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About 4X Pods

Buy the 4X Pods vape products online, Vape4ever provides cheap and 100% authentic 4X Pods e-cigarettes for vaping.


4X PODS Review

About 4X PODS

The highpoint of great taste has finally got in the game. 4X Pods offer a wide range of irresistible flavors that are well-suited with Juul devices.. 4X is at present one of Juul's most widespread options because of its distinct taste and quality that consistently exceeds the highest expectations.

Discover The 4X PODS Lineup

The 4X nomenclature contains 60 mg / 6% of Salt Nic formulas specifically designed for bold smokers. Each 4X PODS product fills a 1 ml pod for a highly satisfactory but space-saving vaping experience. Here is a list of most popular and in-demand 4X pod flavors:

  • 4X Pods Sour Berry Belts: Discover the essence of bitter gummy candy at the threshold of your palate.
  • 4X Pods Blue Blackberry: Discover the perfection behind integrating the tastiest berries you can find in the market.
  • Mango Bear Pineapple X 4X Legumes: A blend of three of the most enjoyable tropical fruits comes with this wonderful blend of flavors.
  • 4X Pods Mango Peach Pineapple: Inhaling refreshing sweet lemon juice and minty raspberries puff makes it one of Juul best compatible flavors on the market.
  • 4X Pods Grape: By inhaling divine and juicy grapes with a touch of mint (not overwhelming), a exhale makes it one of the best savoring Juul well-suited flavors on the market.

4X Pods is an easy way to promptly fall madly in love with any highly admired Juul compatible substitute found here in Ziip's extensive product range. Smokers are continuously looking for new means to please their senses, and 4X pods contain answers that many are looking for when it comes to discovering new tastes.

The world of nicotine salt vape pod just became a little more awesome. Vape4ever is now presenting 4X Vape Pods, a brand new collection of pods which has gained its popularity by combining up concentrated flavour with an matchless 65 mg nicotine. Heavy smoker will appreciate that the new 4X Ziip Pods present a variation of original flavors to gratify your taste and your nic desires. Whether you are vaping on Sour Gummy or moving away on mesmeric flavors of Mango Peach Pineapple, you are certainly in for an amazing treat.

Why Choose 4X PODS?

What are the benefits of using 4 pods compared with Juul? 4 packs contain 1 ml E-juice compared to 0.01 ml Juul. As a result, an additional 1.2 ml per pack is obtained by filling in the form of an additional pod. Juul pods contain 5% of nicotine or weight of 59 mg, 4x pods have a weight of 6.5% nic or 65 mg, so the pods are more sufficient for the same price!

4X pods have a unique flavor like no other company out there, and you do not have to buy a new device either. By the way, Vape4ever presents you 4X PODS with all flavors at an low price.

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