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Vapetasia Flavors, which has its base in Lase Vegas NV offers you a variety of new and innovative flavors in e-liquids. The company started as a small manufacturer who produced some simple flavors. However, with time, they went onto become one of the leading manufacturers of e-liquid. The company has been established with the aim of providing consumers with a profound quality of handcrafted, and this is something that reflects in all the lines introduced by it. Some of the highly popular flavors of the company have been imitated quite often. As a result, their award-winning recipes are guarded closely now to make sure that every bottle of the brand reeks of quality and consistency.

Vapetasia prides on offering some of the best flavors of e-juices. Only premium ingredients are used for the production of e-liquids. A wide range of vape juices are provided by the company with some popular lines including Killer Kustard, Vapetasia Signature, Vapetasia Lemonade, Vapetasia Goodies, Vapetasia Salts and Vapetasia Parfait. At Vpe4ever, you can get all the e-juices of Vapetasia at the best rates possible with no compromise on customer service.


Vapetasia Review

Overview of Vapetasia

Based out of Las Vegas, NV, Vapetasia is a gourmet manufacturer of e-liquid. It endeavors to ensure that the highest quality of e-juices is produced. To make sure of this, they make use of premium ingredients only in their e-liquids. The e-liquids are then packed in a sterile environment in bottles, ensuring that high standards are maintained in all the products. The products are packed in clear glass bottles that are provided with tamper-proof locking rings along with childproof caps. Thus, not only is quality maintained, but child safety is ensured as well. Considering that the team at Vapetasia comprises of hardcore vapor enthusiasts, they realize the significance of quality in their products.

All the products by the company are sourced and manufactured in the US and delivered all over the world. The goal of Vapetasia is simple and straightforward. They wish to offer the best flavors with the highest possible quality standards. They want to make sure that there is consistency in all their products and you do not find any difference in any of their batches even if they are produced a year apart.

The company cares about vaping and thus does not let go of any opportunity that requires them to advocate thriving in the industry. They support every cause that is beneficial for the industry. They recently supported with the Vapor Technology Association at the platinum level. They were also involved with the Nevada Vaping Association.

Products of Vapetasia

The brand has managed to become one of the most reputable manufacturers of e-liquid owing to the intense flavors that it offers. They have managed to acquire worldwide recognition for their blends. A lot of their e-juices will be a treat for your palate. Currently, they have six lines of vape juices, which include Killer Kustard, Vapetasia Signature, Vapetasia Lemonade, Vapetasia Goodies, Vapetasia Salts, and Vapetasia Parfait.

With Rainbow Road, you get fresh fruit with milky cereal. On the other hand, Pineapple Express offers you a jolt of fresh pineapples. For those with a sweet tooth and a liking for desserts, Killer Kustard and Strawberry Killer Kustard are perfect as you get whisked off to a creamy land of blissful state.

  • Vapetasia Rainbow Road Vape Juice

Rainbow Road offers you a delicious blend that would seem to be the perfect way to kick start your day. You will feel as though you have just had a breakfast comprising of your favorite fruity cereal along with fresh berries with this blend. The first puff offers the fruity flavor of cereal. You get a creamy jolt as you exhale. Together, the two flavors complement each other to provide your taste buds with an impeccable experience.

The thing that you would appreciate most about this blend is that even though it offers an amazing flavor punch, the throat hit is subtle and would not leave you reeling. You will not have to bear any burning sensation. You will not have to worry about the consequences of taking a huge vape hit.

  • Vapetasia Pineapple Express Vape Juice

This tropical blend offers you the opportunity of enjoying an amazing taste of ripe and juicy pineapples with a touch of creaminess.

For those who love pineapples, the Pineapple Express will be a perfect choice. This rich and natural e-juice is highly suitable since it is devoid of any chemical flavors. With this e-juice, there is little chance that your throat would hurt. The rich flavor would feel quite close to the real thing, and this one can easily be used all day long. This is one of those e-liquids that you can recommend to others without any hesitation.

The e-liquid leaves quite a pleasant taste on inhaling and exhaling. Vaping this blend leaves multiple flavors in your mouth. Exhaling makes the taste of pineapples come to the forefront. The aftertaste of this blend will remain with you for a long time.

  • Vapetasia Killer Kustard Vape Juice

Offering you a deep, smooth and pure flavor, this blend gives you the taste of vanilla custard and is capable of being a Christmas treat for your mouth. The custard has been prepared with creamy milk that comes straight from the farm. A lot of beaten eggs are added along with heaps of sugar and butter to make a custard that will leave your mouth watering.

It is not just a smooth taste that this blend offers. The cloud production is impressive as well. Despite this, the flavor is not overpowered. The juice has the VG/PG ratio of 70/30, which is standard for most e-liquids.

  • Vapetasia Strawberry Killer Kustard Vape Juice

A smooth and creamy flavor is offered by this blend of strawberry vanilla custard vapor. This one will surely increase your craving, and you would find it quite hard to stay away from it.

You will find the flavors of this blend to be irresistible. The team at Vapetasia tried their utmost best to find a balance between custard and strawberries and finally got this bold recipe on point. The taste of the homemade custard is quite potent. At the same time, you get to enjoy the background flavor of strawberries, vanilla, and nuts. When you inhale, you are engulfed with a creamy sensation of custard that will drive your senses crazy. The strawberry twist comes to the forefront on exhalation, sweetening the whole experience, ensuring that you get the best flavor possible.

The throat hit is undetectable and smooth. Throat burns or cough would not hamper with your vaping experience with this blend.

  • Vapetasia Milk of the Poppy Salts Vape Juice

This blend offers you the combination of strawberries with dragon fruit with a touch of creaminess. This fruity blend is undoubtedly an impeccable treat for the palate that you will crave for more and more. This e-juice is more than the typical blends of cream and strawberry. It offers a lot more. This incredibly smooth blend uses ripe-seeded strawberries to infuse with velvety cream. A single hit is all it would take for you to want more of this delicious vape juice.

Every puff will make you feel the taste of tangy strawberries. You will feel the taste teasing your tongue when you take that first puff. On the exhalation, the creaminess will come to focus, and your palate will get an experience that you would not have deemed possible.

  • Vape Parfait Blueberry Vape Juice

This creamy blend is another one that would win your heart. The blend of creamy yogurt parfait with delicious blueberries and honey glazed granola will definitely win your approval. The creamy layer of Greek Yogurt forms the base of the flavor of this blend. A sweet dimension is added via ripe blueberries. The sweet finish of granola and yogurt comes together to offer you an aftertaste that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon.

On the inhalation, you get a hit of the sweet and ripe blueberries which will send your taste buds to a state of ecstasy. Once the flavor settles, the sugary touch of honey-glazed granola will take over. Lastly, you will feel your taste buds drenching in flavor as you exhale with the creamy yogurt.

Why Choose Vapetasia

Vapetasia is among the most reputable and leading vape brands of the industry. They make sure that high standards of production are maintained in all their products. Profound quality of ingredients is used for the purpose. For those who are on the lookout for some new flavors to try, the premium collection of Vapetasia would be perfect.

The company, based in Las Vegas offers unique and innovative flavors that few can imitate. With six lines of flavors in e-juice, they make sure they have something for everyone. Vapetasia E-liquid is one of those brands you will never regret giving a chance.

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