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Buy the Kangvape Disposable Vape online. Vape4Ever provides onee stick, onee max, onee plus, onee pro series vape pens with low price and high quality.

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Kangvape Klasik V2 Vaporizer 650mAh

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Kangvape Klasik V2 Kit 650mAh is the product of brand Kangvape, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Metal Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Kangvape K5 Dab Vape Pen

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Kangvape K5 Dab Vape Pen is the product of brand Kangvape, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Kangvape D-pod V2 Kit 400mAh V/V Battery

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Kangvape D-pod V2 Kit 400mAh V/V Battery is the product of brand Kangvape, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Earth Green Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Kangvape K2 Cartridge 0.5ml

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Kangvape K2 Cartridge 0.5ml is the product of brand Kangvape, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Cartridge 0.5ml:5pcs, etc.
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Kangvape D-pod V1 Kit 650mAh

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Kangvape D-pod V1 Kit 650mAh is the product of brand Kangvape, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Earth Red Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Kangvape Review

Overview of Kangvape

Established in 2010, with base in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen Kangvape technology Co., LTD is among the early manufacturers of e-cig and accessories. The factory is located near the airport, which makes it quite convenient as far as transportation is concerned. The brand has acquired the status of being veterans in the industry and has been the reason for a large section of people being attracted to the industry. They have a thorough management system for every aspect, including maintenance of quality, research, and development, manufacture of good and services sales.

The company has been provided with certification by the ISO 9001 SYSTEM. This is not all. It also has TPD, FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications. All the products made by the company maintain high standards of quality. Quality control and annual output are ensured owing to their competent staff in production that number to more than 200, nearly 50 staff members for quality control and 30 personnel for research and development.

Kangvape has been focused on researching and developing healthy e-cig since its inception. Investments are continuously made by Kangvape in research. They also make sure that quality is further enhanced and customers are satisfied with their services. They value their reputation in the industry immensely.

The company is wholly dedicated to the innovation of technology and research on healthy cigarettes. They believe that quality and affordability play an instrumental role in attracting customers.

The factory comprises of a strong training and management system, ensuring that a perfect supply chain is established. Thus, you can trust it to provide you with impressive designs, superb quality, prompt delivery, and affordability. The brand offers its products throughout the world. The factory is undoubtedly on the ride and has introduced many brands such a Kangvape and SMOD and more are likely to come from them as well.

Products of Kangvape

All the products by Kangvape are available at Vape4ever at the best possible price. You will be quite impressed with their service as well. Let us discuss some prominent products by Kangvape.

Onee Stick

Onee Stick is the newly launched disposable vape pen of Kang Vape. One of the star products is Kangvape Onee Stick 1900 Puffs that is designed based on the previous version. The NEW Stick features a longer-lasting battery capacity of 1200mAh and a larger volume of e-juice of 7ml. It offers more puffs and e-liquid for vapers. Engineered with premium materials, this Kangvape Disposable is of high durability. Its design concerns vapers' vape pen-holding habit, bringing ease of use. Not to mention, this puff stick is draw-activated, which you can simply begin to vape and enjoy whenever you want. This disposable puff stick is prefilled with 7ml e-liquid that contains 5% nicotine salt. With this design, you don't need to worry about refilling. It brings smooth and enjoyable vapors instead of throat hits. Moreover, you will get your own ideal disposable device because Onee Stick flavors are various. And you can right now select one vape stick among the 12 tasty flavors to start the joyful nicotine vaping journey.

Onee Max

Another highlighted disposable vape pen from Kangvape is the Onee Max that offers unprecedented-larger puffs of 5000. The Max Stick is prefilled with 20ml e-liquid consisting of 5% salt nicotine. This extraordinary vaping device is powered by an internal 1100mAh battery. It is randomly available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions. Both of them are perfect for people who like to use vaporizer on the go. Plus, this disposable puff bar comes with multiple flavors like Passion Fruit, Lush Ice, and Strawberry. In short, with this disposable stick, you are good to begin vaping without worrying about refilling and cleaning.

How to Recharge a Kangvape Disposable?

Charging the Kangvape disposable vape pen is straightforward. All you need to do is use a compatible charger and connect the rechargeable Onee Stick. When it is fully charged, the LED indicator turns green. Then you are good to go ahead and start vaping.

