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About Time Bomb Extracts

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About Time Bomb Extracts

Time Bomb Extracts is the recent brainchild of co-founders Alena and Greg. When Buckshot Vapors Inc., established in 2013, became successful, they decided to create an entirely new CBD vape juices product line. Moreover, Alena and Greg's recent success inspired them to create vape juices with bold flavors. Their innovative brand style depicts Greg's obsession with SoCal skateboard culture and Alena's passion for punk rock music.

Time Bomb Extracts customers rave and admire its products as it offers exciting combinations and enjoyable flavors. In addition, its high-quality cannabinoids are bottled up to provide the best vaping experience. Furthermore, this Southern Cali-based brand offers premium-grade cannabidiol products in discreet packaging. This thriving company is not only popular among Southern Californians, but its products have become favorites internationally and throughout the United States.

Highlights of the Time Bomb Extracts Product Ranges

Time Bomb Extracts is the synonym of excellence and quality. Its top-notch CBD products are meticulously manufactured for instant delivery. Besides catering to humans, it also provides tinctures for your furry four-legged best friends. This brand used to provide vape juice only; however, they currently offer CBD tinctures for humans and pets.

Its product catalog is not vast, but the co-founders are planning to provide more products. But what makes consumers come back for more? Its stellar craftsmanship and distinct flavors attract consumers. Plus, its product's funky names and edgy style deliver an entirely different vibe.

What's more, its product might contain trace amounts of THC, around 0.1mg/ml. However, since our bodies utilize these cannabinoids differently, it is not proven to make your drug screening test positive. Do you want to satisfy your CBD needs with Time Bomb Extracts? Its product line is as follows:

Time Bomb Extracts CBD Vape Juices

Its vape juices, vape isolates, and e-juices are available in exciting flavors like TNT, .357, Maniac, and Pixy. Moreover, these four flavors are available in different CBD strengths like 1000mg, 500mg, and 250mg. If we talk about individual flavors, TNT delivers an explosion of Peach, Apple, and Strawberry. This wonderful and sweet trio will tantalize your taste buds. In addition, .375 e-juice will remind you of summer as it is the perfect blend of watermelon and strawberry with a hint of menthol. Its refreshing flavor will transport you to the beach you are always dreaming of.

Have you got a sweet tooth? Or are you a sucker for baked goods? Then, a Maniac is a go-to option because you will be dreaming of vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing. Lastly, Pixy stands out from the rest as it possesses a sweet flavor with undertones of grape flavor.

Not to mention, after filling the vape pen, keep these e-juice bottles in a cool and dark place to increase the CBD's shelf-life. These dropper bottles are also easier to use. First, fill your vaporizer pen by squeezing the content from the dropper. Then, heat it and enjoy the delectable vaping session. Plus, these vape juices contain 0.1mg/ml THC, Delta-9 THC, and Delta-8 THC.

Time Bomb Extracts CBD Oil Tinctures

These tinctures deliver a unique vibe as they are nature-oriented. Its flavors bring liveliness and are soothing and refreshing. Like vape juices, these oil tinctures are also available in different CBD strengths, i.e., 1000mg, 500mg, and 250mg. Furthermore, these tinctures come in Peppermint, Orange, and Lemon flavor. It also offers an Unflavored option if you do not feel like having any flavored CBD oil. Its Peppermint flavored tincture delivers CBD's mellowing effect and freshness. In addition, its Lemon and Orange flavors are isolated from Southern California's sunny grooves. Plus, these tangy flavors will kick-start your day and make your taste buds happy.

Last of all, its unflavored tinctures are for those who wish for pure, natural CBD oil with an earthy taste. All of its tinctures have full-spectrum CBD oil to give your body an instant boost. Make sure to keep these tinctures in a dry and cool place to increase their shelf-life. Moreover, these CBD oil drops are meant to be taken sublingually (underneath the tongue), but you can also put a few drops into your favorite foods and beverages. Not to mention, start with a small dosage and wait for around forty-five minutes to an hour for the CBD effects to kick in.

Time Bomb Extracts Pet CBD Oil Tincture

This tincture will be their favorite treat if you want to keep your furry canines or felines happy. This 30ml tincture comes in bacon flavor and provides 250mg strength. Since it consists of a bacon flavor, cats and dogs alike will enjoy it. You can either administer full-spectrum bacon-flavored CBD oil sublingually or add a few drops in their food to energize and relax their body. Furthermore, this pet CBD oil tincture will not cause any harm and is non-toxic. Like other tinctures, keep this one in a cool dark place to retain cannabinoids for an extended period.

Why Choose Time Bomb Extracts?

Time Bomb Extracts is a transparent company. It is honest with its consumers by providing lab results or Certificate of Analysis (CoA) of the products it offers. Moreover, it provides satisfaction by allowing the users to view these test results. In addition, all of its products are third-party laboratory tested. It uses domestically sourced and finest quality ingredients to create its top-notch products. Every ingredient that is used to make these formulations is solely from the US.

Plus, its products are chemical and solvent-free; thus, making them non-toxic and safe to consume. Its customer base is also gradually increasing, which indicates that its product lineup is fantastic. Not to mention, this brand is committed to providing top-quality products with interestingly diverse flavors. Moreover, its CBD products are economical and will not break your bank.

Besides providing CBD products for individuals, it also offers a tincture to soothe and relax your furry friend. Although it does not have a comprehensive product catalog now, these entrepreneurs are thinking of expanding their product lineup slowly and gradually. Let's looking forward to a broader product line from Time Bomb Extracts.

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