An Ultimate Dab Rig Use Guide: 7 Steps and 7 Tips on How to Use It

Consuming cannabis concentrate with a dab rig is a new and advanced concept on the cannabis market. Also, enjoying wax concentrate via using a dab rig has become prevalent and enticing the users. If you come in the list of those people who had never tried, but making the mind of using the dab rig and contemplative in what way it works. Have you heard the well-known proverb, i.e., "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"? That's why you must have all-inclusive knowledge of an oil rig to avoid any unexpected hazard. So, let's dig deep into the ocean of dab rig, and here are some exciting and straightforward 7 steps and 7 practical tips of "How to use a dab rig" for you that might help set your dab rig accurately. Read this article twice for a better understanding and clear image.

What Is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a water pipe used for dabbing wax concentrate. It is also called dab pipe and oil rig, coming with a water filtration system for cooling the hits. It is famous for delivering tasty awe-inspiring hits. There are various dab rigs, including glass, silicone, and electric dab rig. Also, some exquisitely designed oil rigs are named according to their shapes, including octopus, volcano, and pokemon dab rig, etc. They are made up of classical glass and styled for oils and the consumption of cannabis concentrates (wax, resin, badder, and much more) and generally look smaller compared to typical bongs. The main components of an oil rig are the nail, joint, perc, neck, mouthpiece, and water chamber. You'll find the fascinating collection of dab rigs extending from meek to complex style in both online head shop and local smoke shop. The fascinating fact is that all the devices perform the same functions and enclose the same vaporization system and cooling mechanism via water filtration.

7 Steps on How to Use a Dab Rig

Knowing how to use a dab rig is a good beginning for consuming cannabis concentrates. Mark my words, you'll find yourself expert or pro after learning and following these seven steps that are mentioned below. Don't fret if you will take the hit from an oil rig the first time; various accessories and procedures of dabbing could be frustrating and overwhelming to you. So, let's figure out the super easy and relatively seven smooth steps; stay tuned, and here you'll explore how you can use the dab rig ideally.

Step 1: Fill up the Chamber with Water

In the first step, you need to add the water in the chamber and do the blowing for making the bubbles in the downstem of the dab rig and be sure there are enough water bubbles. After that, you can remove the surplus water if you feel water is squishing into the mouth.

Step 2: Heat the Banger using a Torch

The second step is to warm up the dab rig nail via a torch. Suppose you are the newbie and have the quartz banger just in case you'll have to heat. Until it gets the beaming red color, why is there a need to do that? Because by doing this, all the tiny particles will be burnt and ensuring that the device has reached the optimum level of heat that is sufficient to get weaving.

Note: How much time a dab pipe requires for heat up – depends upon the quality, like ceramic nails need more time to catch the warmness.

Step 3: Wait until the Nail Turn cold

Most nails require 60 seconds to turn cold, but it depends upon the quality, thickness, and duration of heat you provided. You can also customize you nail from a broad ranges of weed accessories. Wait once the dab nail cools off so you can dab the concentrate and enjoy them without scorching effect. The dab rig's moderate temperature is safe from cracking falls between 149-232°C and delivers the risk-free and most flavorful essence out from your favorite concentrates. You can get to the bottom of how much time precisely the nail entails to attain the wanted temperature of coldness. You can check through a dab timer, stopwatch, and infrared thermometer. Let suppose you have grabbed the electronic nail that comes with an automatic heating function, and no need to hold up for the device to cool off.

Step 4: Put the Wax Concentrate

You can use a dab tool to put the cannabis concentrate on the nail. After keeping the concentrate of wax in the nail, have patience and let it melt. Over and above the heat, the banger nail burns the concentrate at the precise temperature, making the hits unique and breathless. Similarly, dab rig requires a lengthy and slower hit because most of the concentrate takes more time to vaporize.

Put the Wax Concentrate

Step 5: Set a Carb Cap on the Banger (Optional)

If the banger nail comes along a carb cap, set it on the banger for a better dabbing experience during inhaling. This useful weed accessory traps the heat and works as an oven for the nail for the sake of a thrilling experience. You can take away the carb cap when you are ready to inhale the vapors out of the dab rig.

Step 6: Inhale and Exhale

You can inhale the palatable vapors via a mouthpiece once the cannabis concentrates finish melting. Enjoy the endless hits with the jam-packed chamber that is full of vapors to satisfy your thirst and hunger. Keep an eye on the section of the dab pipe when you notice there are no more vapors left; lower the oil rig and breathe out and insert oil as many times as desired. For example, you have intense craving and longing to admire the palate with more vapors, so add the oil and stay heating the nail of the dab rig.