How Much Is A Kangvape Onee Stick?

Kangvape Onee Stick is sold at the price from $9.99 to $14.99 at vape4ever. It is a reasonable and low price compared with many other disposable vape pens.

  • Kangvape TH-420 Hemp CBD oil box

The TH420V CBD Vaporizer kit by Kangvape has the feature of control output options for wattage and temperature. This advanced oil cartridge battery set is provided with a large OLED display screen. You get several options in this set with different colors, and you can select the ones that suit your preference.

The unit is powered by a powerful lithium-ion 800mAh battery with 20W power. A touch of a button is all it takes. You can switch between the two output modes by pressing down the button.

The left button increases the output with accuracy, while the right one decreases it. Once the output is set, holding the power button at the top would hear the cartridge. Ten seconds would suffice for the purpose.

Your intake is measured accurately by the unit. You can view the session duration timer on the OLED screen as well. You can remain updated about the details of your vaping session such as battery life, current output level, and similar other information on the screen.

The device is provided with an innovative preheat mode, which ensured that you get optimal results at all times. Pressing the power button twice warms the atomizer with low voltage output for around 15 seconds. This makes sure that the material acquires a suitable consistency before you commence with vaping. Furthermore, the ideal temperature might also be reached faster, even in cold conditions. Pressing the power button two times more cancels the session.

A refillable cartridge of profound quality is included with every kit which you can use to heat the concentrated oils immediately. The tank capacity is 0.5ml and also includes a wickless ceramic core that offers high performance, delivering the best possible flavor. The unit features a sleek mouthpiece which matched with the gunmetal top and bottom metal plates of TH-420V mod effortlessly.

The vaporizer is also compatible with other 510 thread cartridges that measure up to 11mn in diameter. All that you need to do is attach the magnetic adapter ring included with the kit and drop it into the port. A secure connection is thus ensured at a rapid speed.

Buy TH420V Vaporizer here. Our CBD vape store offer you the ultimate vaping experience. You can select from any of the unique designs and sleek colors.

  • Kangvape Mini 420 CBD Box

This is a highly portable and versatile kit which features a variable voltage output. This Mini 420 box kit is also quite reasonably priced.

The device is powered by lithium-ion 400mAh battery which you can control via a single button. Thus, you can carry this device while you travel with ease. The device can be turned on by clicking on the power button five times rapidly. Clicking on the button thrice adjusts the voltage output while the preheat mode is initiated via two clicks.

An LED indicator is featured on the device which allows you to remain updated at every step of the process. Whenever the voltage is changed, or the button is held for heating the cartridge, the light indicator shines different colors as per the voltage setting. It flashes red for 3.4V and turns blue for 3.7V. White color indicates 4.0V.

When you let go of the power button, the LED flashes a couple of seconds later to let you know the battery life. If 10 to 40% charge is left, the light turns red. 40 to 70% charge leads to blue light, while 70 to 100% is denoted by white color. If the power falls below 10, the LED flashes rapidly in red color, which should alert you that it needs to recharge. Connected the charging cable included with the kit is all that you need to do. The light turns red while charging and turns off when charging is complete.

A glass oil cartridge is also included with 0.5ml capacity. Structure of a cup has been provided to it, which ensures that refilling it is easy and free of mess. You would not have to worry about leakage. The unit also features a wickless ceramic core element which is capable of providing you with intense flavors. An airflow control ring with adjustable feature also forms part of it.The unit can be used with most of the attachments available on the market that have a diameter of up to 11.2mm.

You are provided with optimal ease and feasibility with this kit. As it has a width of merely 1.5 inches and is 2.7 inches tall, concealing it in your hand is easy. You can keep it with you in your pocket without drawing any attention.

You can purchase the Mini 420 CBD Box at Vape4ever where you will get the best deals with impressive service.

  • Kangvape TH-420 II CBD Box

This Kangvape TH-420 Box II kit is provided with a soft and rugged exterior along with a polished gold aluminum bottom plates and top. Thus, it gives quite a premium feel. Furthermore, it also has the feature of variable output.

