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Yami Vapor Review

Enjoy the exotic blend of Yami Vapor fruit flavors, desserts, custard and candy. This brand has most of its flavors in 100ml bottles and offers a range of 30ml salts. In addition to fresh and fruity menthol, this brand inspires tropical leaves and decadent dessert blends to satisfy every one's taste.

Explore the Yami Vapor Flavors

Soak up the sun at the beach with your vape tank stuffed with the tropical essences from Yami Vapor Mika or Shaka. Whether you prefer a blend of mangosteen and mango or pomegranate fruits or flavors, oranges and guava, you will love these e-liquids.

They are updated with Yami Vapor menthol e-liquid. The Icy Trio blend of lychee, kiwi and strawberry flavors, as well as the Yuki flavors of guava and orange pomegranate, complemented by lukewarm flavor.

Dessert time? Enjoy the creamy taste and flavor of Yami Vapor Milkgat E-Liquid or the creamy flavor in Taruto, reminiscent of Asian Dan Ta or Portuguese egg tart. The Chibi Yami Vapors e-liquid line also offers options to please your sweet tooth.

Find Your Strength

Yami Vapor produces its e-liquids in different concentrations, including 3 mg and 6 mg of nicotine also nicotine free formulas. If you want to get a high percentage of nicotine, you can choose the types of nicotine salt Yami Vapor. Yami Vapor salt series are factory-made with nicotine concentrations of 35mg and 50mg. Meanwhile, Yami Vapor salts are offered in many of the same flavors of the standard formulas for your pleasure.

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