An Ultimate Guide on How to Choose the Best Wax Concentrate

Cannabis legalization has had a rollercoaster ride over the years. Starting with being a popularly used medicinal herb in primitive times. Then, turning into a banned substance until a decade ago and now being recognized for its medical and recreational benefits- it has seen it all.

However, thanks to the advancements in science, experimental proof has played a significant role in reinstating people’s lost faith in this medicinal herb.

Consequently, with the increasing demand for cannabis products and people’s heavy reliance on cannabinoids as an alternative to traditional medicines, the cannabis industry has developed better ways of its consumption.

Among the various methods to consume cannabis, dabs and dab pens have become a recent favorite. Nonetheless, choosing the right concentrate to dab can be a daunting task.

Given that all forms of wax concentrates don’t produce the same effects, it can be challenging to figure out the suitable cannabis concentrate for yourself from amongst the vast array of options.

This article will help you grasp the fundamental differences between various wax concentrates and aid you in making the right decision.

What Are Wax Concentrates?

Wax concentrates are also referred to as dabs or cannabis concentrates. They are different from dry herbs. Moreover, they have higher potency, more intense flavors, and a better experience in comparison to flowers.

In addition, these are obtained from the cannabis flower by several extraction methods, such as butane bombarding. The resulting product has an exceptionally high level of concentrated cannabinoids.

Correspondingly, because of the high cannabinoid content in these concentrates, they are gaining preference over other cannabis products.

What Are the Different Wax Concentrates?

Although appearances can be misleading, the elementary way to discern wax concentrates is through their appearance.

As a result of the various methods of extraction and the later processing, the texture and consistency of different dabs vary. Depending on your preferences, you can choose dabs based on their physical properties, such as:


Based on their textures, wax concentrates have multiple types. These include:

Crumble: The aggressive whipping of the extract during the creation process results in a brittle, flaky concentrate that you can call crumble or honeycomb. Additionally, this concentrate is easy to break into suitable sizes for your dab sessions. 

Budder: Contrary to crumble, budder is a creamy, sticky concentrate resulting from the light whipping of the extract. Furthermore, this concentrate is soft, more flavorful, and ideal for a light hit.

Shatter: Shatter is a form of butane hash oil and has a glossy, solid, candy-like appearance. Once it comes into contact with a dab tool, it “shatters” into many pieces. It is well-sought because it is purer compared with other concentrates.

Sugar Sauce: This dab has a thick, pasty texture that looks like sugar mixed with coconut oil. Not to mention, it is also relatively easy to handle with any vaping device.


When looking for different wax concentrates, the texture and consistency play a primary role in differentiating one concentrate from another. However, each concentrate also has a distinct color.

Also, the varying color of your chosen dabbing concentrate can be an indication of poor production and quality. Therefore, look for uniformity in both color and texture throughout the wax. The majority of the time, the darker color of a concentrate indicates the presence of impurities.

Hence, look for translucent concentrates ranging from amber to golden-yellow in color as they are of high quality.

Pay Attention to Cannabis Wax Potency

A fundamental factor to keep under consideration when you’re looking for the perfect wax concentrates is their potency. Making the transition from dry herb vaping to dabbing concentrates can be unnerving.

However, if you are careful with the cannabinoid concentrations in your chosen concentrates and particular with the dosage, you can ease yourself in the change.

When you’re looking for the best concentrates, your priority is to find something potent and rich in flavor. Also, you should ensure whether it is safe for consumption.

Mainly, solvent-based processing methods are employed to make wax. Thus, the resulting product has cannabinoid content in percentages, making them hard to break down into doses.

It would be best if you started from the lower end of the THC concentration spectrum as a beginner. It is best for you to remember that concentrates are more potent in comparison with hemp plant flowers.

A dab of wax will be more potent and have a higher concentration, enabling consumers to take a large hit in a small quantity. Therefore, you should be cautious of the cannabinoid percentage when you load your dabbing device with a large portion of cannabis concentrate.

Not to mention, different concentrates have varying potency and produce unique effects in individuals. Instead of going all-in immediately, let yourself grow by starting with a small amount. Eventually, you will learn the dosage that suits you.

Pay Attention to Cannabis Wax Potency

Pick Up the Budget-friendly Wax Concentrate

At the core of any purchase, the most critical factor to consider is whether it falls within your budget. Compared to dry herbs, wax is pricier, and however, each gram of this cannabis concentrate has higher potency and concentration.

Unsurprisingly, the price of high-quality wax increases with its increasing potency. Nonetheless, different cannabis concentrates are available at varying price ranges depending on their production methods.

If you wish to continue using cannabis concentrates for a long time, you should look for a product that adjusts to your budget when you are buying a product.

As a consequence of the wide variety of concentrates available in the market, you can find wax concentrates that accommodate your budget.

Select Among Various Devices to Consume Wax Concentrate

Lastly, you need to consider the vape or dab device you use when you are purchasing wax concentrates. Most commonly, people prefer the modern vape pen to consume their concentrates.

Wax pens are portable vape devices that are readily available at vape shops. When buying a vape pen for concentrates, you need to decide whether you want a wickless one.

Otherwise, traditional dab rigs, e-rigs, and nectar collectors are some other vape devices. Different wax concentrates suit better with each vaping device.

On the one hand, dab rigs can handle dabs of any texture and consistency. While on the other hand, a wax vaporizer and nectar collector are more suitable with softer concentrates. Additionally, nectar collectors are better suited for small amounts of concentrates.

You’ll have to explore ways to consume wax concentrate and various devices, temperature settings and concentrate on determining a perfect dose and optimal temperature for vaporizing.

Ending Note

Regardless of all the other factors, the perfect wax for you depends on your needs and preferences. All the attributes including, the potency, flavor profile, color, texture, and cost of the concentrate you choose, play a huge role in your choice.

Moreover, routine users also do taste tests, smell tests, and sound tests to ascertain that their product is genuine and worth its cost.

However, it is essential to ensure the high quality and safety of the products you use. Also, beginners should start slow and ease into transitioning from dry herbs to the more potent cannabis concentrate.

In the end, your choice of wax concentrate and wax vaporizers brings a lot of room for experimentation. Therefore, instead of sticking to any particulars, you should explore and find better options.