Can You DIY CBD Vape Cartridges?

DIY is becoming quite popular amongst many people. With the help of a DIY project, you can easily customize whatever you like. As a CBD enthusiast, have you been trying to know how to make a CBD vape cartridge? Have you ever wanted to make CBD vape oil? To find out the answers to the above-mentioned questions, you need to scroll down and read the article.

Ingredients in The CBD Vape Cartridge

CBD vape cartridge ingredients are more or less the same that you will find in any other vape cartridge, including MCT oil, PG and VG. However, they are not as intimidating as people think them to be. If you are looking to customize a vape cartridge, you can easily do it because its ingredients are quite easy to find. In comparison, most people find it hard to find a good quality vape cartridge than make one themselves. Once you are sure you want to make a CBD vape cartridge, you must get the ingredient and start with the work.

CBD Vape Oil in the Cartridge

The first ingredient that you require for a cartridge is hemp-derived oil. Yes, you read that correctly. There are various ways through with vape oil can be extracted from the hemp plant. You do not have to rely on one method. If you want to skip the hassle and move on to the next step quickly, you can directly get the CBD vape oil from a nearby shop. It will save you time and effort.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that CBD extract oils are naturally quite thick. You need to mix them up with a thinning ingredient to make them usable for vaping. It will make your vaping experience smoother and won't feel too hard.

MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) Oil Vape Cartridges

MCT oil vape cartridges are a new thinning agent that is a common choice amongst vaping oil manufacturers. The MCT oil is free from any color and scent. It is made using palm, combined with coconut oil. It is an ideal carrier for CBD vape cartridges.

A few CBD oil vape manufacturers still use terpenes that are derived from hemp as a natural alternative. You should know about the terpene extracts because they are quite difficult to use if you want to make a cartridge with them during a DIY project.

There are growing concerns in the market regarding harmful thinning agents being used in vape cartridges. Thus, a lot of people are considering DIY when it comes to making the CBD vape cartridge to avoid any harmful ingredients. All you have to do is use the right ingredients, and you should have a perfect CBD vape cartridge.

PG (Propylene Glycol)

If you are looking for a natural thinning agent option, then PG should be your instant choice. It is derived from petroleum. PG is free from any color and scent. It means that when you add PG to the vape oil, you will feel an instant hit in your throat. You would feel like you are smoking and not vaping. You might be surprised to know this, but PG is an ingredient in most products used in the house, like toothpaste, dog food, etc. It is something that you should keep in mind.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin)

If you want to try out something else, VG is another thinning agent that can be used. VG comes from vegetable oil and is relatively safe to use. So, you do not have to worry about consuming it. If the CBD oil becomes thin for usage, you can always make it thick by adding VG. You need to know about VG because it gives a smooth, sweet vaping experience. You can also click here to learn more differences between VG vs PG.

CBD Vape Oil in the Cartridge

Is It Possible to DIY CBD Vape Cartridge at Home?

If you are planning to DIY a CBD vape cartridge at home, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is quite difficult to do everything all by yourself. The reason for this is that you need to make the oil. It should be thin enough for you to vape. To do that, you would require adding a few chemicals to it, which can be dangerous if you have not handled any solvents before.

The Take Away

If you are in a place where CBD vape cartridges are legally available, you can buy them directly and get into the hassle of DIY. Also, you can ask outside laboratory experts to ensure the ingredients you are using to vape.