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What Is a Bubbler?

A bubbler is a hand-held water pipe that resembles a bong. It has a mouthpiece, water chamber, stem, and bowl (the bowls of some bubblers are fixed, and they cannot be taken out). Bubblers can also contain percolators that aerate the smoke and make it purer. There is a carb or hole on bubblers that have fixed bowls for clearing out the smoke.

A weed bubbler is a perfect combination of common spoon pipes and regular bongs that you will adore.

Water filtration is the main difference between bubblers and pipes. Both bubblers and spoon pipes are tiny and portable, but the bubbler can use water for filtering the smoke and improving the smoking experience.

How Does a Bubbler Work?

A bubbler resembles a water pipe. This smoking device is comprised of three major parts: a mouthpiece, chamber, and bowl.

Bubblers are very easy to use. Fill the bowl with your preferred herbs, light them up, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Once the smoke appears from the burning herbs, it goes to the chamber. There is usually a small amount of water in the chamber, which cools and filters the smoke.

As soon as the smoke is filtered and cooled by the water in the chamber, it goes to the mouthpiece. Inhale and enjoy mild, smooth, and awesome hits.

Bubblers differ from bongs, and they have numerous advantages. Nowadays, you can find various types of bubblers on the market, including ones that contain showerhead diffusers.

Different Kinds of Bubblers

There are numerous kinds of bubblers offered on the market, and they have slight differences. Below you can read something more about some types of bubbler water pipes.

Glass Bubbler

Glass bubblers are the most common type of bubblers. They have a very attractive appearance, and the smoking experience is superb. Glass artists create bubblers in different sizes and shapes. At Vape4ever, you can find various high-quality glass bubblers for affordable prices. Everyone deserves to enjoy the unique experience provided by bubblers, and we hope that you will find the ideal bubbler for you at Vape4ever.

Silicone Bubbler

Unlike glass bubblers and bongs that are too fragile to carry around, silicone bubblers are perfect for taking them on the go. They are lighter than glass bubblers, easier to maintain and clean, and more durable. Silicone bubblers or pipes function identically as the glass ones.

This type of bubblers is completely made of silicone, except for the bowl made of glass. Silicone is a material that successfully handles high temperatures, and it is very easy to clean. You will notice that there will not be any ash or black residue on the silicone bubbler, so you would not have to spend your time scrubbing it. You can clean it easily with a solution of soap and hot water.

Buying a silicone bubbler is a perfect choice. Most smokers like using this piece because the entire experience is amazing.

Hammer Bubbler

As the name suggests, the shape of the hammer bubblers resembles a hammer. The mouthpiece and the chamber bottom will remain flat against the surface where you will keep the piece. The neck of the hammer bubbler is positioned diagonally, and it is attached to the chamber.

Sherlock Bubbler

Sherlock Bubblers look like Sherlock Holmes' pipe. This type of bubblers is very similar to a hammer bubbler, but unlike hammer bubblers, it has the shape of the letter "S." This is a vertical water pipe that has a bent mouthpiece. The Sherlock bubbler is a portable, small, hand-held water pipe that uses percolation for filtering the smoke. It works similarly to both bongs and pipes. The Sherlock bubbler has a built-in bowl, just like pipes. While the bubbler, unlike dry pipes, contains a downstem that goes directly into the water chamber. There are a lot of slits on the downstem used for percolation and for creating bubbles in the water chamber. That is why when using a Sherlock bubbler, you will hear that characteristic bubbling sound. This type of bubblers is similar to a common pipe, because it is small and it will perfectly fit your hand. There is a carb hole at the side, and you can easily cover it with your finger or thumb.

Blunt Bubbler

If you want to enjoy an enhanced smoking experience, then you definitely need to try the blunt bubbler. Blunt bubblers will provide you with smooth, pure, and nice smoke thanks to the filtration of water. This piece will enable you to enjoy large rips like the ones provided by bongs but without much waste and mess. Blunt bubblers are pocket-sized devices that are very portable and convenient. The herbs will be ideally burnt, and you will be able to enjoy every bit of them.

Joint Bubbler

If you are tired of rolling papers by hand and want to experience something similar yet new, then try the joint bubbler. The joint bubbler is specifically designed to be compatible with both wraps and paper. You just need to fit the paper in the joint bubbler and enjoy the pure and smooth hits cooled by water.

Mini Bubbler

If you are looking for a discreet way of enjoying your herbs, then you should definitely check the broad selection of mini bubblers and water pipes at Vape4ever. By using these devices, you will have the same feeling as if using a traditional bong. The amount of smoke and the effects of the smoking experience from the mini water pipe are the same as the smoke and its effects from a traditional bong. Once you inhale, you will notice that both the amount of smoke and its effects are generous. However, regardless of the amount of smoke, the mini water pipes offered at Vape4ever will definitely provide you with a unique and pleasurable smoking experience.

