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Yocan Loki Nectar Collector Black Kit 1pcs:0 US
Yocan Loki Nectar Collector 0
Yocan Loki Nectar Collector 1

Yocan Loki Nectar Collector

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Yocan Loki Nectar Collector is the lightest and smallest wax pen among Yocan ranges, featuring indestructible aluminum alloy body, 3 voltages & dual air paths.


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Yocan Loki Nectar Collector Instructions

Yocan Loki Nectar Collector Instructions


A lightweight body, cool, flavorful smoother hits, and a reusable nectar collector! A pretty fantastic combination, right? Yocan has recently launched the most lightweight and compact concentrate vaporizer named Loki. However, don't underestimate its size because this tiny body offers a lot more than you can handle! If you are scouring for a simplistic yet ergonomic and indestructible design for a glamorous vaping session, you might have found the right companion here, Yocan Loki.

This innovative Yocan wax pen Loki is effortless to use, portable and offers an efficient experience. Although smaller in size and lightweight, it is composed of a robust aluminum alloy body. Moreover, Yocan Loki is crafted from a durable zinc alloy mouthpiece, aluminum alloy body, a universal 510 thread, and an XTAL tip. Thus, this premium-looking power-button actuated device can withstand bumps, dents, and other damages. Its incredible portability and comfortability will allow users to reap the benefits of the nectar collector for either medical or recreational purposes.

What's more, this Yocan vaporizer is built with two extra-expanded air paths for smoother, cool, and dense vapors. If we talk about its brand-new XTAL tip design, it creates clear vapors for a clean and delectable vaping session. Fill the device with the wax concentrate to enjoy its experience. Furthermore, the XTAL tip will give you an additional boost and invigorate your body as it possesses a combination of enlarged ceramic and quartz heating elements. Quartz burns the product fastly while ceramic is the opposite; however, the concoction of these two heating elements in a device produces intense, flavorful, and clean vapors with natural cannabinoids in higher concentrations. In addition, Yocan Loki has five air holes to provide a balanced airflow. Are you worried about how you will clean five air holes when it becomes messy to clean a single air hole? Since the single air hole is divided into five smaller air holes, it won't clog your device terribly. Plus, it will make your cleaning process more effortless.

What else does Yocan Loki have? It offers individuals two working modes, i.e., on-demand and session mode. Suppose you want to activate the on-demand mode, press and continue holding the button to begin vaping. However, to initiate session mode, press the power button twice.

Yocan Loki offers three adjustable voltage settings for an outstanding vaping experience. In addition, individuals can choose a temperature setting according to their consumption needs. The lower temperature (3.2 volts) provides thin, less visible but flavorful vapors. Its moderate temperature setting delivers a perfect balance of potency and flavor. Its vapor viscosity is decent and pretty similar to cigarette smoke. In contrast, its highest temperature (4.2 volts) creates heavy and thick vapor plumes. If you want to blow large clouds, crank up its temperature by pressing the device's button thrice.

What about this Yocan battery? This product is designed to last long and possesses a 650 mAh rechargeable battery. If you are a moderate consumer, its battery life will last an entire day; however, for an intense, thick rip and heavy consumption, you might have to charge once or twice a day. So if your device is out of charge, simply connect it to the USB-C charging cable for instant charging as it delivers stable power. Besides these exceptional attributes, Yocan Loki nectar collector is available in a myriad of colors such as black, silver, red, green, blue, and purple.

Features of Yocan Loki Nectar Collector

  • Highly portable
  • Lightest and smallest in the Yocan ranges
  • Robust and durable with aluminum alloy body
  • Two operating modes for different demands
  • Stellar battery life
  • Allows voltage adjustability
  • Two isolated air paths offer immersive flavor and vapor
  • Five air hole design to balance the airflow
  • Universal 510 thread compatible with most tips
  • XTAL tip enlarged with a quartz tip for larger heating area
  • Available in multiple colors

Specifications of Yocan Loki Nectar Collector

  • Size: 136.8*27.5*13.6mm
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Charging: Type C. 5V/0.7A
  • Voltage: 3.V, 3.7V, 4.2V(White, Blue, Green)
  • Activation: Button Activated
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Alloy
  • Mode: Session Mode and On-Demand Mode

Package Includes

1 x Yocan Loki Device

1 x Type-C Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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