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The wire thickness differs. The gauges of wires commonly used fall within the range of 22 to 32. Keep in mind that a higher value of gauge is equivalent to the thinness of the wire. A wire of 28-gauge is thicker than a 30 gauge one but thinner as compared to 26 gauge wire. Thin wires have more resistance as compared to the thick wires. This factor plays an integral role in determining which wire would heat up sooner. Ramp up time is the time that the wire takes to heat up when the temperature of vaping is appropriate. Thick gauges take more time in heating up compared to thinner ones.

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Demon Killer

Demon Killer DIY Wire

Demon Killer
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Build your new coils for your atomizers with this wire. It is able to produce more wicking properties for amazing flavors of your favorite juice!
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