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JUUL Pod Flavors

$28.99 $35.35
JUUL Pod Flavors is the product of brand Juul, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Furit Medley Pod 5% Nic:4pcs, etc.
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SEApods Device - JUUL Compatible

$20.99 $28.36
SEApods Device - JUUL Compatible is the product of brand SEApods, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black Device:1pcs, etc.
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JUUL Starter Kit

$39.99 $49.99
JUUL Starter Kit is the product of brand Juul, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of JUUL Starter Kit:1pcs, etc.
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JUUL Device

$29.99 $37.49
JUUL Device is the product of brand Juul, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of JUUL Device - Slate Basic Kit:1pcs, etc.
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Juul Coupon Code for 2019 - 2020

Get a 10% discount on JUUL Pods by using this coupon code: JUULPODS10

Get a 5% discount on JUUL starter kit by using this coupon code: JUULKITS5

JUUL is a product that is 360 degree different from available cigarettes and e-cigarettes available in the market. JUUL pods is a unique product which contains JUUL's patent e-liquid formula. Which is why JUUL is very famous when they came in market. With this popularity, Vape4ever offers good discounts when you buy from us. Vape4ever offers selected deals that are not anywhere in any store. A 10% discount is offered by Vape4ever JUUL Coupon code (on minimum 2 JUUL pods in the cart), Only for this category. Our limited JUUL promo code can assist you to get the finest price on JUUL pods 10% OFF, JUUL starter kit 5% OFF. It is very simple to avail, just by entering the exclusive JUUL coupon code at the time of checkout when you are spending in Vape4ever.

Commonly, JUUL official website doesn't offer discounts, promo code, and coupons for vapers. To make things interesting for all vapers, Vape4ever is giving JUUL coupon code for all the purchaser so that best and affordable prices can be availed on JUUL products in Vape4ever.

How to use the JUUL coupon code?

Step 1

Visit Vape4ever and click on JUUL pod products (minimum 2 products) to the shopping cart, Only in this category.

Step 2

When checking out, enter the JUUL promo code: JUULPODS10, that was provided by Vape4ever

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Settle back and enjoy the best discount of JUUL coupon code

About JUUL

The JUUL vapor company is one of the foremost e-cigarette companies in the business because of its advance design and superior technology. JUUL Vapor products are elegantly designed and has advance technology-based hardware for vaping. JUUL vape products are available in both flavor pods and high-class vaping hardware.

To make lives of world's one billion adult smoker amazing, JUUL's mission is to make innovative and technology advanced product and end cigarette consumption. JUUL's Vapor company has superior team who have thorough experience in consumer technology, health-care and biotechnology. As a team of innovative scientist, product designers and engineers, they have faith that vaping can improve lifestyle of smokers and have positive effect on health and on the flip side it is not good for nonsmokers. The main objective is to bring a positive change and diminish the undesirable effects of smoking.

What is JUUL?

Like many others, JUUL is similar to other e-cigarettes, but with some key features that makes it different. Firstly, JUUL products design is smart and sleek which makes it barely visible by others as it can be easily covered in a palm. Also, it does not make a huge cloud of smoke which other e-cigarettes produce. Secondly, the amount of nicotine in the cartridges or pods, sets a new standard in the e-cigarette category.

JUUL consist of two parts. First, an e-cigarette, that has a battery, regulator for temperature control, and the sensors that indicates regarding charging. Second, JUUL pods, which has e-liquid formula that's patented. This is a composition of flavorings, nicotine salts, propylene glycol, glycerol and benzoic acid.

  • Glycerol is important because of its moisture retaining property. It is to be noted that FDA recognizes glycerol as "generally recognized as safe" for consumption

  • Propylene glycol which is an artificial composite generally used in polyester manufacturing, however it is also permitted as an additive for food, cosmetic and pharmacological products.

  • Another component in the patent e-liquid is Benzoic acid which is extracted from plants, but its artificial form is commonly used as preservative in food products. It is also recognized as safe for consumption, however when used in large quantities it is a hazard to environment and health

  • Flavoring can be categorized as natural and synthetic ingredient that is used by the companies to add taste and flavor in their product. For instance, JUUL products explicitly doesn't say that mint-flavored pod comprises of which ingredients, but it may contain pepper mint extract or oil

Another classic and amazing ingredient in Juul vape juice is nicotine salt which gives a feeling like cigarette when inhale. Unlike freebase nicotine which is usually found in cigars and other similar products, that causes coughing and leaves a layer in consumer's throats which is an another health hazardous.

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