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Alternativ E-liquid Review

About Alternativ Vape

Alternativ E-juice is a premium ice cold candy coated menthol vape juice. Each mix of tastes is prepared by Marina Vape experts, and offers a delightful classic goodies from childhood memories. Alternativ Salts e liquid are available in a 30 ml vial with a nicotine concentration of 35 mg and 50 mg. Alternativ E juice offers tangy and delicious desserts that will surprise gourmet with original flavors inspired by Alternativ Vape desserts.

Check out all the flavors of Alternativ E-liquid:

Alternativ Alpha

Alternativ Alpha is a delicious blend of sour grapes, sweet, crunchy apples and menthol that will delight your palate. This vape juice is so delicious that you can only speed up your heart when you open the bottle. When you inhale the alpha variant, sour the flavour of sour grapes in flood your tongue in the most tender way. Thus, the taste of apples softens the taste buds, but leaves little tartness behind. By exhaling, the menthol base totally removes the sourness leaving the taste buds comfortable and ready to have more.

Alternativ Beta

Alternativ Beta combines juicy peaches with spicy green apples, after that the Alternativ's signature menthol taste when you breath out the vape. This vape juice is ideal for those who like sour and sweet fusion. When you breathe an Alternativ Beta version, the taste of sour green apples touches the taste buds and creates a lip bag. So the taste of peach calms the taste buds torn. As you breath out, the base of the story gives your taste bulbs a feeling of freshness and relaxation for your following breath.

Alternativ Delta

Alternativ Delta is a juicy blend of juicy strawberries and delicious watermelon with the brand menthol variant. Amidst the summer heat wave, this spray juice is all you need. If you inhale an Alternativ delta, the delicious melon taste will soak up the taste buds with all its sweetness. So the strawberry taste is mixed with watermelon to make the ideal summer taste. During exhalation, the base of menthol leaves taste buds tickling.

Alternativ Omega

Alternativ Omega is a sweet lemon candy taste, made with bittersweet strawberries and juicy pineapples. Incorporating lemon juice is something that will bring you back to your favourite summer memories in the mid of winter. If you breathe in Alternativ omega, the tang of spicy strawberries will delight your taste bulbs in the most possible way possible. Therefore, the warm taste of pineapple will delight the taste buds. As you breath out the vape, the menthol base calms the acids and makes your taste bulbs want more and more upon every puff.

Alternativ Iota

Alternativ Iota treats your palate and refreshes it with juicy mangoes and peaches, followed by icy fresh menthol. This vape juice takes two fruit juices and mixes them into the vape juice you'll never get tired of. If you inhale Alternativ Iota, the juicy mango flavor takes your taste bulbs to a joyous ride. So peaches are placed with the mango to make it one of the most delicious vape you have tasted. When you exhale, take over the menthol center and leave your taste buds revitalized and ready to take on the day.

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