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The only difference between an RDA and the RDTA is the addition of a tank in case of the RDTA. Apart from the addition of the tank, the working principle remains the same. So, you have an RDTA that means rebuildable dripping tank atomizer that means you will have a dripping experience along with the additional capacity to accommodate large reservoirs of the e-juice. The tanks used inside the RDTA consists of wicks that sucks at the e-juice present inside the tank and take it towards the atomizers where it is vaporized and consistently changed into large clouds of smoke. RDTAs are the best and innovative additions in the world of the vaping, they give you the best of both worlds. Basically, the stainless steel mesh was initially used but it got replaced with the organic cotton. While some of these RDTAs have been losing their initial charm in the market due to the rise of bottom-fed RDAs but they are again surfacing in the market basically due to the high-quality products they are introducing.

Vandy Vape PYRO 24 RDTA Tank(2ml/4ml) 0 Vandy Vape PYRO 24 RDTA Tank(2ml/4ml) 0 2
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Vandy Vape PYRO 24 RDTA Tank(2ml/4ml)

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Vandy Vape Pyro 24 RDTA is the latest product of Vandyvape. With the mixed airflow intake system, Vandyvape Pyro 24 RDTA is designed to bring you extreme flavor. The postless deck supports both single and dual coil building.
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