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REMEDI represents a collaboration project of CBD and hemp industry professionals, situated in Colorado. An initial line of hemp CBD infused products concentrated on delivery methods with verified and remarkable effects has been launched by an advisory board of scientists, physicians, farmers, and extraction specialists of REMEDI. The industrial hemp farms in Colorado which are state-approved are obliged to grow their crops in a pesticide-free environment. The hemp which is found in the extracts in our products grows on certified organic land. The Colorado Department of Agriculture confirmed that it is free of any residual chemicals.

100% organic ingredients are being used in the process of making the REMEDI gummies. The kitchen of REMEDI now offers CBD isolate suitable for these kinds of CBD gummies via their laboratory staff, in order to enlarge the list of edible offerings. On behalf of this mutual relationship, the REMEDI team can ensure that this naturally-based and micro-dosed product has a persistent quality.

The REMEDI team works side by side with one of the Colorado's most sophisticated hemp-CBD extraction facilities, refinery labs, and product manufacturers. Our products consist of full-spectrum oil and isolate, whose every batch is potency and cleanliness lab-tested. The Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment and Denver Dept. of Health have allowed The Lab to produce goods. There is a Certificate of Analysis for each batch of finished product that guarantees its potency and effectiveness.

Products of REMEDI

  • Essential CBD Product

In order to enable customers to get the benefit of the CBD without difficulty, REMEDI 150mg Full Spectrum Tincture was designed. If you are travelling, then the 15ml bottle will easily fit almost everywhere. Thanks to the tincture you can make CBD a part of your daily life and use its benefits. You are going to feel the perfect harmony of Peppermint essential oils with the CO2 extracted, Full Spectrum, cannabinoid-rich, hemp oil which is soaked in the MTC base and refined from organic coconut oil. This is a natural and gluten-free product suitable for vegans. Top quality hemp originating from the USA is used for the production of the REMEDI Essential Drops.

You can easily control the amount of CBD that you take every day along with other substances, thanks to the REMEDI Full Spectrum Capsules. REMEDI Essential 750mg Full Spectrum Capsules are comprised of a foundation of Hemp Seed Oil, and CO2 extracted Full Spectrum Oil from high CBD Hemp. There are 25mg CBD in every capsule and each bottle contains 30 capsules. The capsules can be swallowed without difficulty, they are digested fast, and they are also suitable for vegans.

  • Boost CBD Product

The REMEDI Plus Boost Gummies contain CBD, vitamins, and caffeine. 25mg of CBD Isolate are infused in every gummy. These are great for early mornings or boosting yourself with additional energy. The gummies are completely natural with low levels of sugar, and they are suitable for vegans. Each package contains 10 pieces.

  • Relax CBD Product

The package of REMEDI Plus Gummies contains 10 pieces of 25mg gummies which are THC-free, completely natural, and with low levels of sugar. They are infused with CBD isolate and are suitable for vegans.

Why Choose REMEDI?

REMEDI's partner is one of the country's fulfillment and storage centers approved by the state for edibles infused with CBD derived from hemp. The greatest benefit is the distribution company which takes care of all aspects of storage and fulfilment. The standards of shipping and storage are as high as those of The Kitchen and The Lab. It is called The Vault. The product line of REMEDI is located in Colorado. It is kept in a storage facility approved by the state and used for edibles and similar products infused with industrial hemp. We are putting a great effort to sell REMEDI products that are secure and with a high quality. During the entre process of delivery from The Vault to the consumers, the CBD products are effective, fresh and powerful.

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