Water bongs are the most popular and favorite method for consumption among tokers and stoners because they are effortless to use and have a filtration function. We have carefully selected a wide range of long-lasting borosilicate bongs and other high-quality bongs for your weed trip.

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Deep Crackle Percolator Beaker Bong 8 Inches 0 Deep Crackle Percolator Beaker Bong 8 Inches 0 2
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Deep Crackle Percolator Beaker Bong 8 Inches

$34.99 $41.16
Deep Crackle Percolator Beaker Bong 8 Inches is a perfect marriage of function and aesthetic, featuring a dome-shaped diffuser and gorgeous color texture.
Bougie Glass Narrow Neck Beaker Bong 16 Inches 0 Bougie Glass Narrow Neck Beaker Bong 16 Inches 0 2
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Bougie Glass

Bougie Glass Narrow Neck Beaker Bong 16 Inches

Bougie Glass
$109.99 $139.23
Bougie Glass Narrow Neck Beaker Bong 16 Inches for perfectly sized and cool hits designs with 14mm joint and bowl, 3 ice pinches, and extra-thick mouthpiece.
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Bong 7 Inches 0 Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Bong 7 Inches 0 2
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Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Bong 7 Inches

$89.99 $111.10
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Bong 7 Inches expertly crafted with exquisite color and premium material, stably standing, features 14mm female joint and male bowl.
The Secret Rings Ribbed Beaker Bong 16 Inches 0 The Secret Rings Ribbed Beaker Bong 16 Inches 0 2
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The Secret Rings Ribbed Beaker Bong 16 Inches

$79.99 $114.27
The Secret Rings Ribbed Beaker Bong 16 Inches matched 14mm bowl and downstem, beautiful color accents at the base and neck, offers smooth hits via ice pinches.
The Apiary Honeycomb Beaker Bong 14 Inches 0 The Apiary Honeycomb Beaker Bong 14 Inches 0 2
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The Apiary Honeycomb Beaker Bong 10 Inches

$69.99 $97.21
The Apiary Honeycomb Beaker Bong 10 Inches with creative pink patterns features three ice catchers for cooling smokes and a slotted downstem for filtration.
Dual Perc Cylinder Base Bong 16 Inches 0 Dual Perc Cylinder Base Bong 16 Inches 0 2
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Dual Perc Cylinder Base Bong 16 Inches

$79.99 $102.55
Dual Perc Cylinder Base Bong 16 Inches with 18mm bowl, crafted in dual tone color, stemless designed, features honeycomb perc and matrix perc for smooth hits.
Grav Arclin Beaker Bong 8 Inches 0 Grav Arclin Beaker Bong 8 Inches 0 2
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Grav Arclin Beaker Bong 8 Inches

$239.99 $285.70
Grav Arclin Beaker Bong 8 Inches with a fixed fission downstem to diffuse smoke, 14mm Arcline™ Bowl included, performs best with about 1.5 Inch of water.
Grav Magnitude Glass Gravity Bong 0 Grav Magnitude Glass Gravity Bong 0 2
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Grav Magnitude Glass Gravity Bong

$69.99 $97.21
Grav Magnitude Glass Gravity Bong with bowl, offered in two heights, including bottle operated in gravity system, creates a pressurized flow for a huge hit.
Grav Straight Base With Disc Tube Bong 0 Grav Straight Base With Disc Tube Bong 0 2
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$119.99 $144.57
GRAV Straight Base Water Pipe with honeycomb disc percolator, 2-in-1 ice catcher and slash guard designed, features a 14mm GRAV Funnel Bowl.
Erick Khan Rose Beaker Bong 8 Inches 0 Erick Khan Rose Beaker Bong 8 Inches 0 2
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Out of stock

Erick Khan Rose Beaker Bong 8 Inches

$49.99 $65.78
Erick Khan Rose Beaker Bong 8 Inches with green color on the mouthpiece is exquisitely designed with printed blooming red rose and roses folded by $100 bills.
The Fuji Beaker Base Bong 8 Inches 0 The Fuji Beaker Base Bong 8 Inches 0 2
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Out of stock

The Fuji Beaker Base Bong 8 Inches

$38.99 $47.55
The Fuji Beaker Base Bong 8 Inches with 14mm bowl and 18mm downstem, color accents on the mouthpiece for cuteness, features cooler smoke via three ice notches.
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What Is a Bong?

A water pipe that is most often used for smoking cannabis is called a bong. The cannabis buds are placed and heated in the bowl. The bowl is connected to the bong with the downstem, which is a glass piece with holes that has the shape of a cylinder. The water is filtered when it passes through the downstem. The smoke goes through the neck to the mouthpiece where you inhale it.

