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eGo battery has been pioneers in the world and market of e-cigarettes for a very long time. Originally created by Joyetech, they took a surprising entry in the business by betting on durable and versati vape batteries and by making them interchangeable with a wide range of products and brands. Ego has also put a priority on developing customizable and appealing models that would deeply shape the industry in its core. By now the e-cigarette business owes most of its heritage to eGo batteries and its products has reached the point of standard.

Moreover, eGo threaded batteries are compatible with eGo threaded tanks, not only that, they are also incredibly versatile because of their ability to be compatible to 510 thread atomizer or cartomizer by screwing them together.

Vision Spinner 2 Battery 0 Vision Spinner 2 Battery 0 2
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Vision Spinner 2 Battery

$10.99 $13.08
Vision Spinner 2 Battery is the product of brand Vision, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Battery:1pcs, etc.
Joyetech EGO AIO Kit 0 Joyetech EGO AIO Kit 0 2
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Joyetech EGO AIO Kit

$17.99 $20.92
Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Starter Kit, new portable All-In-One style, comes with a in-built 650mAh battery and 1.2ml tank capacity. Joyetech eGo AIO ECO features a new ECO technology and brand-new BFNH 0.5ohm coild head, which work perfectly under 6-8W low wat
EGo  CE4 Starter Kit 0 EGo  CE4 Starter Kit 0 2
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EGo CE4 Starter Kit

$9.99 $17.22
100% brand new and high quality. No tar and other cancer causing substances. No second-hand smoke, environmental protection. No cigarette smell stink up your clothes, house, or car. Huge vapor.
Evod Twist II Battery 0 Evod Twist II Battery 0 2
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Evod Twist 2 Battery

$11.99 $22.62
Evod Twist 2 Battery Personalized button design,flash colorful variable voltage button. Bottom scale indicates the position of voltage level. 3.2v to 4.8v smooth turning voltage adjustment dial by evod twist bottom and button.
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eGo Battery Review and Instructions

What is eGo Battery?


eGo battery has showed, over the years, how prominent it is in the actual market of e-cigarettes. This kind of vape battery distinguish with the 510 thread battery. The eGo battery, originally developed by Joyetech, has extended its presence to a various number of brands, they are most likely to be found at your local e-cigarette vendor.

Whether it is a variation of it or the actual battery, you can be assured that the recognition it has gained in a relatively short period of time has been primarily because of its good quality and well-designed features. It is now one of the leading products in this market.

Not only it is a leading product on the market, it is also a versatile one. The structure of the e-cigarette and, particularly, the attachment thread that it is made with, is one of the most commonly used type in the market. It is easily adaptable with any e-cigarette atomizer or cartomizer designed for L88B, 510 or 306 e-cigarettes.

The main and recognized feature that eGo batteries have been putting forward is the longevity of their vape batteries, it is, what made its success from the early times. The brand also guarantees, as well as a satisfying puff, a great variety of colors and sizes and a wide range of capacitors going from 650mAh to 1000mAh for the largest ones, these offer an extended longevity for your daily usage. The brand also proposes a variety of advanced features, especially present on the New-generation eGo batteries such as digital puff counter, variable voltage and many more.



Difference Between 510 and eGo Thread


A 510 thread is one of the most commonly threading used in e-cig devices. Talking about eGo thread and 510 thread is basically talking about the threading, the place where the cartomizer or cartridge simply connects to the battery. The advantage that offers the eGo thread battery is that it both accepts eGo and 510 devices. Structurally, the inside of an eGo thread is actually a 510 thread.

While the eGo thread batteries offer this dual-threading, the 510, on the other hand, does not. The eGo batteries, on this matter, show another very interesting capacity of versatility and a notable strength of standardization by being able to support modding, while being modded onto the 510 models and even declined onto adapters.

As well as the possibilities to adapt the threads, there are possibilities to adapt and use a large and wide array of tanks buildable onto the eGo batteries. No matter which one you decide to choose, there are absolutely no shade of a doubt that it will be compatible with eGo batteries. By buying an eGo battery, you allow yourself to add onto your device a vast range some of praised tanks available in the market.


How To Use eGo Vape Pen


  • How To Turn On eGo Vape Pen


So now that you made your choice, you're probably excited to make good usage of your eGo vape pen. While you are seduced by the design and graceful anatomy of the pen, you are probably wondering how to start it. The system includes a very handy way of starting the device. It's one of the most praised features on the eGo battery. The five click safety function is a smart and useful tool preventing any unwanted activation of your e-cigarette during involuntary movements and allows to save yourself a precipitate usage of all the components of your eGo vape pen. It is all designed to make as durable and effective as possible, no matter of the situation. Your product is safe and protected.


It is also important to know about this feature to prevent any stress on why the battery is not turning on with a single click.


  • How To Clean eGo Vape Pen


Now that you are able to use it, are you able to clean it? In a month or two, you'll realize that your device is dirty and its performance greatly reduced, the puff is weak and unusually blend and not satisfying. Maintenance is the key to your problems. Constant maintenance is what will lead to increase and maintain the flavorful puffs of your beginnings on the long-term usage.

First, you have to identify the parts of your Vape that you want to clean. Clean your vape tank each time you change flavors, the reason is to avoid any mixing that would deteriorate and alter your new flavor. For a more thorough cleaning disassemble all the pieces of your pen, and individually clean them with a dry cloth or an ear bud with a drop of alcohol then wipe and rinse with warm water.


  • How To Charge eGo Battery


Most of the eGo products come charged upon reception. If not, and for further usage, simply connect the USB cable port from the eGo vape pen to your USB port located either on your computer or on an USB outlet. By now, you should be able to see a quick and repetitive blue flashing on the battery's button. This is sign that your battery is correctly plugged in. If the LED of Vape is turning red, it means you have to charge it. The LED will be green once the device is fully charged and operational. You are now fully prepared to enjoy your e-cigarette.

Please be sure to consult the manual of instructions to make sure to keep the battery safe and avoid prolonged charging.

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