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A rolling tray does not only have the role of a flat surface for rolling. A high-quality rolling tray will securely keep all of your accessories together, .Here you can find rolling trays from various reputable brands. We offer all kinds of rolling trays suitable for everyone’s needs, preferences, and budget.

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What Is a Rolling Tray?

If you roll your own herbs, then a rolling tray is a must-have. This accessory provides you with a flat surface for smooth and fast-rolling spliffs, joints, and blunts without making any mess around with the dry herbs. There are all kinds of rolling trays available on the market, from the most basic ones that are essentially flat metal pieces to more complex ones with specifically designed rolling tools or joint holders.

The rolling tray is a necessary accessory for beginners and people who masterly handle the rolling papers.

Types of Rolling Trays

Different materials are used for making rolling trays, including metal, plastic, wood, silicone, glass, aluminum, and many more. All of these materials have both advantages and disadvantages. The silicone rolling trays are scratch-resistant, while the metal rolling trays last longer than the plastic ones. There are rolling trays with a specifically designed slot for holding the dry herbs and papers while you are rolling. The plastic ones are the cheapest, while the wooden rolling trays have higher prices due to their attractive and stylish appearance. Different types of wood are used for producing wooden rolling trays, such as bamboo, oak, and cedar. Rolling trays made of different materials come in different sizes, shapes, and they have various additional options, too.

Below you can find some information about the most preferred rolling trays available on the market. Check it out, and maybe you will find something interesting and suitable for you.

Rolling Tray Kit

Rolling tray kits contain everything that is needed for rolling herbs. These kits contain rolling trays, rolling papers, and rolling machines. Rolling tray kits that have more accessories have higher prices. Some rolling tray kits contain lighters, grinders, travel cases, hydrostones, and storage containers. If you have just started smoking, then getting yourself a rolling tray kit is a smart choice because you will have everything necessary to begin rolling. Online stores are selling rolling tray kits, including Vape4ever. In our store, you can find all kinds of kits suitable for each smoker's needs and preferences.

Rolling Tray Gift Set

Whether there is a special occasion or not, giving gifts is a perfect way of showing love, care, and thoughtfulness. The rolling tray gift set is the ideal way to surprise a stoner.

Rolling trays are very useful. However, if you want to have the ultimate smoking experience, you will need some additional tools. A high-quality marijuana rolling tray gift set usually contains the following accessories:

  • Grinder
  • Rolling paper
  • Rolling mat
  • Storage containers
  • Blunt wraps

Some kits contain smoking boxes for storing all your smoking stuff. Vape4ever offers you various marijuana rolling tray gift sets.

RAW Rolling Tray

RAW is a very popular and trustworthy brand for rolling papers. Besides rolling papers, RAW offers a broad selection of high-quality rolling trays. They have basic, tiny, and affordable ones, as well as larger and more complex rolling trays that have numerous attractive features, such as joint holders or slots for storing the herbs. If you are looking for a sophisticated rolling tray of superior quality, buy a rolling tray made by RAW.

Wooden Rolling Tray

While rolling your herbs on a wooden rolling tray, you will get a completely natural and remarkable feeling. They have a superb appearance due to their finish, and you can effortlessly roll blunts or joints on the smooth surface. If you take good care of your wooden rolling tray, it might last for years.

Metal Rolling Tray

Metal rolling trays are made of thick metal, which makes them bend-resistant. None of your herbs or tobacco will escape from the tray, or get stuck in any folds or corners, because the edges of the metal rolling tray are smoothly curved. At Vape4ever, you can find high-end metal rolling trays for reasonable prices.

Glass Rolling Tray

The glass rolling trays have a unique, classy, and sophisticated appearance. These rolling trays are made of shatter-resistant glass. That means that you do not have to worry if you accidentally drop your glass rolling tray on the floor, or if you knock it – the glass will not break.

Bamboo Rolling Tray

If you are looking for an eco-friendly product that has several different features and is specifically designed to hold all of your rolling accessories, then you need to buy a bamboo rolling tray. The bamboo trays are natural and high-quality products with a compact design. Once you get yourself this type of tray, it will instantly become your favorite.

Magnetic Rolling Tray

Thanks to the powerful magnets, the accessories will stay fixed in place while you are rolling your herbs. They are spacious and convenient for rolling and for keeping all of your tools and papers. If you want to keep your rolling tray spick and span, then the magnetic design is ideal for you.

Small Rolling Tray

The small rolling trays are very portable and convenient products for taking them on the go. Thanks to their small size, you can easily pack them and take them wherever you go. Besides being small, there is enough space for all of your smoking stuff and supplies. Take a pick at the small rolling trays offered at Vape4ever, and choose the one that you like the most.

How to Use a Rolling Tray?

Blunts or joints are enjoyable ways of smoking, but just like everything else, there are some things related to them that you need to manage. A rolling tray provides you with a flat and spacious surface enough for smooth and easy rolling. Moreover, there is less waste because the tray catches all tiny fragments of cannabis that usually fall out while rolling. That is why rolling trays are a must-have for all smokers.

A lot of rolling trays have built-in sections for keeping all of your smoking stuff, tools, and accessories organized. For example, some rolling trays have pockets for storing the weed, while others have specifically designed slots where you can put the joints you have already make or to put your rolling accessories, such as rolling papers and filters. You can also find rolling trays that enable you to place your favorite image on the flat surface.