Bong Parts and Bong Accessories

A bong is comprised of several different components, which are absolutely necessary for flawless functioning. Regardless of the size and ornaments, the form of the bong can be easily recognized.

A water bong contains the following essential components:

1) Tube

The tube, also called the neck or vessel, is a part that has the form of a cylinder. The smoke passes through the tube to the mouthpiece, where users inhale it. The three main kinds of tubes are custom, straight, and angled.

2) Chamber Base

The chamber base is the lowest part of the bong filled with water. This is usually the biggest and widest part, too. Different bongs have different types of chamber bases, including round, straight, and beaker base. The classic design of bongs is the straight-tube one, and its main body is made of only one cylinder. The base of beaker bongs has the shape of a cone or beaker. The base of the round ones is spherical, and the bottom is flat. The process of smoking with all three different kinds of bongs is almost the same (there might be some changes in the airflow).

3) Downstem

The downstem is a glass piece that connects the bowl and the bong. It is pushed through the base into the water. The filtration of the water begins in this part of the bong. There are two main types of donwstems – classic and diffused. The classic downstem has the form of a cylinder. On the other hand, the diffused one has additional holes or slits for cooling and diffusing the smoke. The smoking experience provided by a diffused downstem is smoother. The downstem and bowl can be either male or female. If the bowl is male, the downstem is female, and vice versa.

4) Bowl

The bowl is the piece that keeps the herbs above the downstem. There are three different sizes of bowls – small (10mm), medium (14mm), and large (19mm). There are also three different sizes of downstems (small, medium, and large). The internal width of female parts has different sizes, too.

Most of the accessories for water bongs are specifically designed to improve the smoking experience by enhancing the filtration and the water pipe's functioning in general.

5) Carb

The amount of air and smoke that users inhale is being controlled by the carb. The carb is a hole placed between the neck and the base of the water bong. When lighting the dry herbs, users usually cover this hole with the thumb. Then they remove the thumb and open the hole, thus clearing out all the smoke and filling the neck of the bong with air. Most of the bongs have built-in carbs.

6) Percolator

The percolator is usually placed in the tube, and it is an element that diffuses, cools, and smooths the smoke. There are several different types of percolators, but the ones that are used most often are turbine, tree, and honeycomb percolator.

7) Rubber Grommet

The rubber grommet is a round rubber piece that is placed at the hole where the downstem is inserted in the bong. Instead of a rubber grommet, some bongs use a glass holder placed at the hole where the downstem is inserted. In order to be easily separated, both pieces in the bongs with glass connection are sandblasted.

8) Ice Pinch

The ice pinch is a series of glass dents. There are usually three dents that are big enough to hold ice in the neck of the bong. They do not interfere nor block the smoke in the neck.

9) Splash Guard

The splash guard is a dome that collects water, and the smoke can easily pass through it.

What Does a Bong Do?

The main goal of a bong is to use water filtration for cooling and filtering smoke. Using a bong is one of the best ways to smoke because it allows you to modify different things. For example, you can control and lower the amount of hot air that you inhale in your lungs. If you want your smoke to be perfectly filtered, and if you want to enjoy a smooth and tasty experience, then you need to use a percolator or downstem. A high-quality bong that has a percolator, downstem, and ice chamber will definitely provide you with a great smoking experience. The hits will be smooth, and your throat and lungs will be less irritated.

How Does a Bong Work?

1. Bong Bowl - The Place Where Smoke Is Formed

Once you lit the bong bowl, you will notice that smoke is instantly created and that it goes directly into the airway right below it. The amount of smoke depends on how you pull. It is recommended to pull slowly so that the smoke has enough time to build up and properly get filtered through the other elements.

2. Downstem – The Element Where Smoke Is Initially Filtered

The downstem can be seen as a basic kind of percolator because it cools down the smoke. The smoke from the bowl passes through the downstem into the water chamber. The process of cooling down the smoke in the downsteam is aided by the water from the water chamber because the downstem is always touching it. The tiny bubbles of water that are being created cool down the smoke even more because there is greater coverage of the surface area.

3. Water Chamber – The Part Where Second Primary Cooling and Filtration of the Smoke Takes Place

Even though a water chamber can function without a downstem, it usually works together with the donwstem. When they work together, the smoke passes through the downstem into the water chamber. The water here additionally cools the smoke down before it reaches the next point.

