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Just like RDA, RDTA is also known as rebuildable dripping atomizers. They are basically what joins the regulate RTA and an RDA. The best part to not forget about RDA is that they enhance the flavour make it seem fresh and new. The latter sits on a reservoir at the core which is the major difference that separates RDTA to regular RDA. Get the phenomenal combination of tank and a dripping unit, exactly what you need. Genesis atomizers are also regarded for the exquisite flavors, many people highlight that RDTA is inspired from it. RDTA is a newer version working on similar principles to give an ideal experienced. RDTA has a lot of innovation to it which promotes a better user experience. There are several RDTA products rooting. All these new products are based on contemporary design. Designed with care and attention, RDTA new products are a true example of modern creativity ready to cater you in the best way possible.

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