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The CBD that Bloom Farms gathers comes from naturally grown hemp. The entire Bloom Farms CBD is USDA Certified Organic Hemp, with all quality and safety lab analyses done. Bloom Farms use their own method for extracting named "flash activation". This way it maintains the plant's most thorough terpene profile containing a broad-spectrum expression of cannabis compounds not containing any solvents or additives. It only embraces the purest, first-class hemp CBD which comes from ecologically sound biodynamic cultivation. Buying a CBD product from Bloom Farms means you have just donated a meal to food-deficit family or a single person. This spreads positive feelings and attitudes for buying CBD. They aim to grant millions of individuals a calm, comfortable, imaginative, and enjoyable life.

Representing a company devoted to improve people's lives, they consider that the people you are surrounded with in the course of the business day have a great impact of your life quality. This is the reason Bloom Farms is establishing a brand with a beneficial mission, wonderful people and an impressive company culture. The culture is currently changing a lot. This company has the chance to form a new industry in a responsible way.

This brand is connected with the cannabis industry heritage and culture of California, and they try to implement them in a national brand within one of the most powerful industries. Bloom Farms' main purpose is to provide clean, authentic, and supreme products. They have conducted a thorough research of the supply chain and made sure to source their materials from trustworthy farmers. Furthermore, they possess excellent hardware, and continually test their products.

When the CBD market started gaining popularity, numerous companies decided to be a part of it and in order to make things easier for them, they designed their products from flavors and isolates manufactured in large quantities by an automated mechanical process. Unlike them, Bloom Farms did their research and found supreme farmers who grow hemp rich with CBD and use one-of-a-kind extraction methods for producing extra clean, genuine, and efficient products. Even though the products of Bloom Farms were introduced to the CBD market later than the other, customer and retailers appreciate and adore the fact that Bloom Farms' tinctures are made with extracts of broad-spectrum CBD and natural MCT oil, and that they come from hemp farmers who have the USDA organic certification. Their vape products contain only pure and complete broad-spectrum CBD oil and organic flavors. They do not contain any thinners or fillers.

Products of Bloom Farms

  • Highlighter Cartridge Kit

The Bloom Farms Highlighter Cartridge Kit is comprised of a battery, vape pen, a USB charger, a cartridge of 500 mg already filled with cannabis oil, and a lifetime warranty. The kit has an appealing package which can be found in hybrid, sativa, and indica. All elements, the pen, cartridge, and packing, are properly marked with colors. Black is used for night – Indica, white is used for day – Sativa, while gray is used for the rest of the time – Hybrid. This way you can easily remember when to use each of them. The pen is a standard pull pen and it has a circle of light dots which light up every time the pen is used. You can also use this pen for writing because it is also a stylus pen. The battery can be used with standard 510 thread cartridges.

  • Jah Goo PAX Pod

The Jah Goo is a combination of Purple Jasmine, a 70/30 indica-dominant plant, and Goo plant. The Jah Goo is grown by Sun Root Farms and people use it to treat injuries, severe trauma, and other mood-related problem. This product is neatly packed and it is compatible with the PAX Era. On the package it is emphasized that the strain is Jah Goo, and the maker is Bloom Farms. You can control the temperature on the Jah Goo PAX Pod and decide whether you want more vapor or maybe more flavor. If you set a lower temperature that means that there will be more flavors and terpenes, such as limonene, humulene, musky piney, and terpinolene. When the temperature is higher, delicious flavors can still be felt, and there will be more vapor, but it will never taste burnt. The lower the temperature, the more earthy flavors with a luscious exhale. Those sweet flavors start to fade on higher temperatures and they are replaced with the gas and piney flavors that derive from the indica.

  • CBD Electra-Tsu Cartridge

The CBD Electra-Tsu is probably the most famous product which contains more CBD than THC. The CBD used in this product does not have any psychoactive effects and this is the best choice if you need to soothe pain and to function normally. This plant is a blend from Tsunami and Electra. You will not feel tired and weary after using this product because the percent of CBD is much higher than the percent of THC. The Electra-Tsu can be used for treating depression, stress, and pain, and you will not feel anxious or paranoid at all. Fortunately, this product does not have those side effects.

Why choose Bloom Farms?

  • A New Perspective

At Bloom Frams they believe that cannabis has the power to improve the overall health. They try to change people's attitudes to ward it and they invite them to try their cannabis which is tested in labs and is proved to be effective over a long period of time.

  • A Secure Product

From sourcing materials to creating a final product, the company pays attention to the safety, beginning with finding trustworthy cultivators that grow cannabis in California. Petroleum-based solvents are not used in the process of extracting oil. The company conducts thorough lab-test for cleanness and they also use FDA-approved cartridges which do not contain BPA.

  • A Company for All

The well-being of the people and the social good are the goals of the company. Whenever a Bloom Farms' product is bought, a healthy meal is donated to families and individuals that face a lack of consistent access to enough food. So far, they have donated more than a million meals.

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