4. Percolator – An Optional Part Where the Smoke Is Additionally Filtered

Although percolators are optional parts of the bong, they can be essential for a better smoking experience. The percolator has the role of an additional water chamber. It has numerous holes and slits, and it perfectly filters the smoke. The smoke in the percolator is already cooled down twice since the moment it was formed because the percolator creates more water bubbles than the common downstem.

5. Ice Chamber – An Optional Part Used for Additional Cooling of the Smoke

The next stop of the smoke is the ice chamber. The ice in this part contributes to additional cooling of the smoke. Once the smoke touches the ice, the temperature of the smoke falls even more, and it is ready for you to inhale.

6. Splash Guard – Inhaling Smoke Without Water

More expensive bongs that use advanced percolators usually have splash guards. A splash guard is a dome with numerous cuts and slits. The smoke can freely pass through it while the unwanted water is being trapped. Once it touches the ice in the ice chamber, the smoke goes in the splash guard and finally in your lungs. Splash guards make the hits tastier, smoother, and crisper.

How to Use a Bong?

Water bongs are usually made from 3-5 different parts. The system of water bongs works with the help of a simple suction.

The water bong is used as follows:

  • Pour enough water in the bongs so that the downstem is entirely under water.
  • Ground around half a gram of your preferred buds and put them in the bowl.
  • Put your mouth on the mouthpiece.
  • Light the bowl, and gently inhale.
  • When you notice that the chamber is filled with smoke, open the carb, and breathe in the smoke that remains in the chamber. Breathe out and close the carb by returning the slider.

Different Kinds of Bongs

Vape4ever offers a wide range of extraordinary water pipes. You can find simple and common types of beaker bongs that resemble the scientific bongs and more complex bongs such as recyclers that use propellor percolators. Here you can find all kinds of bongs that use different percolators.

Glass Bong

The majority of bongs are usually made of glass because many different designs can be easily made, and glass is easy to clean. Moreover, the flavor of cannabis in glass bongs is not compromised. Glass bongs are mainly made of borosilicate glass which perfectly handles heat changes. If you have a glass dish for heating up or cooking your meals in the oven, then that dish is probably made of borosilicate glass resistant to heat. Even though soft glass has also been used for making bongs, this type of glass does not have the same heat resistance as borosilicate glass. If you have a bong made of soft glass, you should not use hot water for cleaning it because it might crack.

The Pros of Glass Bongs

Using a glass bong will help you take bigger hits, and bigger hits sometimes make smokers feel good. Whenever you need a big hit, you can have it with the glass bong. Unlike other methods of smoking which do not let you use large hits, glass bongs enable you to enjoy them. Maybe for beginners using a glass bong and taking large hits can be overwhelming, but you do not have to entirely fill the glass bong with smoke. If you prefer small hits, then it is perfectly fine to use the glass bong for small hits. Time after time, you will get more comfortable using your device, and you can start enjoying bigger hits. Glass bongs are ideal for both small and big hits.

The Process of Making Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are made with glassblowing, a process of making glassware from softened glass by blowing hot air in it and molded by hand. Sometimes machines are used for joining two different pieces together, but everything else is handmade. There is not any automated machine process for making bongs. Since glass bongs are handmade, each one of them is unique.

Silicone Bong

The popularity of silicone bongs has increased a lot in recent years because they are very easy to clean, and they last longer than glass bongs. Silicone bongs are very discreet, and you can use them on the go. They are very portable because they are made of a smooth and powdery material that can be easily folded, and it can also handle high heat. Use the rubber band to stash your silicone bong away.

A lot of people have decided to use silicone dab rigs or bongs for both concentrates and dry herbs because they are made of BPA-free material, and the silicone is food grade. Moreover, silicone bongs have more benefits than glass bongs, such as:

Non-breakable – Unlike glass, silicone is a very flexible material.

Flexible – Silicone bends easily without breaking which makes it easy for you to take your silicone bongs wherever you go.

Easy to clean – Silicone bongs are very easy to clean. They are heat resistant, so you can simply put them in the dishwasher.

Environmental-friendly – Silicone bongs are made of medical-grade silicone, and they are BPA-free, too.

The Differences Between Glass Bongs and Silicone Bongs

High-quality borosilicate glass is used for making glass bongs, while food-grade and BPA-free silicone is used for making silicone bongs. Glass handles high heats better than silicone, and a lot of people prefer glass bongs. However, glass bongs can be easily broken, unlike silicone bongs which can be easily folded and stored for taking them on the go.

Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs look a lot like typical laboratory beakers. Beaker bongs have a broad base that gradually narrows into a straight neck. These types of bongs resemble an Erlenmeyer flask which is specifically created to increase the volume and the surface area of the lower part of the chamber.

