Dab containers are convenient accessories for weed. They are utilized by everyone who dabs daily with a nectar collector or wax pen. And they can cause problems if not stored properly. This type of dab accessory can even be found in a range of different colors. Stay tuned and know exactly more knowledge about this weed accessory.

What Is A Dab Container?

A dab container is a dab storage container used to keep wax safe. Concentrates will become sticky if they are not stored correctly, and hard to get them off without losing portions or creating a mess. Typically, they can be found in a range and forms to accommodate wax storage.

Equipment for Dab Tools and Wax Containers 

There are lots of dabbing or picking tools available in various materials you can choose from. When working with non-stick surfaces like silicone, each of these tools’ materials is effective; however, it is essential to use it correctly with a suitable wax. It is crucial to have a picking tool in addition to the wax container; it is a complementing product used to do some dabbing.

Application of a Dab Container

Dabber containers are reasonably simple items that may be used in various ways. Use a picking tool to transfer the wax from the inferior container it was initially packaged in. Jars with several slots make it simple to divide your tastes across the many compartments. Some individuals even name their containers using markers to keep track of their inventory more effectively. Investing in non-stick materials such as silicone can save you a great deal of time and effort as well. 

Dabbing With Nectar Collector That Has Dab Container

Wax concentrates are often taken using a basic dab rig, domeless nail, and tool, all inexpensive. However, several innovative dabbing accessories, like the nectar collector, have entered the market, allowing you to dab directly from your container, eliminating the need for a separate weed accessory.

In appearance, the nectar collector seems to be some kind of probe from an extraterrestrial spacecraft. The gadget has a syringe-like body made of glass or silicone, and it generally has an inbuilt percolator that may be utilized as a filter when water is added. The nail tip of the piece is heated and dipped in wax instantly after it is built, resulting in unprecedented speed and efficiency for waxes when it is finished. Nectar collectors are a great option for offering quick and attractive waxes when you’re on the go!

How to Clean the Dab Container

Generally speaking, dab containers do not need much cleaning or upkeep, particularly when made of non-stick silicone. Over time, waxes residue may form attached to the sides of the container and begin to coat the edges. As with cleaning dab rigs, this residue is readily scraped off and may also be completely cleaned with rubbing alcohol and salt, just as it is with cleaning rigs. If you are using a nectar collector for dabbing, then the container is easier to clean. You don’t even need to detach the device parts and begin to brush and wash directly. The majority of the people in the community scrape off the residue and save it for later usage.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dab Container

Sure, it’s lovely to have a visually appealing dab container, but ultimately, you should choose usefulness over aesthetics. Moreover, your wax container should be constructed in a manner that prevents your wax from adhering to the surface of the container. Indeed, wax appears to want to stick to everything, which means that you may lose a small amount of it with each storage period you use it. To ensure that all of your concentrates remain in place, the ideal dab container should have an entirely non-stick surface. 

Aside from that, you want a dab container that allows you to have the most mess-free experience possible. The process of removing your concentrate from its container and putting it in your vape will be pretty tricky if your concentrate is becoming stuck to the sides of your container. 

Where to Buy Dab Containers?

You can buy the best dab container on online vape shop like vape4ever. Fortunately for all of us, the internet exists and provides access to whatever form of container you could want. There are excellent prices to be found at online head shops and you can find any design, shape, or manufacture of wax container quickly and effortlessly. Free delivery, promotional coupons, and the convenience of doing your shopping from the comfort of your own home are all advantages of online shopping. But of course, dab containers are available for purchase at local smoking accessories and online vape stores. The selection at your local head shop will be most likely restricted to a few different styles, but the options will be limited.

How to Choose a Dab Container?

After knowing where to buy, what you need to make sure is how the dab container will appear in person. Because wax storage containers are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, you should take care to select one that complements your aesthetic. Here are three factors that you should notice before buying a dab container.

  • Personal Preference

Personal preference plays a significant role in selecting the most appropriate wax container. We’ve already mentioned that the most critical thing is that the surface is indeed non-stick. When it comes to materials, glass and silicone are frequently the most popular alternatives. Also, since most dab rigs are made of glass and silicone, you can make sure their materials are consistent to make your dabbing experience more comfortable. Additionally, we always recommend that you get your container from a reputable brand so that you can be confident that it will perform as expected. 

  • Product Durability

Another factor to examine is the product’s long-term viability. After all, you want your container to be helpful for an extended period in the future. If the container includes hinges, check to see that they are made of solid materials before using them. Otherwise, those hinges could come undone when you least expect it, leaving you with a tangled mess in your pocket when you get home. 

  • Product Size

The size of the object is the next factor to examine. Is it necessary for you to store your wax container in your pants pocket? Alternatively, are you content with keeping it in your backpack during the day? Because wax containers are available in various sizes, you can easily select one that meets your storage requirements.

Also, do you want to have a superb selection of concentrates with you when you’re on the road, or do you prefer to keep a single sort of concentrate on hand? 

Different Types of Dab Containers

Silicone Dab Container

Silicone dab containers are silicone, as the name implies. This relatively inexpensive substance is non-stick, making it ideal for retaining the wax you apply to it. Due to the high durability of silicone, you won’t have to be concerned about your container being crushed or fracturing. 

It’s important to remember that it is typically not allowed in public places, even in states where vaping cannabis is allowed, so it’s essential to check your local laws to ensure you are not breaking the law. What are flat dab containers, and how do they work? A dab container designed to be slim and balanced so that it can be slipped into a pocket, wallet, or bag without taking up too much space is precisely what it is. These are available in a range of materials, including silicone, and you’ll discover that there are several to pick from in a design that is both functional and attractive. 

Glass Dab Container

Of course, glass dab containers are more brittle than other materials, but many people appreciate the elegant feel of this material. Glass, like silicone, has a non-stick surface. Just be aware that handling a glass bottle will necessitate a little more caution. It is not recommended that you carry it in your pocket. 


A type of multi-slot container that shows some resemblance to the flat alternatives we discussed previously, the LEGO dabber containers are often constructed of silicone and, according to some, are the most convenient and readily available variation of wax container available today. Their rectangular design and “Lego” style design and their indentations are the most distinguishing features of these containers, which allow for the compact and efficient storage of a variety of different types of wax. The fact that they are available in various colors and styles means that you can show off your dabbing equipment while remaining fashionable.

Dabber with Many Slots

Dabber with several places can be fashioned from either wax or silicone. What distinguishes them from other concentration containers is that they feature more than one slot, allowing you to store multiple concentrates simultaneously. It is ideal for folks who prefer to experiment with different strains at various times of the day and night. While I understand that this is a vape pen, please bear with me for a bit.

In terms of innovation and convenience, the 10mm titanium nail nectar collector is among the best solutions on the market. As an example of advanced wax vaping technology, it not only allows you to vape wax but also allows you to store your favorite concentrates, making it a valuable addition to your collection. With an integrated silicone dab container fitted onto the middle of this device. It becomes a simple all-in-one option for the discreet vaper.


The dab container is a cheap weed accessory available on the market. And it is primarily intended for practical purposes. It is a must-have for anyone who likes to carry their wax concentrates around with them. Many online heap shops may assist you in finding the one of your choosing. Begin to try dabbing now!

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