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BBTANK Key Box Mod Variable Voltage Version 350mAh Li-ion Battery 0
BBTANK Key Box Mod Variable Voltage 350mAh Li-ion Battery
BBTANK Key Box Mod Variable Voltage Version 350mAh Li-ion Battery 0
BBTANK Key Box Mod Variable Voltage 350mAh Li-ion Battery

BBTANK Key Box Mod Variable Voltage 350mAh Li-ion Battery

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BBTANK Key Box Mod Variable Voltage Version 350mAh Li-ion Battery is the product of brand BBTANK, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Silver, etc.


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CCELL Type 510 Thread Cartridge with Ceramic Coil
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BBTANK Key Box Mod Variable Voltage Version 350mAh Li-ion Battery Instructions


(1). 510 threaded connection that can be flipped closed to house your 510 threaded attachments within the device itself.
(2). A LED light indicator will remind the key box's battery. connecting to the USB charging cable the LED will shine red to show charging begun and after a few hours it will switch to green to indicate a full charge.
(3). Three voltage levels available.
(4). An innovative key ring for easy travel, designed with the appearance of a luxury car's key fod
(5). Support most attachments rated as low as 1.2 ohm and it comes equipped with a long-lasting embedded 350mAh li-ion battery.


(1). Size: 91 x 35.5 x 21mm
(2). Voltage: 2.7V/3.1V/3.6V
(3). Type: Button, USB build-in
(4). Compatibility: supports as low as 1.2ohm
(5). Colors: Silver
(6). Battery: 350mAh
(7). Weight : 56g
(8). Thread: 510 thread

Package include

(1). BBtank Variable Voltage Key Box Mod * 1

BBTank VV Key Box Battery Instructions


The BBTank VV Key Box Battery which shaped like a box for the car key, is best suited for use on the move. The device carries triple custom setting for voltage and temperature. It is equipped with a smart and small cartridge battery.

Designed for compatibility with most 510 threaded essential oils atomizers that carry rating of even as small as 1.2ohm, the device is unique in a way that you can store your spare cartridges safely within the device. You can easily access the cartridge by pressing the related button to release it quickly.

This BBTank Key Box Mod model has a default mechanism that allows you to control and customize device voltage output. This feature adds to the versatility of the device. Unlike the original BBTank Vape that had single 3.7V output setting, this device is equipped with triple adjustable levels of voltage levels. You can consume oils with variable consistency with these settings.

BBTank CBD Box Mod output settings can be quickly pressing the power button thrice after unlocking the device. The LED power indicator changes its color with each change in power settings. With 2.7V (lowest setting), the indicator will be green. At 3.1V medium output, the indicator will be blue. The indicator will turn yellow when you switch to maximum output of 3.6V. These three levels ensure maximum versatility. You just need to power the device, unlock it, and hold the firing button down. This will heat the oil in the cartridge. The 510 cartridge battery is designed to shut down the atomizer power to avoid any damage to the device owing to overheating.

Every BBTank Variable Voltage Key Box Battery is supported by a durable 350mAh battery. The device can work with accessories that are rated as little as 1.2ohm. You don't need to charge this device even after many days of use. For recharging, BBTank can be recharged through onboard USB cable. It means, you can recharge it virtually anywhere. It is important to fully charge the device before first use. A red light indicates a charging device. The red light turns green when the device is fully charged.

It is super convenient to use Key Box Vape Mod for vaping CBD oil, e-liquid, herbs or wax. You can vape with it on the go without having to worry about charging it or losing it like an E-cig. You can slip it with your car key chain and use it whenever you feel like.

Important notice: the package contains only the BBTank Key Box Vape Battery. Tanks and cartridges need to be bought separately.

What's More on BBTank Key Box Mod

  1. A Design unique for Undetectable Battery Cartridge Innovative Key Fob Box

It is difficult to lose BBTank Key Box Cartridge Battery as is a small device owing to it's smart battery mod. Even in grassy surroundings, a Key Box Vape Mod is very easy to locate as compared to an e-cig. You will be hardly noticed while vaping. Shape like a flashlight and small size makes this possible.

  1. Customizable Inbuilt triple Output Control

BBTank's Key Box VV Edition carries a modern triple customizable output control for better vaping experience. A user just needs to push the powering button 5 times within a period of 2 seconds. This will power and unlock the device after 5 flashes of LED indicator. You have to push the same button thrice to select from the triple setting mode. The LED indicator will reflect the color associated with each power setting mode.

  1. LED power indicator

The onboard LED indicator is designed to display different colors for different power settings. Green, blue and yellow color separately depict 2.7V, 3.1V and 3.6V setting for your convenience.

  1. USB Charging Cable to Charge the Device

An onboard USB charging system allows you to quickly charge the battery anywhere. This function is totally missing in an AC-powered electronic cig or a hide able vaping device with custom charging dock. The CBD oil cartridge also has the feature to vape in different forms. This is a unique feature of this vaping device that it gives you immense power with great portability.

FAQ for BBTank Key Box Mod Problems

  1. What Would You Do If Your BBTank Key Box Mod Isn't Work?

  • Ensure that the power button has been pressed

Pushing the power button too often can turn it off. You can turn on (or off) The BBTank Key Box Battery by pushing the firing button five time (within two seconds).

  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged

Your device will not work if it is short of battery charge. Charge it fully and then turn it on as per described procedure.

  • Make sure that there are no connection problems.

The device may not work if the connections are not proper. All components must be clean, especially the terminal between the cartridge and BBTank Key Mod battery. Always employ cotton buds for any cleaning purposes.

  1. Why There Is No Cartridge Included In Your BBTank Key Box Mod?

The cartridges are not part of this product package. You have to buy them separately.

BBTANK Key Box Mod Variable Voltage Version 350mAh Li-ion Battery Instruction

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