The hits from these bongs are pure and smooth because their shape increases the volume of the water used for filtering and cooling the smoke.

Here at Vape4ever you can find all kinds of beaker bongs – from simple ones to glass beaker bongs with numerous percolators, ash catchers, and ice catchers. Whether you want a cheaper beaker bong, or you intend to spend more money on a high-end beaker bong, we have got you covered.

Why Should You Buy A Beaker Bong?

When it comes to functionality and usability, the beaker bong is an improved version compared to the straight tube bong. The broad base of these bongs has three beneficial things:

It increases the volume of water: The broad chamber increases the volume of the water used for filtering and cooling the smoke.

It makes the bong more stable: Thanks to the broad base, beaker bongs are very stable since the center of gravity is very low.

Reduces splashing: If you are using a classic straight bong, and you decide to take a big hit, then water will definitely splash, and if you are not careful enough, some of the water might get in your mouth. On the other hand, the beaker bongs will protect you against splashes thanks to their unique design.

Advantages of A Beaker Bong

A beaker bong has numerous advantages. First of all, it creates huge hits because the base of the chamber is wide and there is more space for the smoke to build up and become denser. Moreover, this type of bong provides you with more controlled rips. When using straight shooter bongs, the hits are direct. On the other hand, when using beaker bongs, you are the one who decides when to take a hit, and how big that hit will be, because you need to inhale harder.

Thanks to their design, beaker bongs filter the smoke better. There is more water since the base is wider, which means there are more bubbles for filtering the smoke. Moreover, the greater volume of water means that it will not get very dirty, so you will not need to change it often. Also, cleaning the beaker bongs is very easy. Their design enables you to effortlessly remove all the tar and ash particles.

Another great advantage is that beaker bongs do not fall over easily due to the wide base which makes the bong more stable.

Straight Tube Bong

The straight tube bong is another common type of water pipe that has a recognizable vertical design. The straight tube is comprised of one or two borosilicate glass pieces in tubular form. The straight tube bong is shaped with a lathe machine.

The volume of the straight tube bong is smaller than the volume of a beaker bong, and that is beneficial for the lung capacity. When you see a straight tube bong for the first time, you might think that it can easily fall over, but that is not true. The base of these types of bongs is stable and keeps the bong secure.

Bubble Bong

Bubble bongs were very popular around the 1970s, and a lot of people prefer to use them nowadays. These types of bubble shape bongs either have a pedestal base, or they are placed directly on the flattened part of the bubble base. Bubble bongs have different functions, no ornaments, and they are very easy to clean and use.

Percolator Bong

The smoke in percolator bongs is filtered and cooled better thanks to the smart engineering they use.

Percolation, as a scientific term, is the process of filtering fluid through permeable substances. When it comes to percolation in a percolator bong, the fluid is the smoke, and the permeable substance is the glass that contains numerous tiny holes.

The smoke is forced to split up and enter different holes, so when it comes out, a greater amount of the smoke is in touch with the bong water.

In bongs that do not have percolators, all of the smoke goes directly into the water. In percolator bongs, the smoke is divided and it gradually goes through the water.

Different Kinds of Percolators

Even though all percolators are used for enhancing the process of cooling and filtering the smoke, they use various methods.

The greatest difference between different kinds of percolators is the structure used for dividing the smoke.

Besides affecting the quality of your hits, percolators also affect the visual appearance of the bong. The different kinds of percolators are:

Dome Percolators – Dome percolators use a tiny dome placed at the chamber base. The smoke goes through the dome, it passes through a series of tiny holes or slits, and it ends up in the bong water.

Tree Percolator – These percolators got their name because of the branches they are made of. Those branches are actually small glass tubes that go in the chamber. First, the smoke splits up and enters these different branches. When in the branches, the smoke is being diffused through their tiny slits, and it enters the bong water.

Shower Head Percolators – These percolators have the shape of a glass disc with numerous tiny holes, and they look like a shower head. The smoke extends over the disc surface, and it diffuses through the tiny holes before eventually touching the bong water.

Honeycomb Percolators – The diffusion of the smoke is done through a series of tiny holes that have the shape of a honeycomb. Before reaching the bong water, the smoke is being diffused by passing through the honeycomb pattern.

Inline Percolators – There are several different kinds of inline percolators, but all of them are placed on the smoke's path – from the bong stem to the bong chamber. Even though inline percolators differ a lot from the other types of percolators, they effectively diffuse the smoke.