The kit features an oil cartridge which is refillable. The structure of the cartridge is such that you would not have to worry about leakage. It has a capacity of 0.5ml. A wickless ceramic core atomizer also forms part of it which would manage to impress you with its results.

The kit includes a magnetic ring adapter with which you can install the 510 thread Pyrex glass cartridge easily. Connecting the adapter to the bottom of the cartridge is all that you need to do. You can then drop it into the wide port of the device which can handle up to 10.5mm. The magnet would take care of the rest.

The device is enriched with a lot of appealing features, all of which ensure that you enjoy the ultimate vaping experience with ease. The features are all controlled via a single button, providing you with discretion and privacy.

Clicking the button five times turns the device on and off. Pressing it thrice when the unit is on changes the preset voltage output wherein you are given three options. Clicking it twice triggers the preheat mode. The device also features an LED light indicator present above the button which ensures that you remain updated about your vaping details.

The current-voltage output can be determined by the color of the LED. It turns red for 3.4V, blue for 3.7V and white for 4.0V. The battery life remaining can also be checked. Pressing the control button once would suffice. The LED will flash in a different color in a few seconds to let you know how much battery is left. It glows blue if 10-40% battery is remaining, red if 40-70% charge is left and white if the battery is charged 70-100%.

The unit is powered by lithium-ion 650mAh battery which should get you through the day without having to recharge. A USB cable is included which charges the device in a few hours. The power button turns blue when the unit is charging. It turns off when charging is completed.

The device is 1.37 inch wide and 2.24 inch tall. Thus, you can enjoy discrete vaping sessions with this one with ease. It is available in six different colors, all of which you can find in our CBD online shop.

  • Kangvape Klasik CBD Kit

If you are looking for an advanced CBD box mod kit, this Klasik device by Kangvape is just the one for you. It is lightweight and portable with an impressive carbon fiber design. 650mAh battery powers the unit, and it also features an adjustable output control option. The grip style of the firing bar is quite convenient as well.

It features an innovative mechanism of firing which is located on the side of the unit, running down the entire length. You can enjoy discrete vaping sessions with this one as it is easy to conceal. The firing button is hidden on the side, which makes it easy to enjoy vaping during travelling. You merely have to squeeze it.

The device turns on when the button is pressed five times. An LED indicator is situated at the top of the device. When you activate the device, the LED flashes. The color of the flash depends on how much battery life is remaining in the device. It takes nearly 2 seconds after the device is heated for the LED to flash. In case you miss to see the color, pressing and releasing the button will cause it to shine again. The light flashes red if 10-40% battery life remains. Blue indicates battery life of 40-60% while green is the indication that 60-80% of battery life remains. It turns white if 80-100% charge is left.

Following activation of the battery, the voltage setting can be selected by clicking on the button thrice. Four present voltage settings form part of the device, ensuring that you get the performance you are looking for. The LED indicator shows a different light depending on the voltage setting. It turns red for 3.2V, blue for 3.5V and green for 3.8V. White is for 4.1V.

The device also includes a preheat mode which ensures that the material is heated with consistency. You get efficient heating in even cold conditions. Pressing the button twice allows the device to use the low output for warming the cartridge material for 15 seconds at a stretch. The multi-color flashing of the LED indicator can monitor the cycle. You have the option of canceling the cycle whenever you want. All that you need to do is click on the button once more.

A glass oil cartridge which is refillable is also available with the kit, ensuring that you can begin using the device promptly. Twisting the gunmetal mouthpiece is all that is required. You can then fill up to 0.5ml of your desired concentrate and reassemble the unit. Make sure that the center post is avoided as you fill the cartridge.

Massive power is provided with the wickless ceramic design. It is long-lasting and offers you impressive flavor quality. Furthermore, the mod is compatible with other 510 atomizers as well which diameter of up to 11mm. Attaching the magnetic adapter to the cartridge will get the job done.

  • Kangvape TH-710 BOX Kit

Kangvape has recently introduced an advanced cartridge battery kit in the form of Kangvape TH-710 CBD box kit. You get options of seven colors with a blue pattern trim present in all.

You get a glass oil cartridge which is refillable along with variable output battery with the kit which ensures that you get the perfect results you are looking for.