Joints can be rolled on any flat surface, such as a table or a book. However, it is nice to have a specifically designed product like a rolling tray to roll your joints and keep your rolling and smoking accessories neatly organized. The rolling tray kit is an ideal and necessary accessory for anyone who loves to roll joints in style.

How to Clean a Rolling Tray?

The more you use the rolling tray for rolling dry herbs, the dirtier it gets because the resin from the dry herbs is building up over time. That layer of resin turns any nice rolling tray into an unattractive piece. Below you can find some information and tips about keeping your rolling tray clean and preventing dry herbs from sticking to the surface of the rolling tray.

Cleaning a Metal Rolling Tray

Metal rolling trays are best cleaned with a clean and damp piece of cloth. Wipe the surface until the residue is completely removed. If there are many sticky residues, you can clean the surface of the metal rolling tray with a glass cleaner or vinegar. Once you have finished wiping the surface, do not forget to dry it with a clean and dry cloth. If the stains will not come off, soak the cloth in rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol and wipe the surface with it. Make sure to completely dry the rolling tray before using it.

Cleaning a Wooden Rolling Tray

Step 1: Use either a solution of water and vinegar or a household cleaner to spray the wooden rolling tray. When using vinegar, always dilute it with water. Do not use a solution that froths or foams. Also, do not soak the wooden rolling tray in large amounts of water.

Step 2: Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the wooden rolling tray.

Step 3: Once you remove all the residue from the surface of the wooden rolling tray, dry it completely with a dry and clean piece of cloth.


If you want your cannabis accessories to last longer, then you should always keep them clean. Taking good care of your rolling tray, i.e., regularly cleaning it, is necessary if you want it to last long. Use the cleaning advice and tips mentioned above depending on the material of your rolling tray.

Why Use Rolling Tray?

There are numerous reasons why you should use a rolling tray to improve your smoking experience. One of the benefits of using a rolling tray is having enough space to smoothly and fast roll your blunts or joints without making a mess and without any waste. A rolling tray is a necessary tool for all marijuana users.

Some of the benefits of using a rolling tray are:

Offer You a Flat Surface for Rolling Your Herbs

A part of a wonderful smoking experience is a clean area for grinding the herbs and rolling them into a joint. Having a specifically designated place for rolling your herbs makes the process easier, smoother, and faster. You will not lose the tiny fragments that fall out during grinding or rolling anymore! All of them will fall in your rolling tray.

Less Mess Around You

It is a fact that weed is not cheap. All of the dry herbs that usually fall out while grinding them or rolling them into a joint will fall on the tray. No more weed on the floor or the carpet! You will be able to use every single bud thanks to your tray. All rolling trays are spacious enough for you to roll without worrying that you are making a mess all around you.

Rolling Is Easier

One of the main reasons for using a rolling tray for rolling your joints or blunts is the fact that it makes the process of rolling significantly easier and smoother. Thanks to its shape, the tray enables the weed to be neatly collected in the middle, over the blunt wrap or rolling paper. This enables you to easily handle the weed and the paper when rolling a bigger blunt, as well as wrapping a joint cleanly.

How to Pick a Good Rolling Tray?

The ideal rolling tray is the rolling tray that matches your personal needs and preferences. Several things should be considered when choosing a rolling tray. Below you can find a few tips and useful info that will help you to pick the perfect rolling tray for you.


The majority of manufacturers produce rolling trays in many different sizes to easily pick the size they need.

If you want to have more space to roll your herbs, you should choose a rolling tray in a larger size.

On the other hand, if you can manage to efficiently roll your herbs on a smaller surface or want a rolling tray that is easy to transport, you should choose the mini version.

Features and Sections

You can find rolling trays with different sections, such as a section specifically designed for holding your weed while you are rolling.

Some rolling trays have built-in slots for holding the rolling papers or holes for keeping your already prepared joints.

You can find all different kinds of rolling trays on the market – from simple and basic rolling trays that are actually a flat surface designed to make the process of rolling easier, to more complex ones with several different additional features that will make your smoking experience extraordinary.


Since there are several different types of rolling trays made of several different materials, they are available at different prices. Usually, the high-quality rolling trays made by reputable brands and manufacturers are more expensive. Whether you want to spend more money on a rolling tray or get yourself a cheaper version, you will definitely find the ideal one for you at Vape4ever because our selection of rolling trays is extensive.


A number of companies offer custom-made rolling trays, i.e., they offer you the chance to personalize the rolling tray. They can print your favorite picture on the surface of the rolling tray, and your smoking experience will be even more enjoyable.

Follow the tips about the above-mentioned specifics relating to rolling trays, and you will be able to choose the ideal one for you.

How Much Does a Rolling Tray Cost?

The price range for rolling trays is between $5 and more than $100. The price depends on the material, style, features, and size of the rolling tray.

Where to Buy a Rolling Tray?

Various rolling trays are available on the market, such as rolling trays in different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, matching accessories, and additional features. You can find rolling trays in your local head shop or online. The prices of the rolling trays in local head shops are in accordance with the financial abilities of the locals. On the other hand, the rolling trays sold by online stores have different prices. If you are buying online, you can also order a custom-made rolling tray and deliver it directly to your home. Check out the broad selection of rolling trays at Vape4ever, and get yours now!

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