There is a wide variety of dabbers in the market, so it is not easy to just pick up a dabber and light up your dab rig. In this blog, you’ll learn about a broad variety of dabbers, their use and their importance in the smoking device.

What Is a Dabber?

A dabber is a picking tool that has an essential role in the dabbing of the wax concentrates or herbal oil because it is a tool used to pick up the dabbing materials.

How to Use a Dabber?

Irrespective of which dabber do you choose, the user always remains the same. But before choosing the best one you should consider which concentrate do you intend to work with it. For the smoking of wax or crumble, a scoop design is highly recommended. For shatter, ballpoints are highly recommended. For the use of sugar crystals, the more facilitated dabbers are scoops or shovels. For any runny Concentra, the more feasible concentrate is scoop dabber. After choosing the most appropriate and right dabber tool, you should put your material within the dome of the torch and enjoy its vapors by providing enough heat. Carb cap dabber is used for the lower temperature because the cap traps the given heat and turns the nail into red hot. The combo of dab and carb rig is highly promoted for E-nails to regulate the pressure throughout the dabbing.

Different Types of Dabbers

Picking up the right dabber tool is as important for smooth hits as proper utensils for cooking. There are the following types of dabbers which are enlisted below:

Glass Dabber

Glass dabber is an esthetically pleasing, and perfect sugar crystal that will not be cracked or shattered at high temperatures. The shape of the glass dabber is round and it can be cleaned easily. Its rounded shape makes it difficult to work with other concentrates. But now, their shapes are redesigned and new bladed edges are added for getting versatility. The glass dabber has low durability so it can be broken down more easily than other types of dabbers due to the fragile nature of the glass.

Titanium Dabber

Titanium is one of the best dabbers in the smoking industry due to its heat resistant nature and high durability. It is light in weight has a variety of detached add- ons. These add-ons include arrowheads, scoops, paddles and flat tips. Medical grade 2 titanium is highly recommended for this. Most concentrates that require high temperatures to heat up can be handled easily with the titanium dabber. But it has a few drawbacks such as it is difficult to clean due to its metallic nature. It can be scraped over time than other materials which make it weaker comparatively.

Ceramic Dabber

Ceramic dabbers are not much versatile ss compared to the titanium dabber and are much simple. It can be cleaned easily. In addition, it doesn’t give any flavor so it gives the pure taste of the concentrates. Ceramic dabbers are available in two shapes such as scoops and ballpoints. They are more fragile so the user should have enough experience to use them carefully.

Sharp and flat Dabbers

Sharp dabbers are used for specifically designed vaporizers. Such as, for coiled vaporizers, a pointed tip shaped dabber is required to pick up the wax and put it in the atomizer. The pointed tip dabber is made up of a delicate, fragile, precise material. Flat shaped dabbers are used where pointed tip dabbers couldn’t be used. These dabbers can load more herbal concentrates.

Before choosing any dabber, you should consider the concentrate that you intend to deliver into the atomizer.

Carb Cap Dabber

Carb cap is different from all other dabbers such as ceramic, glass and titanium. The unique thing about carb cap dabber is that it has a carburetor that regulates air flow& pressure. The cap plays an essential role to trap the heat within the nail to enjoy the concentrates in a fuller rip. It can be used for low temperature as well which not only enhance the taste of concentrate rather also improve the flavor of the herbal concentrates. The cap revolves around your concentrate while covering the nail. There is a wide variety of carb cars in the market to enjoy the dabbing but some are very functional and others are artistic.

How to Clean the Dabber?

Cleaning of dabber is mandatory for its proper use and getting better results. First of all, you should wait to clean it until it cools down complete. Because when you try to clean it in the heated form then there are two risks. There are more chances of accidental burn by touching it or you can throw the valuable concentrates without knowing their value. You should completely pick up the concentrates from the atomizer before cleaning it. Secondly, you should not use alcohol to clean it because it can produce mush with concentrate. So, the use of soaked cotton and paper towel is highly recommended for cleaning purposes. The residue left on the cotton should be discarded.

Helpful Tips for Maintaining Dabbers

You should never touch the tip of your dabber because the dirt, oil and other dust particles from your hand can transfer to the clean concentrates and cause mush and contaminated concentrate. When your dabber is not in use for a particular time, then you should use the non-stick silicone. In this way, it will be sure that your concentrate is clean and pure to be used in the future anytime without any contamination. In addition, dabbers can be used as a dry herb vaporizer or glass pipes.

Difference Between Domeless Dab Nail vs Dabbers

Domeless dab nail is of great significance due to having a dome that is turned over to rig to retain the heat. While the dabbers don’t have any cap or dome so the hassle to retain the heat can diverge your attention from the joy of concentrating. If you use the combination of domeless dab nail with a dabber then you’ll be able to retain the heat at low temperature and distribute your concentrate evenly while maintaining the pressure and airflow throughout the dabbing process. It is much simpler to use and beneficial.

There are multiple options in the dabbing market to choose the best one dabber for your use of concentrates. Make sure that you choose the right one according to your needs and preference. The use of dabber ensures your safety by maintaining a distance between you and the heating of concentrate. The widely used dabbers are scoops, pointed tips and flat style to optimize the burning of concentrate without wasting it. But the thing, which plays an important role in happy dabbing is the condition of the dabber, so you should always keep it clean and neat.


Dabbers are tools for picking the concentrates into dab pen or onto the dab rig before vaping or dabbing wax. The basic function of the dabbers is to pick up the wax concentrates such as wax, shatter or BHO and apply them to the heated surface on an oil rig pipe. The most popular dabbers are made of glass, titanium, ceramic. Also, the sharp and flat dabber and carb cap dabbers are hot-selling. For a better experience, proper cleaning is highly recommended with the soaked cotton and paper towel. Before choosing any dabber, you should consider the concentrate with which do you want to use it. Your all enjoyment and experience of dabbing completely dampens upon your dabber. So, choose it wisely and enjoy the dabbing.

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