A lithium-ion 650mAh battery powers the device which ensures that recharging is not required frequently. The LED flashes ten times to let you know that the device needs to be recharged. Connecting the cable which is included with the kit is all that you need to do. A couple of hours would suffice for charging. The button turns blue when the device is charging and turns off when charging is complete. It features an output range of 3.0 to 4.0V, ensuring that you have ample flexibility in the range of concentrates that you can enjoy.

The control button has to be clicked thrice allows you to adjust the voltage setting if the device is unlocked. The LED power indicator changes color according to the power setting you have opted for. It flashes red for 3.0V, blue for 3.4V and green for 3.7V. It turns white if the power setting is 4.0V.

The light also allows you to keep tabs on the battery life of the device. When you release the power button, the light flashes to let you know the battery life of the unit. It flashes white if the battery life is 70-100% and turns green if 40 to 70% charge remains. Blue indicates that the remaining battery life is 10 to 40%. If less than 10% of battery life remains, the light turns red.

It can be used with other cartridges that have a diameter of up to 10.5mm. You just have to drop the cartridge into the port of the device, and the magnetic connector ring adapter can be used to connect it instantly.

The premium glass cartridge has a capacity of 0.5ml and uses a wickless ceramic core which is provided with four inlet filling ports. Thus, massive vape clouds can be provided with this unit, and the flavor will leave you fulfilled.

The unit is 1.5 inch wide and 2.8 inch tall. Thus, you can enjoy discrete vaping sessions with ease. Opt for any one of the seven color options and get the vaping experience of your life.

  • Kangvape Mini K Vape & CBD Box Kit

This Kangvape Mini K box kit is provided with a compact design and features variable output to make sure that you get the best vaping results.

You get four color options with this one, and all of them feature plating of gold color throughout. Thus, the unit has quite a luxurious and classy look. The refillable oil attachment that is included with the kit is also provided with matching gold accents.

The cartridge of the unit is provided with a convenient structure in cup style, which ensures that you can fit it with ease without any mess or waste. The capacity of the tank is 0.5ml.

The airflow control valve is present at the top. A wickless ceramic core which is quite long-lasting forms part of the unit which is capable of creating thick vapor with immense flavor.

The device is highly powerful and yet offers a great deal of ease in terms of use. It is operated via a single button which you can use to lock and unlock the device, change the output levels, and use the preheat function.

Clicking the button five times rapidly locks and unlocks the device. Clicking it thrice allows you to adjust the output levels. The LED light featured at the top of your device will alert you about the output level. It turns blue for 3.7V, white for 4.0V and red for 3.4V. When you release the power button, the light flashes to let you know about the battery life remaining. It flashes red if the battery life is 10 to 40%, blue in case 40 to 70% light remains while 70 to 100% battery life leads to the light flashing in white color.

The unit is powered by 400mAh lithium-ion battery, which is sufficient to last several days. You have to connect the device to the USB cable for charging it. As the device is charging, the LED powers on and it turns off when charging is finished.

Our CBD vape store provide you a profound vaping experience by Kangvape Mini K box Kit .

  • Kangvape Zeus Kit

The Zeus CBD kit by Kangvape is the perfect combination of elegant style and advanced features. It is capable of providing you with an impressive vaping experience while using thin oils. The kit is quite compact and thus, pocket-friendly. It is light in weight in addition to being durable as it is constructed from zinc alloy. An ornate and sleek design is engraved on the exterior, which gives the device a distinctive look.

The kit includes K3 crown atomizer along with the Zeus Box mod. It also features a wickless ceramic core with a capacity of 0.5ml. The mouthpiece is flashy black/gold top which matches with the Zeus Battery quite perfectly.

The unit offers the option of adjusting voltage output with four settings provided for the purpose, making it highly versatile. An oil attachment can also be used with the device. The box mod can be operated via a single button which offers you immense ease and feasibility.

A large power button is featured in the center of the device along with the LED power indicator. Pressing it five times turns the device on and off. Pressing it thrice allows you to adjust the voltage settings.

The kit includes a wickless ceramic core element which you can use to heat the oil quickly. It is capable of creating massive clouds with deep flavor. The ceramic core is long-lasting compared to other wick elements commonly used. Thus, you will be able to use it for a long time before you have to think about replacing it.

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