Cheap Percolator Bongs – At Vape4ever there is a broad selection of mini bongs that have percolators for reasonable prices. Also, we often have sales, and extraordinary discount deals. Here you can find a lot of affordable percolator bongs, and you will definitely be satisfied with your choice.

Small Bong

If you want a tiny piece that is suitable for taking anywhere with you, then get your small bong now, and enjoy its effectiveness and discretion.

The height of all small bongs is lower than 8 inches. However, they perfectly diffuse the smoke, and they will definitely provide you with a flavorful experience.

Even if you choose a small bong, you can still enjoy big hits.

Extra Thick Bong

You will adore the hits from the extra thick bongs.

A lot of people believe that bongs made of borosilicate glass are too fragile. However, the glass of some bongs is so thick that it is very hard to crack it. For example, you can throw the Tank Glass down the stairs, and it will not have a scratch.

These are numerous different kinds of glass bongs regarding their style, shape, and thickness. Check out our collection, and pick the one that is most suitable for your needs and preferences.

How to Clean a Bong?

An important segment of using a bong knows how to clean it properly. A clean bong looks nice, but it also delivers pure, smooth, and flavorful smoke. You need to properly clean the bong very often. Otherwise, ash will build up in the bong water, and there will be a lot of resin and bacteria in the tube and base.

The easiest way to clean your bong after a smoking session is using a mixture of alcohol and salt. You can also find specialized products for cleaning cannabis accessories.

Take the bowl and downstem out, fill the bong with 90% isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, and shake it. The leftover resin should be broken down by the alcohol. If the alcohol does not fulfill its purpose, then feel free to add some salt and shake the bong again. If there is still some residue left, then you should soak the bong in alcohol for 24 hours. After that, once you dispose of the alcohol, wash the bong properly with warm water.

After cleaning the bong with alcohol, you should place it by the window so that. The sun will heat it, thus enabling the alcohol to break the resin down even more. If your bong has some areas that are difficult to clean, you can use a cotton swab or a pipe cleaner. Do not forget to rinse all pieces of the bong with water.

If your bong has a bit more residue in it, soak it in warm water first. If there are a lot of stains, you can add a small amount of dish soap as well. Do not put a lot of dish soap as it might interfere with the taste of your next smoking sessions.

Maintaining a Bong

In order to maintain your bong, you need to follow some basic practices.

  • Once you are done with your smoking session, change the water.
  • In order to avoid water spots on the bong, fill it with filtered water.
  • Dispose of the ash very often. This way you will prevent ash from interfering with your smoke, and there will not be any globs of resin in the bong.
  • If you use the bong very often, then you need to clean it very often, too.

How to Choose a Bong?

Whether you are buying a bong for the first time, or the twentieth time, the task is pretty difficult. You will be very confused because there are so many different styles, glass thickness, designs, and percolators available on the market. This guide will help you choose the perfect bong for you in no time.


The first thing is deciding on the style of bong you like the most. There are three main bong types to choose from – beaker bongs, straight bongs, and recycler bongs.

  • Straight bongs are very easy to clean, and they will provide you with a dense smoke.
  • Beaker bongs are harder to clean. The smoke is not as dense as in the straight bongs, but the rips are bigger because the volume of the bong is bigger.
  • Recycler bongs are most often used for smoking concentrates.

If you are a beginner, then it is recommended to choose either a straight bong or a beaker bong.

Glass Thickness

The thickness of the glass is closely related to the durability of your bong. If the glass is thicker, the bong will be more durable. However, if you intend to keep the bong in one room, in a safe place, then you should not worry about the glass thickness. On the other hand, if you intend to take the bong with you on the go, then choose one with thicker glass. There are three different glass thicknesses available: thin (2-3mm), average (3-5mm), and thick (5-7mm). Bongs with a glass thickness that is larger than 3.5mm are a good choice.


There are several different types of percolators, but all of them equally perform their function. You should pay attention to two different aspects of the percolator: how smooth the smoke is after the filtration and the amount of smoke you are able to inhale after the smoke passes through the small holes. If you are a beginner, then you might not need a percolator. However, a percolator is a good part to own.

Where to Buy a Bong?

You can find numerous online shops and retailers that sell all kinds of bongs and water pipes.

Vape4ever is an online shop that offers a wide range of bongs, so you might easily find the perfect bong style for you. If there is a smoke shop nearby, you can take a look at what they offer, and once you find something suitable, check online for a better deal. Shopping online is easy and convenient because you can easily narrow down your search by selecting the style (for instance, beaker bong, straight bong, or a recycler bong), the design, glass thickness, etc. Hopefully, you can find the ideal bong for you here at Vape4ever.

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