12 Different Ways to Consume Your Weed

The world of weed, or cannabis, is intricate but simple once you know what’s what. This may seem especially daunting for those who are just getting into cannabis.

Where do I Get My Weed?

You can see the weed plant and get weed very easily nowadays. Purchasing weed has never been easier, from your local smoke shops to the many designated online retail stores. As for the latter, there is no "right way," it all just boils down to preference.

What Ways to Consume Weed?

Commonly, people consume weed as a means of escape from their day-to-day mental stresses and conditions. Thus, quicker or more convenient methods of consumption may be more popular. However, this does not mean that you should choose the same. Go with what suits you best. To assist, here are 12 ways you could enjoy cannabis.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Vaping weed via dry herb vaporizers has shot up in popularity in the past decade or so. This is because it is better for the environment -since no combustion occurs, a smaller amount of marijuana for longer use, and it makes little to no mess.

Rolling Papers

Better known as joints, rolling paper is the most common method of consuming cannabis. Rolling paper is a small sheet of paper in which you roll your weed into the general shape of a standard joint. Then, you can light one end on fire and begin to smoke your cannabis as you would a cigarette.

You do have many options when it comes to the paper itself. As far as material is considered, the paper is commonly available in hemp, wood pulp, flax, and rice straw. Other than this, some paper variants come in different flavors, if you are into that.


Tinctures are cannabis-infused liquids/oils that come in vials or small bottles. The liquids are generally either (grapeseed) oil-based, or alcohol-based, with weed-infused. Using tinctures is the most convenient and discrete method of cannabis consumption, as there is no prep work, and a small bottle of oil does not grab as much attention as other consumption methods.

With the lack of smoking or ingesting it, tinctures are also one of the healthier consumption methods. Plus, it allows for better precision in your dosage.


Any food that contains cannabis is considered to be edible. Whether baked items or candies, almost any food item can become edible. While they are available in many cafés/restaurants, you can easily make them at home as well, with just a small amount of activated weed. Edibles provide a significantly greater high that lasts longer than other methods of consumption. This feature makes it used predominantly by those consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes, though recreational users looking for stronger doses are also common edible consumers.


CBD is extracted from cannabinoid plants and infused with coconut or hemp oil to form CBD/Cannabinoid oils. These oils, containing mostly CBD with traces of THC, are used to treat/manage medical conditions -both physical and mental. The lack of THC makes these oils non-psychoactive i.e., you do not get high when you use them. That being said, Cannabinoid oils have proven to be very effective pain relievers.


Consuming THCA crystalline is one of the more niche methods to take weed. The crystal, better known as a 'Diamond', is formed by cooking cannabis until the THCA takes a crystalline form (after performing an extraction method). This crystal is loaded with THC and almost completely pure. They can be dabbed or crushed into a powder and then consumed.

Some weed consumers do not prefer using crystals as extraction can be tedious. Crystal users object by arguing that the high you get because of the high level of purity is worth the work.

Weed Pipes

While it is yet another method of smoking weed, weed pipes have distinct features that set them apart from other smoking methods. For one, they are one of the only travel-friendly weed products on this list. They also produce more smoke and less ash than joints. The smoking method is the same as rolling paper, heating the cannabis, and inhaling the smoke.

Vape Pens

Vape pens have grown in popularity over the past few users, not just as an alternative to smoking tobacco but substances like marijuana as well. These battery-powered e-cigarettes, when fitted with a reservoir of cannabis oil (specific for vapes), are used to inhale marijuana, just as you would with joints. Like joints, they come in different flavors if a user wants to mix things up.

People who are not a big fan of traditional smoking methods lean towards vape pens as they are odorless, and no combustion occurs during the smoking process. The different dosage options are another feature that mindful consumers have shown interest in.


Like tinctures, sprays contain a marijuana extract mixed with ethanol (a type of alcohol). These sprays allow for a quick and easy application of weed orally for those who do not have the time to enjoy a full joint or thoroughly apply some oil. They are also a great alternative for individuals with asthma who cannot smoke weed.

Sprays come in different levels of CBD and THC and different flavors, offering a wide range of products to choose from.


This is another common method of consuming weed. It is the same as taking most pill-based pharmaceutical drugs. These capsules contain THC along with oil in them. While being another orally applied method of consumption, it is also another alternative to smoking joints or vape pens. Doses are also a lot easier to keep track of with pills.

If you do not want to purchase pills, you can also make them at home by putting in some cannabis along with a drop or two of oil in a small capsule.


A hookah is a traditional smoking device that is like a combination of a bong and vape. Like the former, it is a water-based pipe, and like the latter, it vaporizes the weed instead of combusting. This is achieved by placing hot coals over a foil, under which the cannabis is present.

water bongs

Water Bongs

Water bongs are used by veteran weed smokers, as the inhalation technique differs slightly from other smoking methods. The water-based pipes have a distinct shape and come in a range of sizes. The water is a dual purpose: it cools the smoke, allowing for a smoother feel once it enters the lungs, and it also acts as a filter since it absorbs the carcinogens produced from the smoke.

Ending Note

There are many ways to consume weed, each different from the other. Whether you cannot use one out of necessity or preference, there is a method and product made for you. The best part is that you do not have to stick with it; you can mix it up and experiment with different methods whenever you want.