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The most powerful wire that is 4 times more powerful than nichrome. The ideal wire is an alloy if iron wire, ferritic which has the oxidized surface. Ability to resist oxidation, Kanthal wire has a resistance that will operate at a capacity of 1500°C. The best thing to note about Kanthal is that it is resistant to corrosion. This is why it is an ideal material to be used in the vaping world. The fact that it doesn’t not corrode easily and offers great resistant against corrosion, it is a very suitable material in the vaping world. With a melting point of 1400°C/2462°F, Nichrome can resist massive temperatures declining any probable issue. Moreover, Ni200 has 0 resistance however it heats up super quickly. One must be very careful when melting it. All the safety precautions must be kept at any cost. This is the major reason why the first choice in TC mode is always given to pure nickel wire. There is no risk involved with heating and melting it. There are several people who develop allergies for nickel. Having them adds to the issues as one must be super careful then. If the temperature you are selecting is more then 1000 C, rashes and irritation are the two common causes that might root. However, getting past that will get the flavour working just right. The flavour is quiet amazing from Ni200 as the wire can be moulded to any kind of shape. However, many people face the common issue that the wire must be changed every now and then, additional work. This is where Ni200 comes in as it is a suitable option. One cannot ignore that Nickel too has given allergies to many people. People working in this regard must make sure they are aware of any kind of allergies they have so that there no potential harm. Remember to stay vigilant and stop the work right away in case you feel and kind of irritation. Visit the nearest doctor and get it checked.

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