At Vape4ever, you can find a wide range of high-quality mini bubblers that will meet your needs and preferences. Mini bubblers are very convenient and handy devices for smoking. They are easy to use, clean, and store.

The Differences Between Bubblers and Bongs

Some of the main differences between bubblers and bongs are:

  • Size – When comparing bubblers and bongs, the first noticeable difference is their size. Both bubblers and bongs use water to filter the smoke and make it smoother, cleaner, and cooler. However, traditional bongs are bigger than bubblers. Bubblers are hand-held pieces, tinier, more discreet, portable, and easy to use.
  • Bowl and Downstem – The bowls of traditional bongs are usually cone-shaped and attached to the downstem. On the other hand, most bubblers do not have a downstem. They have a fixed bowl that is similar to the bowls of spoon pipes.

How to Use a Bubbler?

Step 1: Fill the Water Chamber with Water

The first thing you need to do is fill the water chamber of your bubbler with a small amount of water. Inhale just to check if you have added the right amount of water. There should be enough water for creating bubbles, but they should not splash in the mouthpiece or bowl.

Step 2: Load the Bowl

Once you have filled the water chamber with the right amount of water, it is time to grind some cannabis herbs and load the bowl. The bowl of a bubbler should be loaded just like to bowl of a spoon pipe – it should not be loaded too firmly or closely so that you can get good airflow.

Step 3: Ignite the Herbs

Some bubblers have carb holes. If yours has one, then you should close it with your thumb or finger. Once you begin inhaling from your bubbler pipe, light up a part of the herbs. Continue dragging, and you will notice the smoke going through the bowl, touching the water, and making hundreds of small bubbles. This bubbling process is actually the process of filtering and cooling the smoke.

Step 4: Clean the Chamber

In order to take a hit, you need to take your thumb or finger off the carb hole. Inhale and clear the chamber of your bubbler.

How Much Water to Put in a Bubbler?

The amount of water that you need to put in the water chamber is proportional to the size of the bubbler, i.e., a small amount of water is needed for smaller water chambers, and a larger amount of water is needed for larger chambers. Generally speaking, you do not need large amounts of water to get the smoke properly filtered. The first thing to do is filling the water chamber with a small amount of water. Inhale, and check whether there is enough water for creating bubbles. Make sure that there is not too much water in the water chamber, because in that case, the bubbles will splash in the bowl and mouthpiece. If there is enough water for creating bubbles that do not splash into the bowl or mouthpiece, then that is the ideal amount of water you need.

How to Clean a Bubbler?

One of the main tasks when using a bubbler on a regular basis, is keeping it clean. Bubblers are usually very easy to clean.

You can soak your bubbler in isopropyl alcohol. Leave it overnight for the best results, and then rinse it with clean water.

If there is a lot of residue in your bubbler, try cleaning it with a pipe cleaner. Once you have scrubbed the dirt out of the bubbler, rinse it with clean water.

It is important to let your bubbler dry entirely so that it is ready for your next session. The herbs will stay dry in a completely dried bubbler. Make sure always to use the proper cleaning accessories when cleaning your bubbler.

How Much Is a Bubbler?

Different types of bubblers have different prices. Some of them cost less than $10, while the high-quality ones are sold for more than $200.

The price of a bubbler depends on five crucial characteristics:

  • Type of material: If the bubbler is made from a scientific glass, it will be more expensive than bubblers made of low quality and short-lived materials.
  • Color: If the bubbler is more colorful, then it will be more expensive.
  • Details: Just like colors, the more details a bubbler has, the more expensive it will be.
  • Method of manufacturing: Handmade bubblers are more expensive than mass-produced bubblers.
  • Brand: Bubblers made by reputable and reliable brands are more expensive than bubblers made by less popular brands.

However, you can easily find a high-quality bubbler made of borosilicate glass for less than $25. Properly functional bubblers with good quality and attractive designs usually cost from $25 to $60.

If the bubbler is made of durable scientific glass, if it has a lot of details, a variety of colors, and a one-of-a-kind design, it is expected to cost more. A handmade bubbler is always a good choice.

Buy Your Bubbler

If you are looking for a magnificent smoking experience, then you should buy a bubbler. Because of the lower heat, bubblers will provide you with a smooth and pure smoke that contains less unwanted combustion byproducts compared to the hits provided by the traditional pipe. Check out the broad selection of bubblers at Vape4ever and get yours now.

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