Step 7: Keep your Nail Clean

Would you permit the nail to serve you with the original flavor of your ideal concentrate for whom you paid, then always clean it after use? Otherwise, the residue left over will alter the savor of your concentrate, so make sure the nail is clean and clear. You can clean the nail, let it cool down first, and, with the help of a cotton mob, do wiping inside the hot nail. For a top to bottom cleaning action, use a cotton mob by dipping in (Isopropyl Alcohol) and then scrubbing across the inner side of the hot nail.

7 Remarkable Tips on How to Use a Dab Rig:

Dabbing or dab is the term that is interchanged in the smoking world of cannabis and considered as more potent and needs attention and caution. It explains the process of consuming cannabis products or other extracts (such as crumble, shatter, honeycomb, budder, and live resin) via inhaling device like dab rig or nectar collector and vape pen. Indeed, here are the seven beneficial tips to make dabbing more enjoyable.

1. Do not Overdose the Cannabis

Please do not exceed the dose of cannabis because your body needs some time to get used to it. How long will be the effect of dabbing it depends on the dosage? If you feel the experience of dab was powerful, you can take the lemon peels, shower, and drink plenty of water. These are eminent tricks to provide relief from the overdose outcome of cannabis usage. Go ahead with the slight "pin-sized" and minor dose of the dab, and with time upgrade the size and quantity according to your choice and desire. Always stand back from the bad and poor-quality cannabis concentrates.

2. Get benefit by using Dedicated Dab Rig

No doubt you can employ a dab accessory with your dab rig. Still, the problem that can result from this action is — chances that remnants produced from the concentrate may get entry into the water pipe, blemish the genuine flavor, and aggressively loft the hit. Therefore, mainly "Dedicated Dab Rig" is the top choice for you, so you can avail yourself of the complete package of savor without exposure to cope with somewhat potential and creepy later tastes.

3. Torch and Nail Need Your Care

Some people had to face the worst dabbing experience; there might be multiple reasons that make the situation uncomfortable. Be cautious about the torch and nail, stay calm, and do not dab at extreme temperature; otherwise, get ready for the nasty taste and the chest distress. How to sidestep from this kind of experience, you can fix this by letting your nail of dab become cold after the heating. Because when the nail is unbearable hot causes, the cannabis concentrates combust quickly and remove the fragrance that leads to the hostile inhalation process. Keep in mind these tips, inhale slowly, adjust the moderate temperature, and be wary of high temperature for a remarkable experience.

4. Utilize a Carb Cap

The carb cap function as an oven that limits and sustain the flow of air inside the rig; in short words act as the carburetor. In addition, it allows you to bring together the last drop of your oil and make your experience extraordinary by dropping the temperature. Carb cap preserves the level of oil and delivers the blossom of dense and delicious hits.

5. Make use of Banger or Quartz Nail

Quartz banger or nail is the ideal option to derive the pure and fresh taste from the dab rig, and beyond doubt, it is more worthy than the glass ones. For this reason, a banger gives protection to the rig and security from the effect of risky heat (coming through torch) and averting from the probable cracks.

6. Wipe the Oil Rig Regularly

To obtain the desirable and persuasive hits, clean the dab rig ofttimes. In the beginning, it may be pretty disgusting for you, but later, you'll enjoy it. Since regularly cleaning of rig bring the lingering savor with improved taste and make the dabbing experience easier, time-saving, and much better.

Note: When your dab rig is noisy, this is the indication that it needs maintenance and some cleaning.

7. Improve Your Dab rig

Upgrade the dab rig and a percolator work as a sub-chamber that grants the produced smoke to cooperate with water and lower the temperature for even and uniform hits. Like a bong with percolator, the premium percolator will offer you a purer flavor. That was the most effortless ride and trick for setting the dab rig.


In a word, that's the whole story and tips easy like snapping the finger for how to use a dab rig so that you could delight the dabbing journey. Now you are wondering, it was not tough as you were thinking. In short, we tried to break all the steps and presented them in a more straightforward way as much we may perhaps do for you. Always evoke, light and slight dabbing give you long and happy drive, and it's unpleasant to take an atrocious rip, so heads up and keep the gigantic hit at bay.