oregon's Best High CBD Product which is actually one of their most important accomplishment. The products of Select CBD are primarily made form hemp and different essential oils herbs are added as well in order to improve the flavor and to provide an incomparable experience. The most famous products of Select CBD are the vape pens, but they also sell a wide variety of CBD topicals drops, pet products, and capsules. Every single Select CBD product derives from hemp and contain zero THC. The standards of the company are extremely high. Moreover, they use the strictest and most advanced methods for performing various tests. All vape products have raw and natural cotton wicks which improve the excellence, cleanness, and taste of every puff. The popularity of the Select brand is continually growing and consumers eagerly wait to see the innovative products that this brand will place on the market in the near future.

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